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Women Star in the President's Political Theater: Who's Really Getting Played? Comments

With a pen stroke and a press conference, President Obama used women to initiate a war on Religious freedom and with the media lapdogs panting at his heels, he made sure the Republicans, and especially the Catholic Church, were painted as misogynist zealots.  Now he's leading this contrived and fraudulent battle over "women's health", and the so-called feminists have pinned women's entire well-being to a package of pills and reduced women ... Continue Reading

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  1. Jennifer Hartline
    3 years ago

    Jeffrey, I used the phrase real-life liberals because that's the way Brian Cook phrased it. Those aren't my words. Yes, I know there are Democrats who are pro-life, and Republicans who are pro-abortion. Yes, I know that political party lines are not the issue -- the issue is recognizing the humanity of the child in the womb and protecting that child from being killed. If you recognize that, then I don't care what your political stripe is, you and I can agree. However, I can say just from my own life experience that I have yet to meet someone who self-describes as a "liberal" who would agree that the child in the womb is a human being we don't have the right to kill. So I'm not inclined to believe your statement that "most real life-liberals believe in the sanctity of all life, born and unborn." Perhaps the disconnect lies in the definition of a "liberal."

  2. Fr. James Farfaglia
    3 years ago

    Excellent article Jennifer and right on the money. Regarding the Rush Limbaugh controversy, I was travelling last Thursday and happened to hear what he had to say. Perhaps some of the things that he said were not prudent, but nevertheless what about his right to free speech. If Howard Stern can say the crazy things that he says, why can't Rush Limbaugh say what he wants to say? The modern left is famous for shutting down anyone that they disagree with. The madness of our times is that mad peope think that sane people are mad. I am very happy that our Bishops have taken a united stand against the HHS mandate. We live in very challenging times if anyone's right to free speech and freedom of religion are being taken away by our government.

  3. Jeffrey Caperton
    3 years ago

    And, Jennifer Hartline, I have to disagree with you. Most "Real-life liberals" believe in the sanctity of all life; born and unborn. The reality is that there are those on both sides, liberal and conservative, who are "pro-choice" because it is neither about liberal or conservative politics, it is about amoral secular society that is more interested in political expediency, which is why I hate to see issues such as abortion used as a tool of partisan politics because there are some issues where political expediency in the form of "majority rules" is not the answer. I will agree that there are liberals who support pro-choice candidates as what they may see as the lesser of the evils, but I think we all do that to a degree. The problem with making generalizations is that we offend potential allies because we are more interested in painting "us" as "righteous" and "them" as "evil", missing opportunities to discover that we do have things in common, the value of life among them. I will concede that there are many conservatives who are good people who believe in the sanctity of life. Are you willing to concede the same with liberals?

  4. Rob
    3 years ago

    Jennifer, I agree with your assessment about "real" liberals. But I think that population is actally pretty small. There are zealots of all political and religious stripes. I honestly believe that what we really have is an ingnorant public (some I know choose to be ignorant). The most troubling is ignorant Catholics. I was at a meeting this past weekend with men who represent various age groups and parishes all across our diocese. Not one until recently has ever heard a homily on contraception. None of us could point to any classes, etc on any of these topics in our entire Archdiocese. While we must fight to stop this mandate, I would simply ask if we are really that suprised by it? If you do not teach a subject, how on earth to you expect a different outcome then we are currently seeing? Our silence in these matters has been mistaken as a change in teaching, not just by Catholics but the entire society. We can't even get consensus among Christian demoninations. While all the faithful has as responsibility to learn their faith, I can't imagine that those charged with sheparding the flock are pleased with the statistics being thrown around. One I heard over and over this weekend was that 98% of Catholic women contracept. Some would say this is just willful disobedience, and I'm sure some portion of that is. But a much larger portion, I believe, represents actions taken by good people just trying to live. Maybe they are going about it wrong, but I do not believe that those women using contraception are part of some left wing plot to bring the country down. This "new war" on religious freedom makes for impassioned articles and yet another thing to dislike about Obama. But when are we going to hear the rally cry from our Bishops about instructing the faithful on these matters? Where is the cry to have a year of "Theology of the Body?" Is our fight against the secular culture going to be limited only to a political and legal fight? Faith without works is dead. While we all know that regardless of what the faithful do or do not do that does not render the truth of the teaching regarding contraception, but at some point those who lead our Church have to see a 98% disobedience rate (have no idea if this rate is true) as a huge problem. If our reaction is solely limited to political fights and the court room, we will have lost a huge chance to truly evangelize the culture. How in the world to we expect to change a dying culture if we Catholics refuse to live it's teachings? I think hyprocrisy does more damage to our ability to evangelize the culture than anything. I hope the leadership takes advantage of this moment. And while I understand the disdain for the media, personally it just sounds like whining. The conservative television and radio blow away the liberal outlets in ratings constatly. But unfortunately their message is limited to the religious liberty issue. We're going to have to utilize an even greater power to spread the message about contraception. I just wonder if your Church has the courage to do it anymore.

  5. Rose
    3 years ago

    Fantastic article, Jennifer, thank you. First they will come for the imperfect children, then they will come for the elderly. If they get 4 more years, there will be no stopping them.

  6. D Paul
    3 years ago

    Excellent commentary from an Army wife who is homeschooling her children. With grateful appreciation from a Navy vet.

  7. Jennifer Hartline
    3 years ago

    Brian A. Cook: I'll have to disagree. Real-life liberals are generally the same folks who believe killing the child in the womb is "right." They don't see THAT girl as a full-fledged human being. They also do not embrace the virtues of chastity, modesty, and purity; instead, they are pushing the most radical "sex-ed" agenda on our youngest children. They are corrupting our children's innocence rather than protecting it. Rather than encouraging abstinence -- which is guaranteed to prevent pregnancy and disease -- they demand free birth control for all as the solution to all women's problems. The real-life liberals disdain the gift of motherhood and true femininity. They believe women aren't free unless they can kill their own babies. I realize they routinely accuse the Church of all kinds of ridiculous things, and the Taliban comparison is especially revealing of their attitude. The Church has always taught and defended the dignity of women as human beings and daughters of God. The Church understands the unique beauty and role of women in human history and has always held women in high esteem. The real-life liberals don't like the Church because the Church correctly insists that sex must be reserved for marriage; that contraception is contrary to the purpose of the sexual act and the dignity of the human person; and that abortion is always a grave evil. A cursory look back over the last 50 years will demonstrate that the Church is right. Pope Paul VI was a prophet in Humanae Vitae. The real-life liberals may not like it, but it's true.

  8. John
    3 years ago

    My dear Ms. Fluke, if the the people are to pay for your contraceptions, which is Not an illness, but for most of the time for your own pleasure, then I expect you to pay for My Vitamins, which are necessary for good health and therefore saving the governement money.

  9. J. Bob
    3 years ago

    If this is the best a Georgetown trained Law student, can do, give out contrived evidence. It doesn't say much for that law school.

    Then again, what can you say about a school of "higher" learning, that covers up it's symbol, for a presidential PR shoot.

  10. Edward Koon
    3 years ago

    So for $3000 a year I can sponsor an Ivy League student's birth control? Sounds ridiculous, but it is true. So where's all the money that the gov't already gives to PP? I thought that money was for "women's health"? Isn't this double dipping?

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