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Catholic Resistance Must be the Response to the Unjust HHS Edict to Violate Conscience Comments

The Catholics Bishops of the United States have asked the faithful to pray, fast and engage in Catholic Action. This is in response to the unjust edict demanding that Catholic hospitals and institutions dispense contraceptives (some of which are abortifacients) and offer sterilization under the so called "Affordable Care Act". Continue Reading

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  1. Rose
    3 years ago

    Glenn Beck interviewed Bill Donahue this morning. Donahue said that Sr. Carol Keehan from Catholic healthcare and Fr. Jenkins from Notre Dame were feeling "betrayed" by Obama. REALLY!! How could Catholics in high ranking places been so foolish as to believe this president. He told us exactly who he was and what he intended to do when he was running for office.

  2. Everett Mann
    3 years ago

    One more thing.. Alot of talk about natural law and human law and how human law can be flawed. Under Natural law, for one to be "good" you must do good things and have the proper motivation. Let's say you are opposed to the Affordable Healthcare Act because you do not support the abortion coverage (most here are). But that same act provides healthcare to millions of impoverished children. So your motivation is what? Save the unborn while millions die for not having proper medical care? Does you action depriving those who need the healthcare then take your action out of the good category? I think its nice that you are opposed to abortion on moral level, but do you not have to same moral obligation to the already living? If you feel you don't I would love to hear why..

  3. Joe
    3 years ago

    I do not want to pay for someone else's abortion and use of contraceptives.

  4. Bill Sr.
    3 years ago

    The many of us who love Holy Mother Church dearly will know the Bishops are truly serious about this and other moral values under attack by the anti-Christian regime in Washington when they back their words with action.
    That would be the use of their Biblical and Hierarchical authority to excommunicate members of the flock who openly and actively engage in the destruction of innocent human life and/or advocate any support for or participation in policies and procedures which attempt to achieve that end.
    Until then their letters and proclamations will be at best a formal announcement for or blessing of the voices of the (still faithful and starving for leadership) laity.

  5. Everett Mann
    3 years ago

    Only two rational thoughts in the comments. First, JeanCatherine asks about why not take religion out of the subject matter and discuss life in the womb. Exactly!! Certainly most clergy and not this pope or those that have been pope have ever been biologists; how can we have someone with no expertise on the matter offer his opinion on where life begins? If the scientific proof is there then isn't that God telling us what it is? That is what the supreme court said in 1973 in Roe V Wade when it discussed fetal viability.... Second, David C says stop taking from Caesar. Honestly, I never understood why Catholic Charities stopped adoption services simply because the state said it was not going to give money to organization who did not serve the public equally. By closing its doors, Catholic Charities said we cannot serve the public equally. Likewise, catholic health care should not take money from federal, state and local monies if they will not provide equal services to all. It is really quite simple..... Lastly, if you do not like that the local hospital provides abortive procedures, DON'T GO THERE. Take your money to one that does not if that will make you feel better. But do not complain when the care you receive is less than you expected because better doctors are getting paid more at the other facility. It is called the free market for all those anti socialist/ anti communist types who post here regularly.

  6. ninek
    3 years ago

    Ninov, your statistic that 95% of Catholics use birth control is completely wrong. Please do not quote a number like that without proof as it is false and only strengthens the lies of Planned Parenthood, Nancy Pelosi, and more.

    I mean seriously, look at the membership in your parish, do you really think all the post-menopausal women are using bc with their husbands? As if.

    However, there are still TOO MANY Catholics who are not properly catechized and do not fully understand the church's teachings. A good dose of prayer, followed up by an education in The Theology of the Body is definitely my recommendation.

  7. rafaelmarie
    3 years ago


    Matthew 5:10 (NKJV) Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness' sake, For theirs is the kingdom of heaven.


  8. abey
    3 years ago

    HHS is reflecting the administration's policy, but when a policy is "pushed" into matters of Faith, then the policy can said to be inconsistent, making the law to contradict itself, which is called "Leavening", & as a policy is not supposed it to be studying its origins, to what it is defined for. Even though the policy appears as a general coverage, in this case it definitely appears on a biased or more truthfully called "Hateful Stances" not just against the Catholic faith but to Christianity as a whole, which is to Christ & if it is to Christ, then it is to life, through the very basis of the word "Contraception" against life. In other words a law against life, denoting " The life for the law instead of the law for the life" contradicting the very definition of the word "Law", thus making it to be erroneous in its application, to which Catholics & others must stand against this flawed policy.

  9. Bulbajer
    3 years ago

    JeanCatherine, great comment. Joe Rivera, I don't know about racist, but hate-mongering is pretty accurate to describe a lot (not all) of the opposition to Obama's election. Marxist? Collectivist? Yeah, sure, and Bush was a theocrat.

  10. Marie
    3 years ago

    The article is informative but it is missing vital information. Who do we contact? How do we rise up and protest? I suggest calling our congressmen and women and writing them letters.

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