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Doug Kmiec Writes President Obama: 'Friendship Will Not Permit Me to Disregard Duty to Faith and Country' Comments

Doug Kmiec convinced many Catholics to elect President Barack Obama and received an ambassadorship to Malta. He also became a lightning rod in the Catholic community and beyond. I have not heard from him since he resigned his ambassadorship. That is until last weekend. His letter to the President is worthy of note. Continue Reading

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  1. Lou
    2 years ago

    I don't believe Mr. Kmiec was "hoodwinked", "charmed" or "fooled" by Obama. Not even considering the intentional misinterpretation and emasculation of our Constitution and judicial legislation liberals like President Obama pursue with wanton abandon, Mr. Kmiec, like many of our fellow catholics, decided to make the false choice of "social good" over the paramount "right to life" issue defining our time against church teaching and despite the unambiguity of that teaching. He, like VP Biden, Congresswoman Pelosi and many people whom I count among my friends and who claim to be catholics have abandoned Christ's teachings for reasons only they can truly understand. In the end, we must pray for all of them, that they will be open to the Holy Spirit and surrender to God's will.

  2. joe
    2 years ago

    Another good Catholic leader who will no longer be able to influence the process because he resigned his post. Shrewed move. I guess whining like small children and whipped dogs because government will not give us our way is a better strategy than keeping good men and women in positions of power who will fight the good fight and lead by example. Do any Catholics actually follow the Daily Readings Catholic Online posts every morning.

  3. Daniel
    2 years ago

    Mr. Kmiec fell to Obama's spell of flattery and seems to still be enthralled by it. Remember, the president's chief workplace qualification for the office he now holds was his experience as a "Community Organizer" trained in the philosophy and tactics of Saul Alinsky. His presidency has been about using the Alinsky method to further the aims of the American eugenics movement. Anyone who followed the Catholic media's coverage of the eugenics movement during the 1980s and 1990s (namely, Mary Meehan's series in the National Catholic Register and the book "Blessed Are the Barren") would have recognized the danger Obama was while he served in the Illinois legislature. But not enough social justice/pro-choice Catholics heeded the warnings of the pro-life Catholics. Obama's guaranty of election was that anyone who opposed him would immediately be branded as racist. And so, the Church is in a situation it could have avoided had it not been divided--long before Obama's rise to fame and infamy.

  4. garvan
    2 years ago

    If only George W. Bush had given Mr. Kmiec that federal judgeship, Obama might not have had him as his premiere Catholic shill.

  5. Bob Sutton
    2 years ago

    As a parishoner of Our Lady Of malibu I suffered through Doug Kmiecs 2008 lectures at OLM skillfully convincing fellow Parishoners to vote for Obama. Sadly our Pastor Father Bill kerze has to be in full agreement with Kmiec on his abortion policies. for lo and behold he invited kmiec to a three series lecture that he just finished up last Sunday.. Father Kerze has been approximately ten years at OLM has never spoke about the right to life. One could easily be led to believe our Pastor believes in Doug Kmiecs Right to Choose policies.

  6. Bob
    2 years ago

    Why would President Obama try to force Catholics to violate their consciences? Maybe he wants to be a hero and come to the rescue of the Catholic Community? Maybe he wants riots in the streets and fighting between the left WSO and angry Catholics. Maybe he wants the violence proposed by Frances Fox Piven and the Saul Alinskys of this world so that the government can come to the aid of the people but of course they would have to give up some of their liberties. Maybe the bottom up, top down, and all around chaos may present the crisis necessary to continue the assault on our liberties and provide a window of opportunity to fundamentally change our governmental structure and abandon the Constitution established by the Founders? Seems possible since it makes no sense for him to do what he has done in an election year.

  7. Carol
    2 years ago

    Will, I enjoyed reading your post. LOL. I don't think the last administration was Camelot but I will admit to thinking the Reagan administration was Camelot. No matter what the last administration was, it was prolife. Gas was 181 a gallon, the people who paid their bills got the lowest mortgage rates, there were no riots in the streets in America and jihad were not overthrowing every nation in the middle east, Catholics and the Jews did not have a bullseye on their heads, al queda was the enemy and our military were people we admired for the gift of our sovereignty.

