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Women Star in the President's Political Theater: Who's Really Getting Played? Comments

With a pen stroke and a press conference, President Obama used women to initiate a war on Religious freedom and with the media lapdogs panting at his heels, he made sure the Republicans, and especially the Catholic Church, were painted as misogynist zealots.  Now he's leading this contrived and fraudulent battle over "women's health", and the so-called feminists have pinned women's entire well-being to a package of pills and reduced women ... Continue Reading

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  1. Joseph
    2 years ago

    All of us fighting the secular left need to remember that passionate indignation by itself is not enough. As Catholics we are expected to use our power of reason - more, we are expected to be 'innocent as doves', certainly, but also as 'wise as serpents' (Matthew 10:16). We need to accept that the secular left is now ruled by evil historical forces with a very specific agenda, to reduce the world to a materialist nightmare of relativity, state control and individual mental and spiritual servitude. Knowing this, however, gives us a great advantage: we know our enemy's game plan, we know his ultimate goal. We can therefore, if we start to use our heads and be as 'wise as the serpent', get one or two steps ahead of the serpent, instead of forever passively reacting to the initiatives of those who wish to destroy the Judeo-Christian world. Or, as the Italians put it, we are expected to be "Buoni, si', ma fessi, no!" (in other words, "Goodhearted, yes, but cretins, no!"). We need to take a leaf from our ever-inspiring Counter Reformation forefathers and initiate a Counter Secularisation movement for the 21st century, organised along the same lines: focused, intelligent and psychologically and politically savvy. In short, we need Mother Church to get Militant once again, in the very best sense of that word. If we can do that, no force on earth can stop us.

  2. Deacon Keith Fournier
    2 years ago

    To Michael: Natural law arguments are NOT opposed to arguments rooted in the ancient faith. In fact, the experience of Mars Hill was a fruitful experience and helped lead to the spread of the Church! I published your comment because it was sincere. However, I hope you expand your understanding of orthodoxy to include what was GOOD of the Second Vatican Council as a "return to the sources". Also, especially during Lent, please pray about the inclination to write off the magisterium of the Church since the Second Vatican Council as needing the correction you feel so impelled to give all of our Bishops and the magisterium. Finally, please take some time to read "Faith and Reason" by Blessed John Paul as well as Pope Benedict XVI's tremendous instructions both before assuming the Chair of Peter and since on the Natural Law, Reason and Faith.

  3. Brian D.
    2 years ago

    Brilliantly written! Now, how do we get this message out to the faithful, keeping in mind that only a relatively small percentage read this blog? Far too many citizens either don’t pay attention or get their political education through sound bites or through the liberal-leaning networks of ABC, CBS, and NBC, which ignored this story for over a week and then framed it as an issue of contraception instead of the real issue of First Amendment rights-not to mention the morality of it all.

  4. Brian A Cook
    2 years ago

    " feminists have pinned women's entire well-being to a package of pills and reduced women to just vaginas and uteruses."

    I'm sorry, but real-life liberals actually see women as full-fledged human beings with minds, hopes, and dreams. I know because I read actual liberal websites. They do not want to see women silenced. They point to the likes of the Taliban. The reason why they attack the Church is that they mistakenly view the Church as being in league the Taliban. They also sincerely believe that women need to be able to treat serious diseases and responsibly space births.

    The sad fact is that the Church is routinely accused of engaging in harlot-shaming instead of lifting up real-life women. The Church is routinely accused of submitting to misogynist traditons. The Church is accused of promoting absolute monarchy. The Church is accused of attacking the religious freedom of non-Catholics and dissenters. The Church is accused of encouraging the elimination of certain people. Holy Mother Church has a lot of work ahead of her in convincing people otherwise.

    I respectfully ask that you reconsider what you have written.

  5. michael
    2 years ago

    Again, we see the disaster of this line of argument from our good bishops. It isn't a "fluke" that a Ms. Fluke would arise claiming that her conscience must be respected and that her freedom to express her religious "beliefs" ought to be allowed. If you use the arguments of the devil and his pawns, you will get burned. Preach Christ crucified and the devil flees. This is the Season of Lent, a consecrated period of prayer and fasting. In the Old Breviary during this holy time, the lesson at Lauds reads "Cry out full throated and unsparingly, lift up your voice like a trumpet blast; tell my people their wickedness and the house of Jacob their sins" (Isaiah 58:1). It is time for Cardinal Dolan and Bishop Lori, and all our good pastors, to imitate St. Paul and leave the Athenian debate club and actually point out the evil not of breaking the Bill of Rights, but the Commandments of God Who is greatly offended by the actions of Ms. Fluke and others who practice the deadly sorcery of contraception.

  6. Jim
    2 years ago

    Miss Fluke advocates a strong mandate for financing personal (in) moral choices with tax payer dollars. She said that contraceptives may cost a woman thousands of dollars every year and that the public must pick up the tab one way or another.
    I thought that feminism was all about recognizing the personal dignity of women, but why does that entail that society, by means of government money or mandates, underwrite their choices at the tune of thousands of dollars per person per year?
    If you, man or woman, claim full responsibility for your choices, then pay for them yourself. Do you want to be considered a grown up? Then pay your own way and leave the rest of us with more money to meet our own responsibilities.
    It’s not that there isn’t a very cheap, 100% safe alternative to thousands of dollars spent in contraceptives: it’s called ABSTINENCE and it is FREE.
    If we’re told to keep our “rosaries from their ovaries” (or testicles for that matter), then we ought to be able to keep our wallets away from their gonads too.

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