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Abp. Dolan: Obama needs to 'back out of intruding into the internal life of a church' Comments

Cardinal-designate Timothy Dolan came to the South Bronx to bless a library. He offered no blessings for President Barack Obama, who wants Catholic institutions to pay for birth control, the morning after pill and other services for people who work for them. Dolan offered a sharp rebuke that put even more pressure on the president to calm widening election year uproar. Continue Reading

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  1. Brian D.
    3 years ago

    One thing is absolutely clear- Obama is a politician, a snake if you will. He will back off only to the extent that the loss of votes is minimized. Now imagine what he will do if reelected and no longer has to be concerned with what voters think. Don't you see that abortion on demand will be the next HHS mandate? Obama is anti-Life, anti-Catholic. Our Church needs to proclaim boldly from our pulpits (not just in statement released by the USCCB) that a vote in November for Obama is a vote against our own Church!

  2. carmen
    3 years ago

    It is so sad that this country is in the state it is in...with all the evil and sinful acts against God and man. We need to repent, all of us, for all the deaths that occur daily through abortion and so called mercy killing. We need a new government and a new church who obeys God's law. And by we, I mean all of us; we need to stand up to the plate as the saying goes. We are always in the end times, every one of us will have an end eventually. What will be left of the Church Jesus Christ established (God Himself coming down for our benefit). Do we want to change things or are we just going to be ignorant of all that is coming down. Why is Mary constantly imploring us to return to Jesus? Ask yourself? What am I doing to make things better? Am I just going along with the politicians who promise all things and produce what? We need to CHANGE, stop going along just because it is the norm now! You can just go along only so long and who knows, you might find yourself going down into the pit from where there is no return. God gives us many graces, I don't think I will call them rights only gifts. Use your gifts, use you god-given intelligence and don't be swayed by the evil ones (men or demons).

  3. mikem
    3 years ago

    they will get faked out again, or "duped" as Cardinal-designate Dolan said. It's as if the bishops are up against a superior intelligence. What the bishops NEED TO DO is use their priestly power of exorcism to push back the forces of evil attacking the Church. This is not a political issue...when is that going to be clear. This is evil exerting itself against the Church. The bishops can try every political trick up their sleeve, but it's going to go against them UNLESS they use their priestly power to exorcise the demons that besiege the Church. ....But almost none of them believe in it. In my archdiocese, people are not allowed to ask the bishop for relief from demonic spirits....It's archaic. Yet the Pope ordered every diocese to appoint an exorcist....I remember seeing a medieval painting of a group of bishops exorcising the City of Paris....When they have their meeting, will the US bishops do this? Nah. They will discuss whom to lobby I jaded, or right on target?

  4. Theresa H.
    3 years ago

    Not only does the government have no "Right" to impose on the freedom of Religious Institutions, but it does not have the "Right" to approve/permit abortion, etc., in Law. A government exceeds it's powers--no matter what the majority of "the people" might say and even pass in "law" --when it is intrinsically evil. Abortion, euthanasia, even contraception are on the "intrinsically evil list." Yes, FREEDOM is the ABILITY given to us by God to make CHOICES...; it is not a "Right" to make choices, but simply the ability of humans to do so. And when the "choices" we make are morally wrong, especially when they are intrinsically wrong/evil, the government has no "Right" to make positive law that approves them! Many people these days have a huge misunderstanding of what "Rights" are about--(the word is used very loosely)...and the limitations of governments concerning declarations about our "Rights!"

  5. Rob
    3 years ago

    I'm sorry if this comes off harsh, but the headline makes me think of memories I have of my teen daughter. Often times when she would get in trouble, she quickly wanted to blame someone or something else as to the reason. I feel that is the what the Bishop's are doing now. We need to fight this mandate on constitutional principles no doubt, but I have yet to hear one note of contrition for the state of affairs in the internal life of the church. But what I did read this past week was survey after survey that suggested that Catholics by and large don't use less contraception and that 52% polled supported the mandate. So I would ask the Bishop to please become very interested in the internal life of the American Church. Please stop having meetings, confabs or whatever you are calling them these days and get out there and preach! Getting rid of Obama is going to do nothing to change the tide in our own house if the clergy continue to be so weak about faith and morals. It's espeically going to do nothing if the laity refuses to live the teaching of the church.

    3 years ago

    The living soul that graces the fetus from inception makes for a two-fold gift from God to the individual being concieved as well as to humankind. The body of the individual gives a physical vehicle to the Soul that serves to allow the Soul to manifest and be manifested by this wonderful human existence. The Soul is at the core of the human person that results and upon death the body goes back to water and dirt. The Soul on the other hand has entered into eternity with the baggage of evil that it was involved in. Hence the Mercy of God in Judgement is our Hope. All of us. Catholics, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Mormons, Agnostics and even atheists will die mortal death. Unfortunately some of each of the aforementioned will also suffer spiritual death. God prefers that all His Creation give Him Glory. Sometimes God takes a baby back from its parents before or just after a birth. I believe that He Loves these individual Souls and wants them in Heaven. I am also sure that there is NO difference between the abortion rights advocates and the different characters that were involved in the immolation of babies in ancient pagan nations.God is Love and would not destroy His own. Surely any baby killed by man is Gods' most Glorious Worshiper in Heaven.

  7. vance
    3 years ago

    This diabolic that we have in the White House has made it clear who and what he is. My question is when are Catholics going to get their act together and unite against the Marxist Democrat Party?? Obama and the Marxist Democrat Party continue to tell America and Christianity, "What side of 'I hate you and want you taken down' don't you understand".

  8. kc
    3 years ago

    Regarding, "'The power to decide whether or not to use contraception lays with a woman, not her boss,' Sen. Gillibrand said". Sen. Gillibrand fails to understand the fact that a religious organization is not required to offer and/or pay for something that is against the beliefs of the religious organization. Does Sen. Gillibrand not know about the First Amendment? In as much as religious organizations are free to live out their faith, (including running an adoption agency as their faith allows them to do, without the government telling them to go against their beliefs while running their own adoption agency), women are free to buy whatever they want-with their own money and someplace else.

  9. Emma
    3 years ago

    "It's time to tell those Republicans to mind their own business." They still don't get it!! It's not about politics; it's about the right of all people of all faiths to follow the teachings of their faith. Oh, and btw Sen Lautenberg...............I'M A REGISTERED DEMOCRAT!!! and YOU NEED TO STAY OUT OF OUR CHURCHES!!!!

  10. SaraPalen
    3 years ago

    compelling speech-how American is that? what then, will be the next mandate of compelled speech?

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