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Doug Kmiec Writes President Obama: 'Friendship Will Not Permit Me to Disregard Duty to Faith and Country' Comments

Doug Kmiec convinced many Catholics to elect President Barack Obama and received an ambassadorship to Malta. He also became a lightning rod in the Catholic community and beyond. I have not heard from him since he resigned his ambassadorship. That is until last weekend. His letter to the President is worthy of note. Continue Reading

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  1. Steve
    2 years ago

    Kmiec reminds me of the Bishop of Paris during the French Revolution. He too thought that he could join forces with those who thought that government, not God, was the highest good--that leftist ideology could be compatible with Catholicism.

    They 'splained his error by cutting off his head. Boy was he surprised! He never made that mistake again!

  2. Will
    2 years ago

    Once again, while I appreciate the fervor of many of the people who post here I have to ask what they are trying to achieve. I, like Mr. Kmiec and Bulbajer, voted for Obama. I was not enthusiastic, but thought it was necessary to make a statement about what I thought of the last administration, which I am sure most who read and post here think was Camelot. Now Obama has directly affronted our faith in a situation were he was presented not only with an opportunity to leave us alone, but the fact that many of us supported Obamacare out of consideration for the poor. He is literally dismissing our support as inconsequential, and he may be right as a matter of fact. Like Kmiec and Bulbajer I will vote against Obama next time. This is a small matter really. just politics, but the question that is not asked here is how do we get more Catholics to make this decision? What is the point of criticizing Kmiec, aren't you glad he seems to have changed his mind? All you want to do is scold and sneer and you wonder why you are so unpersuasive. You'll never win this election by getting everyone who votes to think like you do. That is OK, I suppose, but then you seem to have the idea that you should. Henry Clay once said he'd rather be right than President, but in fact he was just a sore loser.

  3. Michael Loverde
    2 years ago

    Liberal first. Catholic last.

  4. Joe the Pimpernel
    2 years ago

    "Today, Sir, I ask you no longer as an Ambassador, but simply as a friend, why put the cold calculus of politics above faith and freedom?"

    Because he is a hard-left Marxist ideologue.

  5. John Gonser
    2 years ago

    Naievete', Thy name is Kmiec. How a thinking individual could have been hoodwinked into lauding support for then Senator Obama is beyond my ability to comprehend. The Jesuits, long politically-correct arch-liberals, should have been able to exercise their Great Brains and see through Mr. Obama's stance on such issues as true freedom, actual help for the less fortunate, and life. The brand of freedom advocated by Mr. Obama does indeed fall into the category of faux freedom as detailed by Popes Benedict and John Paul II, and as such enslaves people both economically and morally. I'm glad that the bishops are finally coming to an understanding of what they have wrought in their public support of Mr. Obama and his programs, but I continue to be amazed at the vocal Catholics in public life who give scandal by supporting Ms. Sebelius and her agenda of pro-homosexuality, anti-marriage, and support for abortion.

  6. Brian D.
    2 years ago

    Well said, kc, well said, afl, well said, Carol, very well said, Stephanay, and you too Jason F. Turk as well as most others. Unlike some, I find virtually nothing to like about this president. He is arrogant, has shown himself to be anti-Catholic, and is way over his head in economics and foreign affairs. And despite his law degree, knows little or nothing about the Constitution. I pray that all Americans, especially Catholics wake up and vote Obama out of office. Know this- should this administration back off this HHS ruling, the only reason would be for votes in the next election. God help us if Obama gets reelected and no longer has to be conerned with how voters think of him. What damage he would try to inflict on us Catholics and others scares me.

  7. Bill Sr.
    2 years ago

    Many serious academics who seek the summit of theology and/or philosophy in order to give the rest of us and enlightened and complete view of our society seem to sometimes fall off into a canyon of confusion where they make an abode for themselves that satisfies their expectations and fulfills their desire for a dominant position from which to pontificate. Unfortunately this where Mr. Kmiec resides and this is the reason he is confused and has double vision when he looks at his idol of moral leadership and social justice. He deserves our prayers and forgiveness. His idol needs early retirement and conversion.

  8. kc
    2 years ago

    So many comments already say what is so true and so simple: There was and is never any reason to vote for, support and/or stand behind Obama as president. Pray for him, yes, vote for him no. + How anyone could have been fooled to vote for Obama the first time; not sure how this could happen, let alone again. Pray to our Triune God and really do a lot of research to remove the blinders. A society, with 54+ million abortions on the society's foundation is a very scary thing, let alone the many other destructive things to society that continue to go on due to turning away from God. We all need to turn our eyes back to the Lord.

  9. Frank Weathers
    2 years ago

    By the way, NARAL has started their own White House petition drive. NARAL Wants to Make this A Petition Race?

  10. SDG
    2 years ago

    Oops, Michael Sean, not Sean Michael. Sorry about that.

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