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Catholic Resistance Must be the Response to the Unjust HHS Edict to Violate Conscience Comments

The Catholics Bishops of the United States have asked the faithful to pray, fast and engage in Catholic Action. This is in response to the unjust edict demanding that Catholic hospitals and institutions dispense contraceptives (some of which are abortifacients) and offer sterilization under the so called "Affordable Care Act". Continue Reading

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  1. Gerold Litschi
    2 years ago

    The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act gives the authority of deciding what is to be covered by all health insurance companies to one person and one person only; the Secretary of Health and Human Services. So it begs the question; Who is Kathleen Sebellius' bishop? Why hasn't he called her in to direct her in the Faith? If he has done this and yet she continues in her current path, then why hasn't he informed her that she has excommunicated herself from Christ's Church? If our shepherds don't defend the flock from the wolves hidden within it, then what is to become of the sheep?

  2. Mike Mayen
    2 years ago

    This will really help beat Obama in Nov. I strongly feel that dioceses, Catholic institutions, and most parishioners should join Christian Health Care Co-ops. They count as health ins. under Obamacare, have fraction of the cost as main stream health ins., are far more reliable in actually paying health care needs, and will never cover immoral health practices. There are 3 here in the US. I myself am a part of Samaritan Ministries. Just this past week my parish priest had to go to Panama to receive a much needed surgery because the diocese health ins. company would cover it here in the US. Most Priests pay over $900 a month for coverage. That is outrageous. With Samaritan a family of 3 or more is only $320 a month. Deductible is $300 per incident and usually discounted so most don't even pay that. When we told Samaritan we were having twins they prayed for us. No insurance company will do that, let alone none would even cover us for maternity until we paid the outrageous premium for 1 to 2 years before getting pregnant. Any one of the 3 Christian Health Care Co-ops would save the Church 100's of Millions and be a whole lot more ethical.

  3. Barbara Sponaugle
    2 years ago

    To: Cardinal-designate Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York and President of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops,

    What a blessing for humanity that you are speaking out publicly from the pulpit.
    I am e-mailing my Senators, Congressman and the Obama Administration.

    In 2008, in Hamilton County in OH, in many precincts that were heavily Catholic, Obama won the precinct; many Catholics voted for him. This cannot happen again.

    In Hamilton, Warren and Butler counties in OH, The Mercy Hospital Health system was advocating for the passage of the Affordable Healthcare Act, Obamacare. I personally challenged many employees in the system about the bill, to no avail. The Hospital was interested in receiving funds to treat emergency room users , those without insurance. Money was the motive driving support for the bill. Now it comes home to do damage to the faithful. If this bill stands and Obama is reelected, abortion will be demanded of Catholic Hospitals.

    If the Church had taken a strong stance during debate of the bill and hospitals had not advocated support of it, Conservatives may have won the day. Where was the Church during 2008 Presidential election concerning the most liberal Senator, Obama, with regard to abortion?

    Now, we must pray for past mistakes and for future success in overturning this entire bill. There is so much evil in this bill besides the contraception and abortion issues, including treatment for seniors and end of life issues. The bill is an affront to the values and principles of the Founders and the Constitution. It is about giving the government control over 1/5 of the economy; it is the government taking control of treatment plans and the private role between doctor and patient.

    Please speak out forcefully and publicly against this entire bill. There can be no half measures when it comes to Liberty, freedom of conscience and the respected role between patient and doctor.

    Please be courageous, putting federal monies aside, and speak out publicly against the reelection of Barack Obama.

    Barbara Sponaugle

  4. David Carlon
    2 years ago

    uh... where the hell have these bishops been for the last 4o years? never mind...

    however... there is a simple solution... stop taking money from the Caesar and return to our holy roots of self sufficiency... otherwise it appears to be a case of wah, wah, wah.

  5. Rose
    2 years ago

    In California, LA and Orange counties did not read the letter at Sunday Mass. The rumor is that Archbishop Gomez isn't ready until the issue is given more study. Why is he waiting? How much more does he need to know? What issue could possibly be more important?

  6. Brian D.
    2 years ago

    This past weekend our Bishop's letter was read about this HHS ruling and its consequences. A clarion call from all Catholic pulpits should be proclaimed that although it is not proper to tell the faithful for whom to vote, the Church is making it clear and in no uncertain terms that a vote for Obama's reelection is a vote against the Church. There are many non-moral-related reasons to vote Obama out BUT this moral issue trumps all. Bishops of the United States-speak out loudly, galvanize the faithful in opposition of the immorality of this administration.

  7. lbs
    2 years ago

    This article is not true when the author says a candidate is not endorsed by and then a judgement of President Obama is published?

    I do not agree with a Deacon being a judge. God is the only who can do this.

  8. JeanCatherine
    2 years ago

    Let me just ask a question:

    Why are we so blind to the fact everything, religion everything aside dont we recognize that its just plain life in the womb and that we blindly let it be obliterated?

    The fact of the matter is were a throw away society and we have not come to end that throwing away material objects has graduated to throwing away human life.

    Lets face it were all guilty of apathy to this matter. How can we justify killing life in the womb is feasible to society? I dont see it this way. Im made from human life and my life was spared prior to 1973. Im one of the lucky generations and now Im ashamed to say I have done something about it but I never know if its enough. I hope to God someday I can stand before Him someday and say I preserved life. Even if I dont go before a just God I hope in this life I can stand before everyone in society and say I have preserved life.

  9. ninov
    2 years ago

    55% of so called Catholics voted for Obama. There are many bishops and priests who have been against humane vitae. I think something like 95% of all Catholics use some form of birth control. Why will they care. They will not fast and pray nor rise up because we have had 50 years of no one speaking about anything real from the pulpit. So there are very few of us following the teachings of the church. I'm happy to see many bishops and priests speaking up, but this is the first, forceful message I have heard from the pulpit in any organized way in 41 years. What makes us think Catholics are going to listen. To do anyting about this would first mean they have to look at what their doing and become open to life. They aren't going to do that as many have been 'in control' of their reproduction their entire life. If they can even come close to getting over that hurdle, they would then be able to see the wisdom of the church. But likely, many marriages would split, as they already do today, because one spouse or another would simply not come on board. Humane vitae continues to divde us. Why? Because we have no concept of trust nor obedience, because we live in a protestant country, because we have had bad generational catechisis? The prayer and fasting of the 5% can have a huge impact though so we must be joyfully optomistic. Seems hard to be though. Is this the beginning of the smaller US church? Will we see, by their silence, the bishops and priests who say nothing about this?

  10. Joe Rivera
    2 years ago

    When many of us said we were against electing a marxist/collectivist/christian-in-name-only Obama, we were labeled hate-mongers, racists, homophobes, etc. Were the Bishops defending us then?

    Oh, now the cat is out of the bag, "we" have to defend this?

    My dearest Bishops: "We HAVE been defending the Church and the Faith. Meaning no disrespect, but you're a bit late to the party, but glad to have you on board!

    Now please start defending US when WE defend the faith!

    Thank you!

    Joe Rivera

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