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What's Really Despicable? Rick Ungar, Obamacare, and Rick Santorum Comments

Last week Forbes' contributor Rick Ungar indignantly labeled Rick Santorum a "despicable human being" for saying that Obamacare will result in rationed care based on usefulness and not on the dignity of every human life.  Sorry, but when the government is in charge of health care, and new committees are created to make decisions about care vs. cost, it is only the most duped among us who will be confident in a bureaucrat's willingness to ... Continue Reading

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  1. Dan Hammond
    2 years ago

    Although they recoil when confronted with their own message in the concrete, such as with Obamacare "death panels," replacing the Christian idea of the dignity of each human person with the person's usefulness is in fact the secular left's agenda. See for example the reaction to the report of President Bush's Council on Bioethics by Harvard psychologist, Steven Pinker,"The Stupidity of Dignity," The New Republic, May 28, 2008.

  2. Rose
    2 years ago

    Great article, Jennifer. One would have to live life with eyes and ears covered to not realize what the future holds for the elderly in this country under Obamacare. Rationing, rationing and more rationing. Euthanasia by government order of the HHS secretary, all under the guise of "compassion." If the administration thinks killing the unborn is okay, they will not think twice about withholding medical care to a 70 year old medicare, social security recipient who has pneumonia for the third time in a year, or a heart attack, or a bedsore, etc. Remember when Barack said that sometime you just need to give them the pain pill?

  3. abey
    2 years ago

    What use is to the Physical at the cost of the Spiritual, knowing very well that the Physical, whatsoever be its gains, ends in dust with this life.

  4. Bulbajer
    2 years ago

    I'm not sure about universal healthcare, but we need to reform our healthcare system so that wealth plays no role in determining whether patients with serious illnesses or problems get high quality treatment.

  5. john baysson
    2 years ago

    What Santorum should do is criticize the individual aspects of obama care that are problematic like covering contraception etc. Instead he tries to criticize the entire package.

    If he is so Catholic, he should at least implement a single payer system like in Canada but I suppose his republican buddies won't like that.

  6. Eddie
    2 years ago

    How is healthcare supposed to be rationed in a just society? If you have the money then you can get all the healthcare your bank account can handle. If not, then isn't the rationing being done by an insurance company, a public hospital administrator following government policies, or a charity following the guidelines of its supporters?

  7. Joseph
    2 years ago

    Another great article, Jennifer - nailing the truth to the mast when it comes to the hypocrisy of many in our society who can talk endlessly (and self-importantly) about human rights when it suits them and - without pausing for breath - deny those same human rights to the most defenceless members of our community - the preborn.

  8. DLL
    2 years ago

    Santorum is right on. He is a Catholic with a capital C as he believes in church teachings.. Ms Pelosi to quote her says,that she learned along time ago that Catholicism has a capital C for what the church teaches and a lower case c for what people actually believe and live according to their faith. This statement she made on C-span as she was interviewing Ms. Fluke from Georgetown university yesterday,about women's rights and the contraceptive healthcare mandate. It is obviously unpopular to stand up to proclaim that any life that isn't a productive one is of any value at all these days,this is why Mr. Santorum is despicable and hurtful? The healthcare environment is being changed from anything we used to know. Abortive practices protect the guilty not the innocent and are health care? Contraceptives that help with feminine diseases shouldn't be a problem. Deliberate abortive contraception is the objection,therefore a problem and a theological one certainly. "The Pill"causes strokes in many woman just as in some cases as Ms fluke related concerning polycystic diseases,it might be helpful. There is some logical give and take here,no doubt. "Free Care"! Baloney! It is not! No matter what anyone says! Never will be either! That is a political toss for brownie points! Ms.Fluke,also a Catholic,and a credible democratic witness for the mandate,a pretty law student,did say that her boyfriend will be very happy with the Obama Mandate for contraception if it passes. I can only wonder why?! There is no way out of these crazy mandates as soon as the laws governing abortion or contraception pass they remain in effect forever. Insurance companies really don't want to pay for much of anything at all if they can help it,as they just want to get rich,that is the bottom line. Mr.Santorum,Ms. Fluke,Pelosi and the democrats,opinions by the such as Mr.Unger's, it is all a toss,a political toss for the cause of making one more despicable and hurtful than the other,until the political wrangling takes it's hiatus for a short 2 year period and elections are a point of concern once more. No one wins if justice is only served to serve the stronger elements,forsaking those who cannot be blamed for being for whatever reason,weak or dependent for the care of those intelligent and strong enough to provide it. In a Democratic society the week and the strong all are of equal value as life for all should be of very much value. The life in the womb is sacred space. I guess like Mr.Santorum,I and He,are both hurtful and despicable as we agree,but I for 1 will not apologize,Mr.Unger. By the way,I like Catholic teachings with the capital C,Ms.Pelosi.

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