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I Choose No Contraception, so Why am I Paying For It? This is Really a Mandate Against Life Comments

Caring for a pregnant woman is expensive.  Caring for children is even more expensive.  Preventing their existence is cheap.  Destroying them in the womb is a money-saving act in the long run. This kind of thinking is what this mandate is really all about. This kind of thinking will kill us. Continue Reading

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  1. Rob
    2 years ago

    Stephany, unfortunately Obama has insurance actuaries who can easily whip out figures that show that the costs to provide care for a pregnant women, the birth and care of a child greatly exceeds the costs of contraceptions. In their twisted view of the world not having a baby is cheaper than having one. In their logic this would pay for itself. The insurance companies have always been a proponent of contraception. Notthing wrong with the prescription drug benefit Bush passed except for not paying for it.

  2. Stephanie
    2 years ago

    This isn't about contraception, it's about religious freedom.

    @Jerome... it is a government's job to protect its citizens and governments have *always* been able to decide whether or not to go to war, invade countries, etc. But nobody is stopping you from protesting with a particular war or invasion that you disagree with. The death penalty is unfortunate, but luckily in modern times we have things like high-security prisons so that we don't need to do that nearly as often as we used to. Remember the old days, when they did hangings every day to criminals, the accused, etc.? Prisons allow us to contain the criminals so they don't harm or murder more innocent people than they already have. Our justice system isn't perfect, but it has come a long way and we should be grateful for that. Walls on the border is another security issue... illegal immigrants can come over at any time. We don't know anything about them, their criminal history, etc. While I have nothing against immigrants in general, they are mostly great people who bring in unique experiences and culture to our country, I also think they need to come in legally. Maybe we can increase the number of Mexican immigrants allowed in each year as a compromise. Tax breaks to religious organizations... why shouldn't they get tax breaks?! For one, they are not businesses. The money goes into living costs for the priests/ministers, bills, maintenance, and the charity projects. And priests and ministers not only give homilies, they also provide counseling to their religious community, marriage preparation, and much, much more. They don't just sit on their bums all week just to work one hour on Sundays! Guess what the largest charitable organization in the world is? The CATHOLIC CHURCH! Why should churches pay high taxes on money they receive as donations to help people? The homeless, the hungry, the sick, the elderly, the disabled, pregnancy crisis centers, healing after abortions. Even the churches like the LDS (Mormon) church that require a 10% tithe (so it's not all that much of a donation because they don't decide on the amount, although they could technically stop giving if they leave) help families in need, help people find employment, etc. Freedom of religion and separation of church and state are principles against heavily taxing churches. People should be able to live their lives in peace without the government constantly interfering. The only objectionable thing would be a church using tax money to provide free Bibles and religious books, but the religious schools are private ones and although they do get state money for books on math, science, literature, history, languages, etc. (just like every other school; the kids that go there should not be deprived of a basic education offered to public school kids). parents have to pay for their kids to go to those schools to cover the extra costs of materials.

    Contraception does nothing to help people or help society as a whole. It encourages promiscuity, which leads to spread of diseases and a general lack of respect for self and others. It leads to divorce and broken families. People become selfish and distrustful. It is no coincidence that the divorce rate for Catholic couples that only use NFP is less than 2%, while the divorce rates in general are 40%-70% depending on where you live. There are also links to the Pill and breast cancer, as well as tests that show unhealthy levels of female hormones in our soil and drinking water. I heard something about some fish and there were significantly more females than males. I think that the prevalence of artificial birth control among Catholics shows a lack of catechesis over the past 2-3 generations. I am very grateful for things like Catholic radio, EWTN, priests and religious who share the faith. And also things like the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist (and other teaching orders) that are dedicated to teaching Truth to the next generation, so they can share with their parents (from the generation that did not have good catechesis) and future children, biological and/or spiritual.

  3. Jerome
    2 years ago

    I am against invading other countries, I am against the death penalty, I am against building walls on the US/Mexican border. Why am I paying for it? I also am against giving tax breaks to religious organizations. Why am I paying for it? Thank you for publishing my comments.

