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The Obama HHS 'Compromise' Switches the Tiger for the Lion Comments

In an effort to save his administration from collapsing under the weight of the controversy caused by the oppressive Health and Human Services (HHS) edict requiring Catholics to violate their conscience, President Obama announced a "compromise". Unfortunately, the compromise is a thinly veiled smoke and mirrors act of political theater.  Continue Reading

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  1. John Mainhart
    3 years ago

    No government has the right to make citizens do something that is inherintly immoral. If you permit this you will soon see new govt. rules requiring catholic schools to teach the new rules that violate the natural law concerning family life. Once the govt finds it can limit the personal;freedoms of moral people they will make those people teach the children the new truth, which is what the govt has made true by making a law legitimizing that which was formally regarded as evil. T%his is just thr tip of the iceberg

  2. Vance
    3 years ago

    Walkingfeather, very, very, very well said. I hope all we Catholics unite together to defeat Obama and his Marxist Party this November.

  3. Steve
    3 years ago

    I would be interested in knowing more about Sr Carol Keehan. Her name keeps coming up as a big supporter of the "Obamacare" health plan. I know she she is president of CHA representing some 600 hospitals. Why is she allowed to speak for Catholics on the very important issue of health reform if she not espousing our true Catholic beliefs. Maybe she is doing a good job as the president of CHA, but it sure seems her support of this new health care law is questionable. Who does she answer to in matters of Church doctrine and teachings when it comes to some of these controversial issues in the new health care law?
    Could someone shed some light on this matter.
    I agree that health care for all Americans is an important social issue, and it definitely needs to be addressed. But promoting social issues over our Catholic beleifs is wrong. If Sr Carol Keehan sacrifices our Catholic teachings in order to accomplish universal health care she has only done a disservice to us all, Catholic or non-Catholic. Maybe she should reign in her social activism, and pray more about her vocation. She wouldn't be the first Catholic to put social issues in front of Catholic doctirine and teachings. Just ask Kathleen Sebilieus or Nancy Pelosi.

  4. SaraPalen
    3 years ago

    Bishop Dolan, remember LeCompton-it's spirit lives on! Obamacare has already contracepted Congress, castrating itself while giving power to the Executive to create these edicts. Just think how, if let loose, what he will do in the next four years when he has nothing to lose. The courts will be so plugged up with violations to the first amendment that he will have to appoint another judge to SCOTUS or something.

  5. Mark
    3 years ago

    Catholic Online says, "Unfortunately, this compromise makes fools out of all who hail it as a step in the right direction."

    Archbishop Timothy Dolan, head of the USCCB calls it a "step in the right direction".

    Catholic Online, you should be more careful in your language.

  6. abey
    3 years ago

    Except that the Tiger is more dangerous than the Lion in terms of ambush, in the making of favorable grounds which in this case is--- To Deceit.

  7. Walkingfeather
    3 years ago

    Let's face it... we screwed up, we didnt want to see Obama for what he truly was.... Yes we were warned... But like that "Son in law " we have all had in the family, "we thought , he has such great energy and potential, those that dont like him are just jealous....".... We have all heard about the fights, but ignored it, we saw things at holidays but pushed them down in our minds.... Then our daughter comes in the middle of the night, with black eyes and finger prints on her neck.....
    It is time now that we set aside, humiliation and embarrassment and remove Obama from office politically and do it with every ounce of our might. OUR TOLERANCE IS OVER, THIS WILL NOT STAND...

  8. Cacique
    3 years ago

    There are nine ways of being an accessory to another's sin: by counsel, by command, by consent, by provocation, by praise or flattery, by concealment, by partaking, by silence, and by defence of the ill done.

    Abortion is murder. Murder is a mortal sin. Therefore, abortion is a mortal sin.

    Anyone who has supported abortion or who continues to support abortion is committing a mortal. Pelosi, Sebelius, and any Catholic who falls into this category is danger of spending eternity in fire.

    Their bishops are in danger too because they have not publicly admonished them or taken the stronger step of excommunicating them. Those who support abortion are scandalizing true Catholic faithful and will pay the price on the day of judgment.

    Catholics who do not know about mortal sin and its consequences are being endangered by bishops and priests who do not do their jobs. The souls of these poor ignorant might be endangered by their ignorance but the souls of their supposed teachers will definitely be endangered.

  9. Daniel
    3 years ago

    As an employee paying premiums for health insurance, what is the consequence? Are we too potentially violating our consciences by paying "into" the system?

  10. mikem
    3 years ago

    #1) it is an insult...that all we care about is the money...#2) it is not a retreat from providing contraception and abortificants to Catholic employees...#3) it is a gross intrusion of government into the internal affairs of a religious body..#4) it is a ploy to divide Catholics, secure votes for re-election and a cover for relentless hostility which will increase during Obama's second term. Therefore it is a lie. another lie. Obama must be voted out of office.
    This is not an acceptable offer, and must be COMPLETELY rejected....but we must not expect to win the Supreme Court either....

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