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The Parable of the Kosher Deli: Bishop Lori Before Congress Defending Religious Liberty Comments

We can learn from this brilliant testimony as we undertake the struggle to defend the Church against this unjust Edict. We call upon all of our readers around the globe to pray for his Excellency - and for all of our Bishops. We pledge to stand in unwavering solidarity with them. Continue Reading

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  1. Helen Hawkins
    2 years ago


    I am not sure just what your point is but... If the government mandated that a Jewish organization had to - under penalty of law provide pork to all their employees, I would assume that this would not go down well with the Jewish Community. And can you imagine the Moslem Community standing for that. Well, that is exactly what the Obama administration is doing to all dedicated people who know that the morning after pill is abortion and is killing the babies of the poor.

  2. Vance
    2 years ago

    Bishop Lori is one brilliant man. Jesus was asked why he spoke in parables. His reply was so everyone will understand what I am saying. I pray to God that he will replace the Religious Left Bishops and clergy with Bishops like Lori and Chaput.

  3. Tom
    2 years ago

    Those who voted for him gave him an inch, now he takes a mile. If you voted for this train wreck don't even act surprised. Let everyone with eyes see. Let everyone with ears hear the veiled power grab that is taking shape. People voted for him because of color and political correctness, Shame on you. The real issue had nothing to do with color. The only good thing about this is that our Catholic and other Christian honchos have been inspired and are getting mad. (What took ya so long?) It's drawing Christians together and drawing a line in the sand.

  4. Thomas Patrick O'Reilly
    2 years ago

    Bishop Lori’s analogy to the kosher deli may well make a good sound bite for a secular media, but it is a wholly inaccurate comparison to the birth control issue. If Bishop Lori could actually read or hear what I had to say, I would suggest he give some thought to two scenarios and decide, then, if what he argues makes any spiritual sense: first, if the kosher deli had been around from the time of Moses, the Rabbi would assure you that you would never have been able to see, smell or taste anything in that deli with pork; it was and is forbidden and that Commandment is taught and followed by observant Jews today; second, while in the Catholic Church there was a day when the Church preached to the faithful that the practice of birth control was a mortal sin. Today the phrase “mortal sin” isn’t even mentioned in public by a priest. And although a priest advise a penitent in confession on the seriousness of the sin if the subject came up, or he may be so generous as to mention it in some private conversation; but one place where you won’t hear it is from the pulpit—not even now when that issue is front and center with the Catholic Church.
    Sadly, as a result of the liberalization and protestantization of the Church since Vatican II, the Bishops and the priests have ceded all moral authority to now defend that sin and many other issues on spiritual grounds. Hence, for the past few weeks the arguments advanced by the Church on the issue are grounded, not on the teachings of Jesus Christ, but on the “U.S. Constitution”. And just in case that doesn’t sell in our secular world, Bishop Lori has now opened up the “hermeneutics of birth control and the kosher deli”. Really?

    Thomas Patrick O’Reilly

  5. David Carlon
    2 years ago

    By the grace of the Holy One and for His Holy Church, I a slave of the Sacred Heart, am prepared to sacrifice all temporal possessions, freedom, body, soul, will, and being for the Gospel and Truth! I bless, honor and give thanks to the Holy Trinity for courageous shepherds!

  6. Phil Smith
    2 years ago

    Hi. I heard a story last year about an American supermarket chain that ran a special promotion on pork for hanukkah. I hope that the members of the US congress 1 listenedd to what was said. 2) Understand that pork is not kosher. 3) Catholic organisations do not mind supplying pork products to employees. 4) That this is a metaphor.

    What are the chances?

  7. Robert Burford
    2 years ago

    Very imaginative. We all have a gospel and Bishop Lori hit the nail on the head. What a beautiful analogy to Congress and the administration. The point that he did not make was the underlying mandate. What economic or proceedural reason does this administration have other than to show that their agenda is right. Why are they doing this to begin with. God's justice will reign.

  8. A.Mackay
    2 years ago

    Inorder to do Gods will we have to first believe in God and the teachings of Jesus and His
    We Pray that all our leaders will come to BELIEVE,

  9. Jake Allsop
    2 years ago

    This is brilliant, a perfect analogy. Let us pray that it does not fall on deaf ears.

  10. Smed
    2 years ago

    Brilliant. Simply brilliant. Too bad it went over the heads of those who are pushing their 'pork' agenda.

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