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Troubling: Will Nov. 8 be the start of the next civil war in the USA? Comments

There's a troubling trend in America, the rise of armed militias and "patriot" groups who are preparing for a revolution - and a violent one at that. According to the Southern Law Poverty Center (SPLC), these groups are gaining memberships as the possibility of Obama's reelection grows greater. Continue Reading

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  1. Wes Lisitza
    2 years ago

    Very interesting article. I'm curious when we'll get to see other articles pop up about right-wing extremists using that right-wing extremist 5th amendment to further their cause, along with the other right-wing extremist amendments of the Bill of Rights (sarc). While I'm not a gun nut, like my fellow Texans, I can see the importance of expecting Rights of the people to protect themselves from the government. For instance, isn't anyone else concerned that we don't really "peacefully bring about revolution via voting every four years", but that these revolutions occur thanks to "Super Voters" and the electoral college? Didn't highlight this in 2008? What happened to news like that?

  2. KB
    2 years ago

    .......or advocates for positions which openly oppose the teaching of the Catholic Church. That is from the rules for leaving a comment here. I am always surprised that many Catholics support the "left wing" agenda. This article makes the assumption that the USA is filled with Militia crazies, and they are attacking the people of the USA daily. The last time I checked the worst terrorist attack on this nation, killing thousands was a Muslim Terrorist group. The author must have forgot about 911, the subsequent attacks from Muslim extremest groups. They are not Left wing or Right wing, I guess we can not even mention Muslims wanting to attack the USA because we might not be politically correct, or it is not following the agenda. As far as the Militia groups not paying taxes, to be honest there is a whole heck of a lot of things that go on in Washington that I am not OK paying for. We can start with funding abortions via health care. Hauling Michell Obama on multiple vacations in the last three years while the nation is in financial ruin. I pay my taxes, but I am not happy at all about what they are spent on.

  3. Marie
    2 years ago

    The Southern Poverty Law Center is a band of total crackpot left wing conspiracy theorists. No legitimate news organization should be paying any attention to them. Their only agenda is to enforce leftist political correctness by any means--including libel, slander, intimidation, smears, and more.

  4. Tristan Reynolds
    2 years ago

    The point of a democracy is to let the majority of people have their way a majority of the time.

    Pres. Obama was legally elected by a majority of the country. If you don't like that fact, too bad- you were outvoted.

    There is an opportunity to voice your opinion Nov. 8. There are democratic methods to say what you think. The fallacy in attacking his policies is that we, as a country, asked him to do this.

    Also, I suggest that you stop watching Faux News so much and watch firsthand- I recommend C-span. Not as exciting, more intelligent, as they actually give you unaltered feed from the Capital, instead of the political equivalent of Audio tune.

  5. abey
    2 years ago

    Who can do more worse than Obama & the democrats to Morality & Ethics by way of Abortion & Gay agenda propagations, enticing children in the name of Education, against the freedom of worship by putting in wedges into the conscience & what not, all in the desperations, like an uncaged beast, who would not hesitate to divide the land to its agendas. The question is not the rise of the Patriotic Militia, but the cause.

  6. Aaron
    2 years ago

    You have to be careful when writing a piece like this, and this author was not careful. Though I happen to agree in the prophecy these militia groups are proclaiming, only time will tell if they are right. Through militias the forefathers that found this country gained our independence, but these rights loving militias do not have another land to go to and take over and then fight and win their independence after this government chases them down as our forefathers did. When governments strip citizens of their rights as citizens and their God given rights as humans and we let them, heck we approve it, we are all in trouble.
    The Second Amendment: “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”
    Do not forget, government is supposed to serve the people not rule and make its people serve it. That is what the second amendment is about.
    We all like to think we are sooo smart and know the answers to complicated symptoms arising from unsound truths. The reality is, there is always more than meets the eye and printing a piece like this is only a catalyst working to driving citizens toward more anger and the inevitability of voting our own rights away based on the symptoms and not truth. Strive to dig deeper and see the real evils at work. This written work is not and should not be the type on articles to be found on, I was saddened to have read it here.

    2 years ago

    i was surprised and troubled when i read this article at first quoting the splc who the heck is the writer.then was so pleased to read the e-mails from BULBAJER,IRL NATHAN ETC.GOD BLESS you all.i'm an 80 year old women and i fear for our country if obama is reelected.he has done so much damage already.

  8. eSTHER marie ventura ferencz
    2 years ago

    Thanks OBAMA....the 'promise of the 'great uniter'. what a howl.

    These loons are as looney as obama and his loons.

    NOOBAMA in 12 ....shown himself to 1. be liar in chief 2. most pro abort pol ever even UP TO and including to infantcide via fiat...3. totally against Israel ....Loathes the Catholic Church wants it to make a HARD TURN LEFT w.the the left loons loose in the church.......4. indeed ALL gun sales have risen w,him in office. mostly by LAW ABIDING CITIZENS as a way of protection THIS IS OUR 2nd AMEND RIGHT,. obama does NOT LIKE THIS. . 5,,,,GOT US IN MORE DEBT than the previous 4 PRESIDENTS combined...6. He is evil straight up from hell.
    For now that about sums up 'thoughts for today'

  9. Brian A Cook
    2 years ago

    I'm surprised that you actually published something from the "extreme left wing" Southern Poverty Law Center. I am honestly pleasantly surprised. Thank you for taking a moment to actually listen to the Other.

    If it is nothing more than a propaganda mill, then how do you explain the law enforcement personnel who rely on its research on domestic terrorists? The fact is that the Southern Poverty Law Center is respected for actually tracking and fighting right-wing extremism as well as pointing out radical tendencies among other groups (including black-nationalists and eco-terrorists). I learned much about the extreme right and the far right from the Southern Poverty Law Center. The same goes for the Anti-Defemation League. Am I supposed to close my eyes to an extreme right that pretends to promote Nature and Nature's God? I should hope not.

  10. techwreck
    2 years ago

    Irl and Bulbajer, for another opinion, you might want to look at "What’s after ‘Jumping the Shark’?" by Mark Krikorian at the National Review Online - (link ->) . Mark mentions that campaigning against all that “poverty” law has enabled the SPLC to amass assets of more than $200 million from direct mail appeals to support fighting the latest "hate group. When they go after Bill Maher, we'll know that they are really against hate instead of conservatism.

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