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Catholic Resistance Must be the Response to the Unjust HHS Edict to Violate Conscience Comments

The Catholics Bishops of the United States have asked the faithful to pray, fast and engage in Catholic Action. This is in response to the unjust edict demanding that Catholic hospitals and institutions dispense contraceptives (some of which are abortifacients) and offer sterilization under the so called "Affordable Care Act". Continue Reading

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  1. Clare
    2 years ago


    I get your point to Theresa but we have the right to choose not to use those services that are covered by the health insurance our employers provide for us. We have the right to choose to practice what we preach. With this edict, Catholic employers do not have the right to choose to practice what they preach. That right is taken away from them and if they choose to practice what the preach, they will be punished with heavy fines. It is estimated that Catholic Charities alone, which employs about 70,000 people would be fined in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

    What's the alternative if this thing isn't stopped? All of our Catholice institutions would close their doors and this high and mighty administration would have hundreds of thousands of more unemployed, not enough room in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, etc to accomodate the millions serviced by these closed Catholic institutions and so everyone suffers in the end...not just Catholics. On top of that, once you remove the right to religious freedom, all other rights will come toppling down one after the other in rapid succession. Won't we be ripe pickings for our advesaries then?

  2. truthseeker2
    2 years ago

    How easy it is for the many to claim the "right to choose" when it comes to contraception and abortion and how quickly these very people would deny the "right to choose" we as Catholics have to practice what we preach and teach.

    Pray, call your elected representatives, vote. We must stop being the Silent Majority. There are enough of us to change the outcome of this election if we all get on the same page and stand up for what we know is right.

    It frightens me to think what this country will become if this stepping stone to the destruction of our Constitution is implemented. The Catholic Church will stand and survive until the end of time. No one and nothing will destroy her and that is a fact. Unless we act now, the United States of America, as we once knew her, will not!

  3. Bulbajer
    2 years ago

    LWR, he's exempted Muslims? Does anyone have a source for that? Thanks.

  4. Rob
    2 years ago

    I agree Theresa. But are we as practicing Catholics willing to pass on the health insurance provided by our employers if they offer these services? There is a lot we need to do in regards to abortion, but so long as we put all our eggs in the political basket, it's not getting done. Too much money to be had supporting abortion or fighting it. But the status quo remains.

  5. LWR
    2 years ago

    Obama is intentionally attacking Christians. This is obvious because he has exempted Muslim's from this ruling. His agenda is quite clear. Let us rise up and show the world that American Christians are strong in their faith and will not be forced from our moral beliefs. Let's pray that our representatives will support us.

  6. Theresa
    2 years ago

    You are correct, Rob....But with this new "edict" all employers and healthcare insurance providers have to provide for contraceptives and abortion. As it stands right now, no insurer is exempt from the "edict." We must get this Obamacare Rule overturned--and then support healthcare lifetime insurers who do not offer abortions, etc..... We really need to get Roe v. Wade overturned...! Since when is killing human life at any stage not murder? Since when does a government have the "right" to say "murder" is okay--other than on occasions of individual "self-defense," and/or when the citizenry is under attack? No government has the "right" to allow, let alone endorse a "business" (Medicaid, etc.) in what is "always and everywhere wrong/immoral. No doubt about it, our modern world with it's modern science...has become much more complicated. But we, the laity, must get better at thinking through these "matters of faith and morals" and seek assistance in our evaluation of "the times" via the teaching Church (CCC Vat 2nd Ed.). No one is excused, no nation is excused from the Natural Law--also expressed in the Ten Commandments.

  7. Rob
    2 years ago

    How many of you are on plans right now that offer contraception services? Have you declined the plan? What are you doing to encourage your employer to change course?

  8. parrehe
    2 years ago

    vance and j - i think this is this is what you are referring to he ordered?
    (get ready to weep)

  9. Marianna
    2 years ago

    Yes, we're all very angry, but what are we doing with that anger? It feels great to vent, I must admit, but we have also got to fight this with action.

    Please go over to the US Conference of Catholic Bishops web page and send letters to your senators and congresspeople. The website makes it so easy for you to do -- they fill in the addresses and names of those whom you need to contact, and they even have a pre-written letter that you can add to, which I did. There is also a petition for signing at [url][/url]

    My grandparents came to the US from the Russian empire to escape oppression which included a lack of religious liberty. Many of you here, too, have ancestors who came to this country for freedom. They helped build this country's infrastructure, and made this country great. Please, let us honor their memories and fight this government's attempt to meddle with Catholic doctine!

  10. Theresa H
    2 years ago

    Paul, doesn't the gov. take money out of everyone's paycheck? Could we stop the government from doing this? I don't think so; but it would be good if we could choose our own Healthcare Plan to contribute to--instead of the government just taking it from our paychecks!

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