  4. Stephany
    2 years ago

    Hasn't Obama harshly criticized the Bush administration for passing the prescription plan for seniors? To hear Obama, that is wasteful spending. In the Name of Jesus, I would ask why this pompous dictator thinks that free contraceptives and abortificients are an absolute necessity yet a prescription plan that seniors can purchase (it is not free, we pay a healthy copay) is wasteful spending? I hope one of Obamas minions will explain the logic. Puleeeeze?

  5. Emma
    2 years ago

    And, the reason that these medications are not available for childhood cancer patients given: they've stopped manufacturing them because the profit margin is not sufficient...........the pharmaceutical companies who receive major federal grants for research and development, then throw out what is not profitable. Apparently, there is, as you say Jennifer, big money in contraception, just not enough money available to keep children alive. Does our society hate children *that* much? Apparently so.

  6. Rob
    2 years ago

    First all, my wife and I have live the church's teachings since we became married. While we have only been able to have two kids, we are blessed with those two kids. Thousands of dollars later with NFP and regular fertility docs, I guess the answer is just no. What I don't mean to imply by my posts is that I support contraception. I don't. I merely want to know why our bishops seem so willing to fight at this level (government, lawyers etc) but refuse to get their hands dirty with parishoners? it's great that many of us follow the teachings, but MANY, MANY more do not. And it's this number that I see very little to no concern about. The US church has invested virtually nothing in forming adults, the family and marriage so it's no suprise that so many Catholics are clueless about the teachings. John, to your point, when is the last time you heard a teaching on pornography or the rampant promiscuity? From a constitutional perspective, this mandate should be fought. But if it's only fought to preserve "the law," then what exactly did the people of faith gain? I really believe that this action should serve as a wake up call to our Bishops to begin to really confront these issues with parishoners. Who knows, maybe those Catholics who live these teachings will begin to teach others. If the confrontation and discussion is limited to meetings amongst themselves or letters to us, then this blow up will pass and nothing will come of it.

  7. vance
    2 years ago

    "Why am I paying for it?" This is a great question. The Marxist Liars of the left keep telling us that it is "Health" and we are "Entitled" to it. But of course, when thinking people do the math, it is we the producers who pay for it. This is who Obama and the Marxist Democrat Party are counting on - those who don't think. This phoney shell game Obama and his merry Marxists are playing is going nowhere with the faithful. Abortion inducing meds and birth control are dead wrong no matter who is paying for it. This is what the Catholic Bishops are telling Obama. To compel the Church or Insurance companies to give it away free is morally dead wrong and Unconstitutional.

  8. andy
    2 years ago

    Jennifer and those who have the means and connection, pass this article to Kathleen Sabelius, Nancy Pelosi, Denise Richards, Pres. Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and others like them. They're lucky, they're alive now, because their mothers did not abort them, nor used contraception so they would not exist and enjoy the power they have now. Shame.

  9. Bob
    2 years ago

    I suffer from depression and anxiety...... where are MY free drugs?! I can't even buy individual health insurance coverage for my mental health issues because "it drives up the cost of the premiums".

  10. John D
    2 years ago

    Rob and No Way, you are mistaken. Artificial contraception enables rampant promiscuity - on a scale never before seen in human history. And, yes, ultimately it (in conjunction with abortion) will cut the birthrates to levels where populations will decrease (this is what is in happening in Japan, South Korea, Greece as well as the rest of eastern and western Europe). You don't think this stuff causes promiscuity? Ask yourself these questions:
    Would the women in the pornography industry do the things they do if there was a normal (i.e., "natural") chance of them becoming pregnant? Probably not. Would college girls (and boys) be playing musical room mates if there was no such thing as artificial contraception? Probably not. Would married people be fooling around as much? Probably not. You must admit, the sobering thought of pregnancy puts a damper on the mood, so to speak. The threat of pregnancy induces people to behave in a more moral manner and it especially makes the men hone up to responsibility. By the way, even "regular" BCP's can induce an abortion - without the parents even knowing about it. Morning after pills will induce abortions also, but most people don't realize that the "regular" pills will do the same. Just because Catholics have managed to get this all wrong for years, doesn't mean the Bishops should start accepting it. Lastly, if you want to see our future, take a good long look at Greece. They have such a small youth population that they cannot sustain their social syatems. It's time to wake up.

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