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What's Really Despicable? Rick Ungar, Obamacare, and Rick Santorum Comments

Last week Forbes' contributor Rick Ungar indignantly labeled Rick Santorum a "despicable human being" for saying that Obamacare will result in rationed care based on usefulness and not on the dignity of every human life.  Sorry, but when the government is in charge of health care, and new committees are created to make decisions about care vs. cost, it is only the most duped among us who will be confident in a bureaucrat's willingness to ... Continue Reading

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  1. JoAnn
    3 years ago

    Carolyn: Viagra or Cialis doesn't kill babies, it helps make them. God bless.

  2. Rob
    3 years ago

    I think Jennifer's main point about distrusting a government that allows people to choose to kill their children shouldn't be trusted to make healthcare decisions is a solid position to take. I say it in this manner because while the police power of the state permits this, it is always people who choose to do it. But I think we are over simplyfying a few things. First, there is an assumption that government officials care about the bottom line. I would offer our current deficits and debt as proof positive that there appears to be no concern about the bottom line. Medicare/Medicaid spending is not out of control because the government is trying to save a buck trying to kill off old people. But we do have to acknowledge that there is a finite level of resources to do anything. There is always going to be some bean counter worrying about how much things costs. And so long as we have a for-profit healthcare system, it's always going to be this way. But regardless of what my employer deciedes in regards to my healthcare today, the government etc, nothing ever precludes me from buying as much healthcare as I want. Those with the means will never be denied healthcare. Who knows, maybe our government will value caring for people as much as they value defense spending where money is not barrier for anything. From your statements of the Santorum's experience, it sounds like physicians, not government death panels, are already trying to make life our death decisions. Maybe it get's worse, I honestly don't think anyone can say. But I do know this, there is nothing politicians hate more than potentially losing an election because they appear to be heartless. A "death panel" will only be as strong as we the voters allow it to be. It could be as it is today in the administration of Meciare or Medicaid, or it can be as sinister as some claim it will be. It's the Chruch's job to create the consciouness in people to make the right decisions in all these life issues. When I look at the mess our culture is in, I'm not sure who to blame right now. Did the Chruch fail in it's job to teach faith and morals, or is it getting it's rear kicked by a culture and government hell bent on destrying our culture. I really do not know.

  3. Jay
    3 years ago

    What a wonderful article. Sometimes especially in todays time I wish I could find the words to express the same type of thoughts. As for Troy - as a catholic I am appalled by the current health care system we have. So many of the hospitals and doctors cost have gone through the roof. Obamacare however is not the answer. There must be an overhaul of the system, not a mishmash of programs. There are so many things in the law that are free that it will end up breaking the system instead of fixing it. In mmy area alone there are three major heart hospitals within a five mile area. Do we need three? The occupancy rates were low and one has even closed. The cost for running those hospitals are being paid by you. Not through taxes but through extremely high premuims and medical costs. I am lucky in that I have worked hard to ensure that I have the medical coverage that I need. However, there are many out there, through no fault of there own that cannot afford medical care until they are forced to go to an emergency room. The government running medical care for all is not the answer. As a catholic it is up to us to help our neighbors and we have been told by Jesus. So yes as a catholic I am mad, but I will alos do what I can for others and I will also protect the diginty of the individual and protect those who cannot help themselves.

  4. don iarussi
    3 years ago

    do not be misled, democrats are afraid of the Rick Santorum movement. The baby killers on the left want to portray Santorum as an evil catholic. If you support abortion, you are not Catholic! You are pro death of the unborn.

    Funny how rick is attacked for having the same opinion as obama on gay marriage. Both Oppose. I am not ashamed of being Catholic or Pro Life. I find the people on the left who try to portray us taht way of just bigots.

  5. Bryan
    3 years ago

    Mrs. Hartline I find your article highly commendable.

  6. techwreck
    3 years ago

    I am pro-life and have worked for pro-life causes since the "Life Chains" of the 1980's. That said, I beleive that Rick Santorum is squandering his chances at the GOP nomination for president by pandering to the evangelicals in Michigan in order to defeat Romney in his home state. That may be good Michigan politics, but the national media is trashing him as a "religious nut" who doesn't understand that this election is about the economy and jobs. And Mitt Romney is reminding them daily that jobs are his priority. If Santorum wins Michigan, will the voters in other states suddenly believe that his weak economic plan is his main priority? I don't think so!

  7. Avila Power
    3 years ago

    Jennifer , your articles are definitely "GOD INSPIRED" You are brilliant. I do so look froward to reading your articles. They "hit the nail on the head". Please continue to write them especially as the fight for the White House looms on the horizon. Rick for the White House. What a terrific influence he would have on the entire American population. He could turn America around for the better, and I am sure there are many Americans who think the same. If I lived in America I would be in the front fighting for Rick.

  8. Carolyn
    3 years ago

    Does the Catholic Church (hospitals, universities) employ single men who use their insuance coverage for prescriptions for Viagra or Cialis? I read that and wondered if it's true.

  9. Troy
    3 years ago

    I don't see why so many people are lambasting Obama for trying to insure that medical support can reach the poor. A broken arm for a rich family is no big deal. For a poor family, it could mean going bankrupt. I think it's a sin to allow such a callous system to stay in place. The medical field has gone crazy with higher prices and even a visit to a doctor is cause for one to question whether they can pay for it or not. As a Catholic, I feel this is unfair and actually un-Christian. Would Jesus take health care away from someone or make them pay huge bills to get it? In this day and age, we should be podering how we got so cold and insensitive. Also, how can we claim America is a great country with great health care when only a few can get that care? I do say that anyone who truly calls him or herself a true Catholic would be apalled at how things work in this society. Don't blame Obama, blame ourselves and start trying to find an answer. We are the problem.

  10. marya
    3 years ago

    The HHS mandate affecting Catholic institutions is just the forerunner of forcing those institutions to pay for abortion on demand, no doubt. Remember Obama killed the Born Alive Infant Protection Act in the Ill. state legislature in 2004 in committee, a committee that was hearing the bill and which he was the chairman. He stated in no uncertain terms at the time that the Bill would undermine a woman's right to kill her child. Witness came forward to say that handicapped children had been left to die in closets. Radical secularism is a danger to such children. If Obama favored killing children back in 2004 why should we now think he wouldn't mandate their extermination today. Does it sound too crazy? Is Santorum lying or is Obama prevaricaing.

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