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Sandra Fluke pushed for 'sexual reassignment' surgery as well Comments

Georgetown coed Sandra Fluke wound up in the national spotlight after radio talk show host called her a "slut" for her stance on access and mandated coverage on birth control for women. Birth control is not the only platform to which Fluke has brought her attention. According to columnist Stephen Gutowski, Fluke is a tireless advocate for mandated "sexual reassignment," i.e. sex change surgery as well. Continue Reading

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  1. Peter Ramsey
    2 years ago

    Do transgender persons not realize that their DNA cannot be changed to suit their pathological (and sinful) behavior?

  2. Stephanie
    2 years ago

    Birth control is not expensive if you buy it on your own. Condoms are at the dollar stores at the checkout stands, and the Pill can be bought at Wal-Mart for $9/month. Even poor people can afford this. And Planned Parenthood will probably give you all this for free anyway. This is a non-issue designed to get the uninformed, misguided Americans to side with them in their quest for power and loss of constitutional freedoms.

    Our economy is in such shambles right now, there is so much government debt; why are we being mandated to pay for unnecessary things? If you are not sick, then you should pay for your own stuff out of pocket. If there is going to be government health care, we should be helping sick people, treating the flu, infections, etc. And even cancer could be a publicly-funded thing because they need treatment to survive and it's too much for one person or family to pay for.

    As for sexual reassignment, those poor souls are lost and confused. They need serious help. They have identity issues and an intense hatred for the gender they were born into. When I was a little girl I did prefer girl toys, but I was perfectly able to play with boy items as well, and I had four brothers and no sisters so of course I was playing with action figures, sports, rollerblading, etc. These transgendered children will not play with any toys of the opposite gender and even want to mutilate themselves. Is that in any way, shape, or form healthy? Something to be promoted? Of course not! Although I would not be opposed to counseling being part of the health care plan for such individuals.

  3. Gil
    2 years ago

    Everyone should speak for what is necessary for every human person to live a happy and successful life. As Sandra seems so crazy about her personal and unnecessary need, she should be wise enough to keep mumb and do the needful personally. If such medication costs a fortune, why to make a fuss about temporary feelings. The world can't afford to waste an ounce of resource without aggravating the already suffering mankind. it really demeans our very existence.

  4. Adela
    2 years ago

    Whatever they may be, the beliefs of her, no matter if we think better or worse , no one has the right to defame or insult another human being. As a Catholic I am, I disagree with the ideas and purposes of this woman, but she as a human being has the same value, which all. And the man who insulted her, I think he a completely unconscious that has no education. No matter how stronger believer, he is.

  5. abey
    2 years ago

    This woman Sandra who seem all mixed up in going against herself in the rebellious attitude to artificiality into losing self, in this crucial juncture, unfortunately "appeased into" Obama & the left agendas or called Initiated into the initiates, could not have been more worse.

  6. Diana
    2 years ago

    Gutowski says that Fluke is clearly relishing her newfound attention in order to draw attention to her rather "out there" causes. "So, as you can see, Sandra Fluke is not what she is being sold as. Instead she is a liberal activist pushing some rather radical ideas. Keep that in mind as the left holds her up in the spotlight."

    Who cares? She's a free person and she can express her ideas however she wants, and she shouldn't be worried about anyone calling her names just for fighting for what she believes in, unlike most Catholics, who don't give a hoot what the church says about contraception.

    What a shameful article to print during Lent. I can't believe the church is rattled by a 30 year old law student. Pathetic.

  7. Tom
    2 years ago

    I found the headline of this article intentionally misleading, even if technically accurate.

    I also find it disturbing when Catholics hide under the cover of the letter of the law in order to justify their conservative political beliefs and pre-Vatican II yearnings.

  8. Tim
    2 years ago

    I don't think that Gender Reassignment surgery is the actual question. It's a matter of $$$ and as everyone who has a milligram of brain function knows, the surgeries are very expensive. I'm sorry as hell that those who believe that discrimination is at hand however, if it ain't broke don't fix it. I know of many people who are amputees who would love to have a prostectic leg or arm but, it isn't regarded as medically necessary in many cases and that in my opinion is discrimination. Ms. Fluke is a very young and not a particularly consciencous person in her own right and her recent rants remind my of a very spoiled child who isn't terribly mature. If she is complaining that she can't afford birth control then she can get a prescription and go to Planned Parenthood and receive her BC devices for free. The fact that she can afford Georgetown tells me that she is a high dollar roller and wouldn't lower herself to accept "public" solutions to satisfy her whims...She doesn't have a legitamate arguement.

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