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Troubling: Will Nov. 8 be the start of the next civil war in the USA? Comments

There's a troubling trend in America, the rise of armed militias and "patriot" groups who are preparing for a revolution - and a violent one at that. According to the Southern Law Poverty Center (SPLC), these groups are gaining memberships as the possibility of Obama's reelection grows greater. Continue Reading

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  1. Joseph
    2 years ago

    "To BRIAN....why are you POSTING on a CATHOLIC ONLINE site when in fact its clear you have a PRO OBAMA AGENDA?? Amazing the chutzpa you obamites have coming on this page and making cracks as to NATURES LAW and THE GOD that controls this law. I got a great idea> YOU dont like whats written on COL why dont you just take a pass. Ya know like the game Monopoly where you get OTTA JAIL CARD....YOU should just grab that card and leave COL."

    Some of the comments on this page below are the single most revolting hateful comments I have ever witnessed by human beings in my 60 years of being a pastor by either political persuasion. I literally became sick after reading some of these comments. I am ashamed to share the same country let alone political party as those morally depraved here. I can only hope that the lord has mercy on your souls for being so cruel to one another.

  2. Danunzio
    2 years ago

    It's the left pushing us into civil war not the right. Sadly, the left is so pervasive and evil that it might be inevitable.

  3. Shane
    2 years ago

    Well folks, I'm not a fanatic or in a militia,But I'm afraid that most of the people in this country are just plain blind or just flat out indifferent to whats going on in America,Our rights are being eaten away, The police are no longer the moral or ethical defenders of the law the government is no longer for the people and we aren't doing anything about it,we as a people took up arms against the British because of over taxing and unjust laws, what do you think is happening right now,people who work hard are loosing their homes because they can't pay the taxes,look how much it costs for simple grocery's the middle class is no longer the middle class,it is now the haves against the have nots. I was born and raised here, I served my country and pay my taxes, But I am not blind, Our country is in a nose dive and if we as a people don't step up and put a stop to whats being done, we might as well forget about having a country that is free,

  4. Tom
    2 years ago

    Here is something for all those commenting to think about.
    Involves the government ruling and making laws for the "greater good" of all people, they may abolish personal rights in doing so.
    Democracy is government by and for the people. They may or may not be republics--that is, government limited by constitution or charter.
    The tricky part of "democracy" is defining "the people" and then deciding what counts as "by the people" and what counts as "for the people." In a sense, that could be considered the content of democratic practice.
    Citizens are expected to participate more actively in a democracy.

    Involves the government using and abiding by the constitution heavily. Personal rights are respected and cannot be taken away. This helps to avoid tyranny and mobocracy (the majority makes laws and governs by passion, prejudice, or impulse, without restraint or regard to consequences).
    Republics are the common and "standard" type of governments found today, not democracies, despite what many people (who may not know the definition of either) think.
    Just as democracies may or may not be republics, republics may or may not be democracies.

    The difference between Democracy and Republic:
    Democracy and Republic are two forms of government which are distinguished by their treatment of the Minority, and the Individual, by the Majority.
    In a Democracy, the Majority has unlimited power over the Minority. This system of government does not provide a legal safeguard of the rights of the Individual and the Minority. It has been referred to as "Majority over Man".
    In a Republic, the Majority is Limited and constrained by a written Constitution which protects the rights of the Individual and the Minority. The purpose of a Republic form of government is to control the Majority and to protect the God-given, inalienable rights and liberty of the Individual.
    The United States of America is founded as a Republic under the Constitution.

    Read more:

  5. David s
    2 years ago

    "Patriot" - "one who loves his or her country and supports its authority and interests" - Merriam Webster

  6. anthony
    2 years ago

    I find it funny they make it sound like the hype is 100% over obama and 100% over socialism..

    Sure that is a problem, but how about the mega computers being built in utah and other states that are designed to spy on americans?

    How about the NDAA and other enfringments on our founding principles that are wisked away under the guise of "protection"?

    How about our new pre-emptive strike policies abroad?

    Ie things that have bi-partison support and I am sure thta ROMNEY also supports? Things that a free market capitalist and a flaming socialist would gladly unite arms against?

  7. Jeff M
    2 years ago

    I also see the federal government as the enemy and I would not miss it one bit if it were to collapse tomorrow the same way the USSR did 20 years ago. The United States has become everything is used to despise and most Americans are too stupid to see it. Thanks to being born with dual citizenship I now live in Europe and actually feel more free than I had in the US for the past 15 years. The US needs a revolution (hopefully a bloodless one like what ended the USSR) When things settle down then I might consider returning. At any rate most of those militia groups are nuts btw. Obama is not *the* problem, but the federal government in general. America has become a fascist police state and the sooner its citizens wake up to this fact the better off they will be. The 2nd Amendment will not save America when things really get bad. And if you don't think it will happen just wait.

  8. Kyle
    2 years ago

    @Brian a cook
    National Socialism is not extreme left, it is in fact extreme left. The Right wing actually means less government, while the Left means authoritative or strong central government. Militias have no political allegiance, although members tend to be more right wing. Constitutional unorganized militias are anti-socialists and if you actually researched militias you'd find that out. One can not be a militia member and a National Socialist, it is a contradiction. The KKK are not the militia, but their own organization. The KKK is disliked among the militia and I know for fact black, Latino, and Jewish people are among the militia. I personally have a Jew among my group. I suggest you do some research before coming up with your conclusions on how you judge things.

  9. Esther Marie Ann Ventura Ferencz
    2 years ago

    To BRIAN....why are you POSTING on a CATHOLIC ONLINE site when in fact its clear you have a PRO OBAMA AGENDA?? Amazing the chutzpa you obamites have coming on this page and making cracks as to NATURES LAW and THE GOD that controls this law. I got a great idea> YOU dont like whats written on COL why dont you just take a pass. Ya know like the game Monopoly where you get OTTA JAIL CARD....YOU should just grab that card and leave COL.

  10. Brian A Cook
    2 years ago

    Am I supposed to close my eyes to an extreme right--Klansmen, Neo-Nazis, etc--that pretends to promote Nature and Nature's God?

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