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A Rising Catholic Tide of Resistance May Determine the U.S. Presidential Election Comments

Catholics in the United States are rising up in a Tide of Resistance to the unjust actions and edicts of the Obama Administration. They might determine the outcome of the 2012 Presidential election in the United States. That is if they act in a manner which, in the words of the Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, is "morally coherent." This President and his administration espouse a rapidly expanding Secularist State which ... Continue Reading

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  1. Richad
    3 years ago

    To believe that Republicans will do anything about such issues that are important to Catholics is not only misguided but ignorant. To espouse that removing Democrats from office will cure our problems as a nation dangerously crosses the line of religion into politics. Publishing such views onto a gullible and insatiable public is truly sinful.

  2. Rob
    3 years ago

    It's almost as if the administration believes that the majority of Catholics are ok with these things. It's unfortunate to me that they may be right. Either way, this was a stupid move on their part. But what may be more sad is wondering if it's really our consciences being spit upon or fear that employees of catholic institutions would actually utilize these things.

  3. DLL
    3 years ago

    Massachusetts is going to vote for Obama. Obama is a Democrat,Massachusetts is a Democrat State. Democrat right or wrong,blindly vote Democrat,straight along the ticket. No thinking need to be exercised just vote Democrat. Why? Because Massachusetts has always voted Democrat. Choice in Massachusetts? It will always be party politic over Religious,Catholic faith based initiatives and against the Catechism. Too bad as to be a voter in Massachusetts is a lost cause. It is a tough State to vote in as it is always completely predictable. It is a one Party State. No one has to think about the issues,just vote Democrat. It will never be any different in the State of Massachusetts.

  4. David Carlon
    3 years ago

    There's a fly in your ointment... The USA is not a theocracy and the republican party and its agenda is not even remotely Catholic... the republican party is a gaggle of corrupt elites and sycophants of the wealthy oligarchy who wear the cloak of Christianity to promote a palpable hatred of our Lord, Jesus Christ... blessed and glorious is His name. the republican party promotes unjust and perpetual war, hatred among the brothers and sisters, and every sinful pestilence under the sun in pursuit of worldly honor, wealth and power. there is no significant difference between the two queer agenda promoting political parties... Western Catholics need to remove the log in their eye before judging others... they can start by halting the millions of abortions our sisters submit to annually... our Lord does not listen to nor heed the wicked and duplicitous of heart.

  5. abey
    3 years ago

    If Catholics & other friendly Christians are to take stronger stands by the day against gay relations, Abortions etc, such as to change the risings to rage by the spirit, working beyond Obama to a future where a man , woman & child be able to live free from such bondages in & around, such that Obama & his democratic evils cease to be an issue, to a day where America can call that day to be 2nd. Independence day. towards the greater day of the 2nd. coming of Christ. But then the Bible says that before all this will be the Tribulation, due Sorcery, Spiritual Fornication & Harlotry, clearly seen through the present Administration's social & moral policies.

  6. techwreck
    3 years ago

    Joe, Your leftist views are not based on the facts. Obamacare covers all employers and employees, whether or not they take government funding. So, the attempt to force hospitals, universities, and other Catholic entities to violate their consciences is about the abuse of Constitutional rights, not about funding. Regardless of your biased views on the flaws of individual candidates, Catholics will have to make some tough choices about which candidates will protect our Constitutional freedoms, which are the basis for America's success. Fortunately, we are beginning to see some leadership from the hierarchy regarding the important moral issues in this election.

  7. Bill Sr.
    3 years ago

    No more tax cuts. Let tax cuts expire we can’t “afford” them.
    No more workplace secret ballots. Unions must control and rule the workforce.
    No more drilling. Cripple big business and suffocate the little ones and waste more tax dollars on Green Energy.
    No more private health insurance. The benevolent government is your Nanny now. (Exceptions: Congress, White House, Unions, all large contributors to Obama’s reelection)
    No more Constitution. Rule by Executive order, recess appointments and a puppet Supreme Court to be stacked by Obama
    No more free speech. Only liberal media approved by the White House permitted to speak of his Agenda.
    No more prosecution for voter fraud or intimidation. We won, you lost and Holder has always liked Black Panthers anyway.
    No more mention of God. Obama has anointed Czars’ to watch over us with numerous Christian in name only politicians from both parties to help guide our way to oblivion.
    No more sanctity in marriage. Homosexuality must be taught in schools and encouraged in society as an equal to heterosexual marriage.
    And one way or another it must be established (By Hillary and the U.N. if necessary)…
    No more guns for the citizens. They are for BHO’s promised Civilian Security Force which is to “be as well equipped and funded as our current military”.
    In short No More America as we knew it!

  8. joe
    3 years ago

    The government is not trying to force the Catholic church to do anything. The government is telling the Catholic Church that if you take federal tax payer money you will follow federal guidelines. If you can't or won't follow the rules don't ask for the money because you would be commiting fraud and breaking the law. Lying for the Lord does not fly in the United States. It is wishful thinking to believe that Catholics are going to influence any election as long as they maintain their all or nothing approach to politics. Look at Gingrich. His record shows that from day one he has used everything from his education, political offices, marriages and now religion for personan power and profit. He is terribly flawed. He only pays lip service to his new Catholic faith and Sacraments, but he is electable and if elected will move forward a Catholic agenda as far as he can considering Catholics are only 25% of the religious population in America. Other faiths will want a seat at the table. On the other hand we have Santorum. Good solid Catholic. He talks the talk and walks the walk .He is also unelectable because he only represents conservative Catholics on narrow religious issues that clearly are not that important to the majority of Americans. Evangelicals have their own conservatives who are equally unelectable. The world is not evil because good Catholics and Christians refuse to focus exclusively on abortion issues or gay rights. Most Catholics don't use abortion and are not gay. We raise our families in the faith. We are civicly responsible. We try to lead by example rather than brow beating like our Humble Hero Jesus Christ. Catholic politicians that actually hold office are far more effective than the unelectable Catholic politicians who critisize them.

  9. andy
    3 years ago

    I believe the bishops in the United States have to be bolder, courageous, somewhat like the late CARD Sin of the Philippines who defy the administration and rallied the people in what was known as the first "People Power" in the world.
    If they really are bent on exercising their office of shepherds then they should not be afraid to speak out and rally the Catholics to fight this unjust and coercive mandates and other immoral issues that this administration, with the help of disobedient Catholics, try to feed Catholics and other Christians and non-Christian faithful citizens of America. I am reminded of the courageous mother from the Book of Maccabees who encouraged her children to hold on to the faith in the midst of trials, persecution, torture and death.
    Thank you. Andy

  10. Zachary
    3 years ago

    I voted for Obama in the last election, and I've regretted it almost every moment since then. It seems more and more clear we have a new Jeroboam on our hands. I can only pray that the country finds better leadership soon.

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