    It would be one thing if Doug's letter indicated remorse and a change of mind. That is not what the letter says at all. He says he admires the accomplishments above and, he is waiting for the President to give him a call to tuck him back in after his humiliating ushering out of Malta. He is looking for the restoration of the Doug. He's giving the signal he is up for sale.

    After what he has done to our country and, moreover, to the Catholic Church, he ought to have the decency to put a sock in it.

  8. Allen
    2 years ago

    Dear Doug,

    I am thankful that your eyes are finally open to the anti-life, anti- Catholic agenda of Obama and his gang. Thank you. Perhaps it is also time for you to publicly apologize for misleading so many naive voters in 2008 and to apologize to that good Priest in 2008 who, out of charity, tried to warn you of the sacrilege you were committing and how you were endangering your soul, and those of others, by supporting such a man as Obama.

    I was there that night and to hear you speak, it was clear to those of us there that you were a very confused and tortured soul who was self absorbed. It was clear by what you said that you resented not being on the Supreme Court like your friends Alioto and Roberts. While you may have been used by the Neo Cons, it was also clear you were now being used by Obama. The Obama in your mind might have been good, but the Obama we knew then and know now by his actions is an enemy of God and His Church.

    Perhaps if you had heeded that spiritual advice from that holy Priest in 2008, we would not be in as big of a mess we are in; you would not have been hired than essentially fired as ambassador, and then perhaps your two friends would not have died in the car accident and you would have not been injured. That faithful Priest was telling you, and all who support pro abortion politicians, do not commit that sacrilege and then do not lie to God and the Church by receiving the Lord while in mortal sin, because you will pay a heavy price here and in the hereafter. While I think that couragous Priest should have talked to you before Mass about the state of your soul and his intentions, he was nonetheless the best friend you could have had and he was trying to help save you from yourself and the calamities to come.

    Since that night in 2008, you have been in my prayers. I am sure that prayerful Priest has kept you in his regular prayers too. I also pray for President Obama, but with the hope that he repents and comes to the Faith. Please pray for me.

  9. Maureen
    2 years ago

    To paraphrase Thomas More " It profits not a man to give up his immortal soul for the whole world....but for Malta ?"

  10. Stephany
    2 years ago

    Will, you voted for Obama to make a "statement". We all got your "statement", and it hurts. Sadlly it is not just politics, it is hard, left idealogy. It is worrisome to have the situation we are in now, especially when I look uponj my precious grandchildren, knowing the traps and lures that this present society will entice them with. I worried three years ago about statements Obama made concerning the "care" of the elderly and how choices should be made regarding their stage in life. I think he used a term like "give Granny a pill....." .and appeared to think it was amusing. I was concerned because of his history regarding the care of a child who has managed to survive the abortionist. He voted in the Ilinois Legislature against providing care for those children, but rather to let them die, not wanting to "burden the mother or the doctor". It also seemed that he felt that the American peoples wages were to be the property of government and the government would provide cradle to grave care. I saw this as a threat to my personal freedom and basically slavery to the government. These are only three of a host of statements that gave rise to concern. Perhaps we should not "vent" our frustration with our fellow catholics who must have dismissed these obvious signs and voted to elect him. Just remember Will, that it was a punch in the gut to many when the stats showed the percentage of "catholics" who voted for him, and probably carried him to victory.
    Obama was NOT any kind of messiah then and he is certainly not now. People throughout history have followed idols, but in the end, it is only falsehood. The truth stands tall and the falsehood falls, exposed. Don't judge us Will, just join us as we love Our Lord as much as you do,... and He loves us as much as He loves you.
    I don't wish to sneer about Kmiec. Frankly he was "used". He is in a pretty humbling, or humiliating place to find oneself considering his book and history. But when we find ourselves face down, there is only one place to go, and that is Our Lord, not to any earthly "messiah". . I personally hope Kmiec does some deep soul searching, sincere prayer and contemplation.

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