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A Rising Catholic Tide of Resistance May Determine the U.S. Presidential Election Comments

Catholics in the United States are rising up in a Tide of Resistance to the unjust actions and edicts of the Obama Administration. They might determine the outcome of the 2012 Presidential election in the United States. That is if they act in a manner which, in the words of the Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, is "morally coherent." This President and his administration espouse a rapidly expanding Secularist State which ... Continue Reading

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  1. Kevin
    3 years ago

    An excellent article on moving past the conventional understanding of being "liberal" or "conservative." It makes me wonder how many people might now be open to an alternative paradigm, like the Church's teaching on solidarity and subsidiarity.

  2. VA
    3 years ago

    We as Catholics need to be aware of what our politicians are doing and what they intend to do. We need to be active in spreading those news as well, specially if they jeopardize our values and the safety of our families. We need to learn more about what really happened on 9/11. Do your research. My research indicates that 9/11 was done by Americans (inside job of top federal agencies). Now the country is on its way of being bankrupt and only 0.0001% of Americans have gained because of that. Now there is the NDAA law that was signed the last day of 2011 (indefinite imprisonment without any charge), and many warning signs we can see (FEMA camps that look like concentration camps, etc.). We need to open our eyes, spread the news (that we won't see on TV) and become active politically.

  3. Robert Burford
    3 years ago

    I like the good deacon am a reluctant Republican. I am tired of voting on the best of two evils. On Tuesday of next week I will finally get to vote for a candidate that reflects my values. He does not have a chance to win according to the pollsters but nothing will stop me from voting this Tuesday the 31st. My life right now is a shambles. My wife is in the hospital, but nothing will stop me from voting for Holy Matrimony and Life. All things are possible with God. Ez 33: 7-9 says that we must tell someone who is doing wrong. Hope my vote for Santorum tells the others including Obama that they are wrong and Santorum is the leader that I want and more importantly what God wants. At last I can vote for someone who is the best. Hurray.

  4. mikem
    3 years ago

    The New Jersey bishops, and Cardinal-designate Dolan of NY have disappointed me in their statements on marriage. Although their statements are extremely well reasoned, they are nothing more than a correctly informed atheist might argue for male-female marriage, and non other. The Pope told the bishops to argue in the public forum rationally, using Natural Law arguments, but that is not to say using Natural Law argument s ONLY!
    They should also communicate explicitly Judeo-Christian values, and the role of God in establishing objective and unchanging Truth about humanity and nature. THE BISHOPS STATEMENTS NEGLECT THAT. They are still lobbying the legislators! It would do better to arrange the sheep in groups of 50 and feed them, please!

  5. Chris
    3 years ago

    Joe -- so you would have us follow the likes of Kennedy and Sebelius. You realize that you're advocating that we dump tradition and dogma for political expedience and social advantage.

  6. Jim
    3 years ago

    The U.S. Catholic population is almost 78 million, the largest single religious denomination in the U.S., comprising about 22 percent of the population. Just think of it, if all of them (voting age) arose, went out and actively engaged the political process. Imagine if they actually voted with an informed conscience, actually told politicians "this is how our country will be run" and held them accountable. Imagine if all of the Catholics stood shoulder to shoulder with our Bishops speaking out against unjust and inequitable laws. Instead of leaving them to be the "voices crying in the wilderness". I wonder how things would be then?

    We must get out there and engage life and not continue the sin of sloth and indifference, blaming everyone around us for the state of our country and take responsibility for our actions and country. God can't drive a parked car.

    "Take heed what you hear; the measure you give will be the measure you get, and still more will be given you. For to him who has will more be given; and from him who has not, even what he has will be taken away." Mk 4:24-25

    3 years ago

    This article provides the reasons for opposing the pro abortion party.

    We need God's graces for guidance and courage to champion life. At least one hour a week of adoration of the Eucharist and praying to the Blessed Mother will help us to become instruments of God's will for the sanctity of all life.

  8. carmen
    3 years ago

    All I have to say is , I think there is a glimmer of hope that the bishops have seen how they failed the lay people by not saying anything agains the last presidential election, they were quiet, now I think they are finally waking up and it is going to make a big impact.. watch and see!

  9. Bill Sr.
    3 years ago

    I've lived through the terms of a dozen presidents and there have only been two of them who could be considered friends of the Church. The last one was Ronald Reagan, a Republican.
    Anyone who thinks we should set our faith aside in America in order to avoid stepping over the line in this political battle for the soul of our country is courting disaster.
    One thing is abundantly clear to any Catholic who understand the faith as shephered by our Holy Father in Rome and that is the current regime in Washington D.C. under Barack Obama is by far the most anti-Cathoiic administration in the history of our country. The really sad thing is that our bishops have too long avoided the fight allowing those of weak faith within their flocks who entered the political arena and sold their souls to party platforms that are in opposition to our faith and values to establish a pattern of Catholic capitulation. We and our societal standards based on the founders reliance on Divine guidance are no longer recognized as a legitimate challenge to the status quo "separation" clause used to deny them. Thus we ( Pelosi, Biden, Kerry, Dodd, Sebileus and many others) by default have become a part of the problem.
    It is time for the meek and humble of heart little people to be the martyrs for the faith and stand together against the forces of evil which are consuming our nation as it "progresses" toward Marxist socialism.

  10. Diane
    3 years ago

    Good article. To vote for a pro abort politician like Obama and those with him is a vote to keep legalized abortion. To vote for Obama and those with him is to vote for state control of religion. What do some of you people commenting think politicians do anyway? They make laws and appoint judges to make laws. We are Catholics, we do not support abortion or government control of our religion. If Obama and those with him win we will have secular humanism as a state religion. It's also called a Theocracy. Russia and China had it, look what happened to them. Do not put any political ideology before the teaching of the Church. Vote a well formed Catholic conscience. Vote prolife. Turn away from the death dealing politicions like Obama and those with him.

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