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I Choose No Contraception, so Why am I Paying For It? This is Really a Mandate Against Life Comments

Caring for a pregnant woman is expensive.  Caring for children is even more expensive.  Preventing their existence is cheap.  Destroying them in the womb is a money-saving act in the long run. This kind of thinking is what this mandate is really all about. This kind of thinking will kill us. Continue Reading

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  1. Eileen
    3 years ago

    Wow. Very well written, and clearly makes the point
    which bears repeating that "pro-choice" is
    really not pro-women! If you value my womanhood
    value my fertility and the power God gave me to
    conceive and bear LIFE!
    And guess what Rob? There's lots of "Carholics"
    who don't practice humanae vitae, but there's
    lots and lots who do, myself included. Be careful
    to understand that morality is not the same
    as what "most good people are doing". My
    mother used to say good intentions pave the way
    to hell. We live by INFORMED consciences
    and if we are unable/unwilling to learn and
    study we are able to live in the peace of
    the teaching of our holy Catholic church.

  2. Theresa H.
    3 years ago

    Thanks, Jennifer, for your article; just plain common sense and morality!..., and with Rob and others here....In many parishes we hear little or nothing from the pulpit, ever, about contraception and abortion.... We haven't even heard anything this time round in my Parish--although every Sunday Bulletin was stuffed with the letter of our Bishop. Some Catholic women blatantly say publicly that they "don't agree with the Church re. contraception"--yet they are permitted to distribute (and receive) Communion and read from the Scripture at Mass. Some people think many Bishops and priests are "afraid" too many people will walk way from the Church if they speak up in these matters (and maybe they will), so they are silent for fear. (Some people think they "fear" their parishes would lose their monetary sustenance.) It deeply saddens me to say all this; but I fear it is the reality! In any case, we must we all face the truth, and the consequences of silence..., The moral fabric of our nation has all but been destroyed from within. One last note--of some measure of hope: I do think that most of our new Bishops and our new young priests are devoted to Bl. John PauI II and Pope Benedict XVI--AND their magisterial teaching and they are more inclined to speak the teaching to the people. Jesus let people "walk away...;" It must have made him sad (His words to His disciples after his sermon on the Living Bread from Heaven... would lead us to think this), but the truth must be told; no good can come out of pandering to falsehood; neither can we serve God and mammon....(Mt 6:24) Lets "pray and fast" to be delivered from the evil our civil authorities are imposing on the Churches and people of "good will," as our Bishops have asked !

  3. Claire
    3 years ago

    AWESOME article, Jennifer! Our local television station did a piece on this travesty. "Catholics for Choice" was chosen for an interview to represent Church support of the madate. I cringe every time I see them quoted in the media -they don't represent me or hundreds of other Catholic women I know. It would be great if the media were to hear from an authentic Catholic woman who reflects and defends the teachings of the Church. Thanks so much for writing about what so many of us think! Pass it on!

  4. No Way
    3 years ago

    Excellent point, Rob !! I think the faithful are doing what the polls say they're doing. The cat is definitely out of the bag and I don't think we'll go back to pre-1961 ever.

  5. abey
    3 years ago

    Once again, where does the word "Responsibility" to the Motherhood fit in all this.

  6. Emma
    3 years ago

    Just saw on the evening news that there's a critical shortage of drugs to treat childhood cancer! Unbelievable!! We have no shortage of means to kill our unborn children, yet we have no access to the medication needed to keep them alive. What a sad state this country is in.

  7. Leslie B.
    3 years ago

    Interesting to hear about the price-gouging on birth control pills. According to the author of the book Unplanned, a woman who went from running PP clinic to joining the pro-life group once she actually had to aid in performing an abortion herself says that abortions is where they made all the money, but they constantly tried to keep it covered up with manipulated bookkeeping. Her whole story is more complicated than that, gives the side of the women who seriously believed they were/are helping women by working there, and the reasons she left, including PP's deceptive practices. Highly recommended.

  8. Joe Hayes
    3 years ago

    We all have to ban together with the power of our votes to stop this madness!

  9. Rob
    3 years ago

    So as Catholics how far do we take this? If Catholic institutions offering contraceptive services is offensive to our conscience, should health plans offering these same services from any employer be equally offensive? As Catholics, should we reject these plans? And if not, why not? All last week I flipped between conservative and liberal radio shows. The conservative stations were mostly concerned with the abridge to the free exercise of religion, but none of the popular hosts seemed to have any problems with contraception. And the point I kept hearing on the liberal stations was that all the Catholic women are using them already, what's the big deal? And they seemed to have polls from Pew to back it up. Never mind the so-called Catholic callers who phoned in. So this weekend I started looking around. And while this means nothing, I don't think I saw one family with more than 3 kids. Most had 1 or 2. Now this means that either we have some celibate warriors, NFP experts or perhaps a fertility curse. But I'm not seeing a lot of "numbers" to suggest that we are living this teaching. So we go to court, get this reversed, then what? Go back to business as usual? Do we secretly contracept and so long as no one preaches or teaches about it then it really doesn't count? Or does the fact that our religious institutions don't have to provide it give us all cover? I want Obama out of there as much as the next guy, but I'm not seeing where that is going to make one bit of differene in our own flocks. Is all this hysteria going to be followed up with some good old fashion formation? Or is this just going to be a law and order episode that once won it will be put in the history books?

  10. Robert
    3 years ago

    Wonderful article, Jennifer. This is a keeper. It should be obvious by now that the HHS mandate is really about government intrusion and - sadly - repositioning pregnancy from a life-giving event to a preventable disease. I wrote a similar piece over the weekend, if your readers care to read it at the following website:

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