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Catholic Resistance Must be the Response to the Unjust HHS Edict to Violate Conscience Comments

The Catholics Bishops of the United States have asked the faithful to pray, fast and engage in Catholic Action. This is in response to the unjust edict demanding that Catholic hospitals and institutions dispense contraceptives (some of which are abortifacients) and offer sterilization under the so called "Affordable Care Act". Continue Reading

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  1. Bulbajer
    3 years ago

    Brian, I wasn't saying that the opposition to Obama was racist as a whole. Racism certainly played a small part. And hate-mongering was definately there. The Fox News "reports" on Barack Hussein Obama being a Muslim, the "birther" movement, the idea that because Obama is left-leaning he is a Marxist and wants to make the USA into the new USSR, the idea that he's the Anti-Christ... I'd say that's hate-mongering. His inexperience was the best point that the GOP made against him.

  2. Vance
    3 years ago

    @ j, I agree with you a 100% about John Jenkins at Notre Dame University. I would take it a step further. Throw Jenkins out of Notre Dame and out of the priesthood. He is one bad guy. This guy has been harassing Pro-Life clergy and student groups on campus. I still wonder where his Bishop is and why he isn't doing anything. Perhaps he agrees with Jenkins. Perhaps he to go and do something else with his time.

  3. Josie Lamb
    3 years ago

    I agree with Stephany's comment. This is no time for the Catholic Church to "wimp out"! We are being challenged and it is time to take a stand! The Obama administration is an outrage. May God Bless America.

  4. techwreck
    3 years ago

    Rather than trust our Democrat bishops to wage an effective campaign, I'm calling on Catholics to let the Obama campaign know that there is no way he will get out vote as long as the Sibelius decision stands. Catholics have enough votes to cost Obama the election if we will only mobilize and follow our weak Church leadership.

  5. Teresa
    3 years ago

    They would not ask a Muslim to drink a beer or skip prayer but the Obama administration expects Catholics to pay for abortions?

  6. Brian D.
    3 years ago

    Bulbajer: The opposition to Obama was neither racist nor hate-mongering. Many people, including myself, had serious objections to the character, background and philosophies of Obama. His leanings are big-government and Marxist, he appeared to be anti-capitalism, and he had not practical experience to prepare him for the office of President. And his performance has proven those fears justified. Now we find he is anti-Catholic, not to mention he has no respect for the Constitution. Other than that I guess one could say he is OK. Oh yeah, he had Bin Laden killed.
    Why is it that those who seem to support radically liberal politicians are the first to throw out “racist” and “hate mongering” labels, especially when these labels are inaccurate.

  7. Tom
    3 years ago

    HHS edict??? that's not what you were calling it last week! I believe it was American Caesar you were calling him (Rightly so) Now it's getting politically corect? Seems like your already throwing in the towel. Tell it like it is! Tell the truth! Tell it like you did last week! How about some strong, no BS leadership in the church! Help America please God and vote obama out of office in November!

  8. Ron Mulvaney
    3 years ago

    This Administrative Rule must be fought to the U.S. Supreme Court.

  9. JeanCatherine
    3 years ago

    Everett Mann

    First of all I agree with the points you say but one thing I do know is that the Popes do have priest (s) under them who have and are scientific. The church has always respected biological ethics and looks for the best information regarding life in the sciences. So I must give you advice on this humbly.

    For example Father Tad at:

    I believe the above is the Bio Ethics Center which is overseen by a priest with the credentials to advise the Popes and Bishops on the subject matter. There maybe others of course as well who can advise on the above matter.

    Im sure when Humanae Vitae went through the Pope had this kind of advice as well.

    God Bless.

    The church has also stated on the side of those who have no religion that respect life as well so that is why I make this point. Its ethics of course but also moral values count as well.

  10. Stephany
    3 years ago

    The so called "mandate" should be described as what it is; evidence that this administration is galloping full speed ahead to turn this country over to a Dictatorship of Obama, and his minions.

    While it's good to see the Bishops getting active, I hope they are also demanding that the priests speak out in full throated teaching of the tenets of our Faith. Do not allow the idealogical supporters of "the party" to silence the message with accusations of "political activity" as veiled threats of losing their tax exempt status. Rev Wright has not been silenced, Rev.. Sharpton, has not been silent, nor has "Rev" Jesse Jackson.

    I'm tired of the wimpy handwringing, and soppy capitulation to the "you're judging" accusation that is designed to silence the truth so that the lie can continue unchallenged.
    We are the Church Militant and the war is on. It is time for us to arm ourselves with the truth, fill ourselves with the Holy Spirit and step onto the battlefield. This is one war that must be won, for our own salvation and for those who follow.
    They have the "party", the media, Holywood, Soros, Alinsky. We have The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit, Our Lady, the Angels and the Saints. Let's roll!

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