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Archbishop to U.S. Troops: Obamacare Reg 'Is a Blow to Freedom' Comments

Archbishop Timothy Broglio, who leads the Roman Catholic Archdiocese for the Military Services, wrote a letter to be read at all Sunday Masses for U.S. military personnel around the world that said that a regulation issued by the Obama Administration under the new federal health care law was "a blow" to a freedom that U.S. troops have not only fought to defend but for which some have recently died in battle. Continue Reading

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  1. Hooter
    1 year ago

    Ever read the Didache codex teaching of the Apostles, goes back to the first generation followers of the way, ACTS 15...... Abortion is listed among the grave sins.... Get over it liberals (Seekers of Smooth Things), for two thousand years your not going to change the church.. We have faced tougher foes in our history.. This isn't canon law, rather Gods law Shall not Kill....

  2. Irl Gladfelter, LTC, USA (RET)
    2 years ago

    The problem is that military chaplains serve two masters. In order to serve as a military Chaplain, a clergyman must be in good standing with his Church (the endorsing institution) and serve in the chain of military command under the terms and provisions of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. When there is a conflict between the two, a chaplain has recourse to his endorsing institution, but he must obey the lawful orders of his chain of command. He can question the legality of an order only after obeying it to the letter. Conflicts of substance between military policy as set by the Federal Chaplain's Board through the chain of military command and a Church's doctrines such as this incident is may possibly leave the sponsoring institution (in this case the Military Ordinariate) with no choice but to rescind the sponsorship of chaplains because of conflicts between military requirements and Church doctrine. It is up to the Military Ordinariate and its Bishop to be sure that the Chaplain's Board be fully aware of the doctrinal requirements of the Catholic Church; to be aware that there are boundaries which cannot be crossed by the Church and its priests; take steps to be sure that those boundaries are not approached by the military; and if crossed, take whatever actions are necessary, including the removal of Catholic chaplains from military service. I would truly hate to see it come to that, but the fact is that there are boundaries, which the Church can not and will not cross; which it will not permit its military chaplains to cross; the Federal Chaplain's Board and the Chief of Chaplains of the Armed Forces know precisely where those boundaries are. Then, if the situation is not resolved in a way satisfactory to the Catholic Church, in consultation with the USCCB and the Vatican, to take whatever action is necessary to preserve the integrity of the Church regardless of the consequences.

  3. Betty
    2 years ago

    As a Catholic health care worker, who have spent many years working in maternal and infant care, I love babies. I also know first hand that women and girls will get and use birth control no matter with the church says, they have faith in God that they are doing the right thing for their bodies, and that He has unconditional love for them. Thye will also have abortions for unwanted pregancies, some by health care professionals and others by butchers.. No man should tell a female that she has to carry and give birth to a child that she is not prepared to mother. No child should be born of parents that resent them.

  4. robert
    2 years ago

    wake up catholics...and every other religion for that matter..This is only a "nudge" is not about contraception it is about secular irradication of organised religion which the current administration despises.....france circa 1789..."we shall strangle the last priest with the guts of the last King."....pretty extreme...yes...but , the intent is the same...67 million catholic voters now is the time to stand up for God and your Country that currently allows you to recognize your God...

  5. Renton
    2 years ago

    I served in the military myself and think that this comming from the pulpit is not seperation of church and state but is a political statement to support a particular political party. why is it okay to prescribe viagra to enhanse sexual activity? why does't the church condem the use of birth control and say those who use it should not recieve the sacrament of the holy euchrist? If the church is always right, explain to me how the why Galliao was excommunited. OH just a mintake because of ignorance or execution of power. Those of us that have served in the military served to protect our counry and preserve our rights and freedom. one of the rights and freedoms is seperation of church and state.

  6. Woody
    2 years ago

    If the Catholic church accepts federal monies they have to play by the rules. Simple as that.

  7. Tom Roe
    2 years ago

    This is why Government should not be involved in health care. Any time the Government gives you something, they can control you. No matter what it is. Slipper slope

  8. George Ronald Adkisson
    2 years ago

    This is a good month for a discussion about freedom or even any form of slavery...not enjoying that freedom of choice and finding it levied upon rulers that do not measure one measure the equal of those within the Church.
    In the book of Philemon...Paul made it clear from the cell he was imprisoned in...using Onesimus as example what his view of slavery was...period.
    You never put an individual or group of individuals in those circumstances and not know just what you will miss...and Onesimus was a good Onesimus had even been accused of being a thief to grant his return to a fellow Christian that was polity told...slavery is not a characteristic of a Christian... Paul also made it clear he expected as usual, his friend or even we make a place for him to visit when he was freed and returned to thank his friend or us personally.
    I have to recall it was Paul too...that stated he would join hands with us and in any event see us then and there in a blink of an eye.That man Paul, was confident.James would then even say...correct. Thomas would have to whisper...we already should know what to do...less the sky would have burning boulders falling down from it.
    Everyone have a pleasant day...

  9. Tom Evans
    2 years ago

    I do believe that the Catholic church has made way too much of this whole discussion. Birth control is not an affront on the church, the teachings of the church nor the sanctity of marriage. There has been a freedom to married couples to use artificial means to prevent pregnancy. With the way that the world is now, people should have the right and the ability to practice birth control. The president is not dictating what a person does, but only giving the freedom to people who work for facilities that are owned by the church but not a purely religious insititution to use birth control. The real issue to worry the church should be abortions. As the president said at a graduation ceremonies at Notre Dame, the real issue is to prevent unwanted pregnancies before they happen and not have to make the decision to abort them later.

  10. Bill Barter
    2 years ago

    I am Catholic and abide with my church. However, my health care is a personal thing and not something for my employer to "cherry-pick" or to know what I or my family does. Healthcare is a human right in my opinion it is a shame that it is not for all. It is a shameful too that a medical person causes these grave sins to occur or the me (s) that commit them. Was Christ not tempted by Satan? Look what happens in Iraq, Europe (not too long ago) and most countries that religion dominated the law. My advice is to live with it...teach what is wrong...give unto Caesar what is Caesar. Pitting American against American is just plan wrong, too.

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