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Rev. Ragsdale Goes to Congress: Time to Expose Counterfeit 'Christianity' Comments

Rev. Dr. Katherine Hancock Ragsdale is the "go to" witness these days for the radical abortion on demand lobby. She not only makes for good optics when she wears that clerical collar, she feigns outrage that anyone would attempt to stop any abortion for any reason. After all, she has now openly identified her position that abortion is a "blessing". She has the audacity to defend this position as consistent with the Christian faith she claims to ... Continue Reading

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  1. George
    2 years ago

    @Michael, why did you bring up homosexuality. It has nothing to do with this article, and then to relate it to death is unreasonable too. It is a hot topic, that many catholics disagree on so it is not prudent to type something of that nature. Also you said that catholics should not converse with Anglicans because they have a different opinion on a social issue. What? Just because the followers of Jesus are divided, does not mean that we can't entertain discussions with one another.

  2. Kaehu
    2 years ago

    This is one of the most revolting things I have ever seen. I am ashamed to say I was raised in this denomination, but I left 14 years ago when my diocese started promoting witchcraft (worshiping the Labyrinth), idols (the Sophia Movement and the Feminine God) and homosexuality. I am now in a Bible-believing Protestant church, and can't imagine anyone saying something like that here. This woman and her church are truly evil and in the total control of Satan. The Presiding Bishopess who leads this cult began her rule by invoking her first prayer to "Mother Jesus."

  3. TinyBig
    2 years ago

    Senator Al Franken - D from MN
    also uses the words, a safe abortion,
    in his defense of killing babies.

    Ha! There isn't such a thing as a
    "safe abortion" as someone is getting killed.
    If only they knew.

  4. Joseph
    2 years ago

    It is difficult for the Church as it currently stands to do anything about Ragsdale given the massive industrial and commercial interests, backed by the media, who are behind her 'pitch' and her blatant, wilful lies. But the Church can outflank all these kinds of charlatans if she tightens up her own discipline, imposes rigor, clarity and focus on her catechism contents and teaching and her application of strictures and - where necessary - excommunication - on those Catholics who wilfully and repeatedly flout Catholic dogma. None of these measures will lead to an immediate solution but if implemented now we would nevertheless begin to actively counter the onslaught of the secular progressives and - just as important - begin to recover the 'lost generations' of youngsters for the Church. It is true that martyrs are the 'seed of the Church' but similarly, without youngsters, active, participating youngsters in the life of the Church, our Faith's future is bleak indeed.

  5. Amanda
    2 years ago

    For the longest time I was scared to death to have children. I have always seen them as an amazing blessing, one that the bulk of us don't even come close to deserving, but it's also a responsibility of the highest order. Even though I haven't had children "of my own" (I am 18 weeks pregnant now), I've always felt such a burden for all children. Abuse, neglect, mistreatment of any kind, much less abortion, has always made me very upset and "put me on my soap box". I have to say, these discussions are taking their toll on me. It is more than depressing to me to see a woman claim the knowledge of God and say that to kill a child is in keeping with Christian teaching. I'm at such a loss for words...

  6. Gabriella
    2 years ago

    Katherine must be the product of her upbringing. Who knows where she was growing up and how. What would her mother say about all of this? - does she realize that had her mother aborted her, as she advocates, Katherine would not be here today spreading these abhorrent lies?
    It seems to me that the devil himself is sitting in her heart and having a great time. We need to pray for Katherine, fast and sacrifice - she is beset by evil.

  7. Stanford Brent
    2 years ago

    Former newspaper reporter here who got out years ago because of the travesty that today's media forces have become. However, I read the article from a reporter's perspective and came up with a few questions for which answers are worthy:

    1. Who were the conservative, pro-life members of Congress that day? Were they even IN the hearing? And if so, why didn't the pro-life viewpoint HAVE representatives who could speak on behalf of sane, really truthful, legitimate experts on pro-life who could refute this woman's tired, lame professions? It's almost as much a shame that OUR side wasn't organized enough to show up, simply BE there to carry on the good fight?

    2. Who was the Chairman of this committee? I would presume he was anti-life or this entire event could have turned out differently. And whoever the Chairman is of this committee, have the pro-life folks made every effort possible to notify his constituents about his proclivity for stacking a hearing against pro-life forces? If it were someone from MY district, I'd be at the forefront to get the message out to others.

    Thanks for being the story to us & reminding us just how sick, evil & disgusting the "pro abortion rights" group is. A little more thorough reporting should have been included in this article. In fact, the writer, I presume Deacon Keith Fournier, had/has a responsibility to bring forward the ENTIRE story to his readers. He had an obligation to do so. He STILL has that obligation. Thanks for lsitening.

  8. Stephanie
    2 years ago

    Okay, there are many problems with this article, here are just a few.

    1) "Women's Health" does not cover 15-year-old girls because they are girls and not women. They are minors under their parents' care, and parents need to know what is going on with their daughter, good or bad. They can advise her on what to do and give her the help she needs. What if something horrible happened and the girl bled to death?

    2) There is no such thing as a Christan woman priest. She needs to go back and study her bible, documents, church history, etc. Goddesses and pagans have women priests. And the "priestesses" in early Christianity were actually the wives of priests, not priests themselves.

    3) 70% of women regret their abortions. In what way is abortion a blessing? Who is she trying to fool? Abortion is actually taking away choices for her, because girls who get abortions are misinformed about the reality that a) abortion takes a human life, b) abortion is an unnatural and dangerous act that can lead to cancer and premature births, and c) adoption is an option; there are thousands of families on lists to adopt newborns, even to adopt babies with disabilities. She will regret her "choice" for the rest of her life, and always wonder what her kid would have been like if she'd chosen life.

    4) Why not look at the root cause of this? Why be so promiscuous to where you feel you need an abortion in the first place? The number of STDs alone is a good enough reason to not sleep around (2/3 of sexually active people aged 15-24). It's all about the money, selling birth control (Planned Parenthood gets to sell things for higher price than normal because they tell their friends in the government that they'd go out of business if they did not). Young people need to learn to respect themselves and respect others.

    Even if you don't believe in God or are anti-religious, science shows us that the way the brain acts during sex and even kissing are signs that it is meant to be done in a committed relationship. These acts create powerful emotional attachments, especially in women. Kissing is powerful, and should probably only be done when people have been together for a long time and are thinking about getting engaged. Sex is way more powerful than kissing, and should only be done in marriage. People who are sleeping together before marriage have that much harder of a time breaking up, are less likely to see the red flags (not compatible long-term) that they would have otherwise seen, are more likely to enter into marriages that end in divorce, and are more likely to commit adultery. Because sex creates an emotional attachment that only belongs in marriage to a man and wife, it is clearly designed ("it evolved") to keep two people together for life.

  9. jh
    2 years ago

    Thank you for quoting St. Paul, and the Didache. In our era of media coverage, we know what will be fed to the public.

  10. Doug
    2 years ago

    Rev. Dr. Katherine Hancock Ragsdale is living proof of the distorted thinking that has taken over in some/much of the leadership in our world...not just in religion, and for that matter, Christianity. Its really sad to see someone like herself thinking the way she does about these kinds of issues and then proclaiming it for all to see & hear. I will keep her in my prayers, because she really needs them!

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