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A Rising Catholic Tide of Resistance May Determine the U.S. Presidential Election Comments

Catholics in the United States are rising up in a Tide of Resistance to the unjust actions and edicts of the Obama Administration. They might determine the outcome of the 2012 Presidential election in the United States. That is if they act in a manner which, in the words of the Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, is "morally coherent." This President and his administration espouse a rapidly expanding Secularist State which ... Continue Reading

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  1. Miguel
    2 years ago

    Joe (first comment Joe), so the Catholic politicians that hold office are more effective than the ones who are "unelectable"? Like Pelosi, who supports pro-choice just about every chance she gets...she is more effective? She is furthuring the culture of death. I would say that is actually less effective, and actually more harmful than a non-Catholic who doesn't push the pro-choice agenda.

    Also, your point that most Catholics don't do abortions? That is totally incorrect. The fact is the percentage of Catholics who have abortions, or are involved with abortions in some way, is almost the exact same as the rest of society. You may not hear people say it in the social hall, but that is the truth, and they need healing and support from us.

    And Gingrich, he isn't my #1 choice as my #1 is Santorum, he has past flaws just like the rest of us. One thing he is supportive of is life and religious freedom. Two issues which our current president is not completely supportive of, and are slowly being taken away from us. Obama will say he is, but his actions prove the opposite.

  2. Vance
    2 years ago

    Jim, very well said, They are not just stuck-on-stupid, they embrace it. These are prime examples of Sociopaths.

  3. Dan Crawford
    2 years ago

    And so the "Rising Tide of Resistance" will compel us to choose one of four ardent social-darwinists and disciples to varying degrees of the virulently anti-Christian Ayn Rand and none of whom pays any attention to the social doctrines of the Popes and the Church? Sorry, I may not vote for Obama but the candidates of the other side are an abomination.

  4. Jim
    2 years ago

    I can see, from some of these comments, that there are some left wing "believers" who have been drinking the liberal/socialist kool-aide since the beginning of the French
    Revolution.There's no arguing with obstinate ignorance because you can't talk with people who have turned from the truth. God has allowed them to have their way therefore they'll fall deeper and deeper into error and will reap all the evil consequences of loving darkness rather than light. Those who hate the truth are "given over to a reprobate mind". A reprobate mind is one rejected of God. Which are not convenient. Not decent, or honorable. (Re: Rm 1:28)

    "To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the DEAD". ~ Thomas Paine ~

  5. joe
    2 years ago

    There are marches and demonstrations of faith all the time. Every Catholic pro life activist drags their kids to the event. It never translates into votes. Catholic leaders need to address the real needs of the majority of people to get elected and when elected use the office of the presidency to promote a pro life nation. Most Americans hate the idea of abortion and do not have them, but all Americans cherish their right to decide their futures for them selves. Putting abortion front and center as the primary campaign plank to an electorate who already does not ever intend to take that path is a sure road to a failed candidacy. Why buy something you already own? We as Catholics need to start trusting God again, because we are not doing anything but identifying old problems when it is obvious and available solutions we need to implement.

  6. John D
    2 years ago

    Bulbajer, I agree that Romney has been inconsistent and I don't view him as the strongest pro-lifer. But, I don't think he is going to go out of his way to promote the pro-abortion cause as our president has done. I don't think we will see him sponsoring legislation like the Freedom of Choice Act. I don't think we will see him trying to force Catholic hopsitals to perform abortions because the right to an abortion is a basic right (in his book). I don't think he'll be out to force Catholic employers to provide abortion services and contraceptives in their employees' health insurance plans either. I don't think he would fight common sense legislation like the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, such as was done by Obama when he was still an Illinois state senator. While I'm not thrilled with Romney, I don't think there's any choice here. Respect for life must be the primary objective. We have lost over 50 million Americans to abortion since 1973. What's more important then stopping, or at least impeding, this blood letting?

  7. DLL
    2 years ago

    I wish abortion was a major issue in this upcoming election but it is not. The economy is the major issue. President Obama is the chosen one and this is because of the media. Because the media is not objective or fair in the way that news is reported it is almost impossible to know the truth. Liberal or conservative wrong or right is all a matter of opinion. I have found that,as a convert to the Catholic Church,that it is the Catholic Mass that speaks the truth to my heart. The liturgy of the word and the Eucharist is what speaks to my heart and gives me a sense of true justice and mercy. The Bishops,Priests,Cardinals even the Pope are instruments,a conductor and the players in a symphony,a symphony of truth and love,that is the Catholic Mass. Two of 3 Republican candidates attend a Catholic Mass and are "practicing Candidates". I can only hope that it is the influence of the Holy Mass that helps them to make for a good campaign,in that there is hope. The Mormon candidate is a decent human being and competent. The President is a good husband and father. The first family is a one to be proud of because they seem simply to be "a good family unit". All of that said,as far as President Obama is concerned,I don't have confidence that on some key issues such as abortion and basic human rights to life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness,basic democratic principals,where his heart is. I wish I could believe that he and his political affiliations had the countries best interests in mind,but I don't. I cannot agree with the Democratic party platform as I have read it and the Republican one. The Republican platform I can agree with,but I am an Independant because neither party is fair and equatable in the way they deal with each other and their constituents,which happen to be the people of our country as a whole. Instead both parties prefer to deal with the interests of what is called "A Special Interest Group". The money it takes to run a political campaign is astronomical. Because of this candidates must necessarily flip flop on most any issue so that the special interest constituients who donate to their campaigns don't get mad. it is a game. Politics lacks integrity and because of that politicians can not be trusted. Jesus deserves our trust because Jesus is pure of heart. Politicians don't because trust is not in their political agendas. Trust,however,is the highest complement to any form of human communication and trust unites every human relationship so it will not disintegrate. This is why in faith we must trust In God. Trust is the essence of what constitutes perfect Prayer. Jesus I trust in you that is the prayer we must pray so that justice is tempered with mercy,than the judicial process becomes freedom and fairness for everyone. "In God We Trust" is the cry for liberty and justice for all. God Bless us all!

  8. Larry
    2 years ago

    @Keith== With the catholic leadership I pray to God, along with alot of hard work from everyone else, your right. If all our catholic brothers and sisters do not vote pro-life, and pro religious freedom. They are neither catholic, american nor a christian. If a government allows murder of the innocent they will allow anything. They will allow pornography on the internet so the children they did not kill will be exposed to the most deviants of life styles, addicting kids to sex and contributing to the abortion rates. Once legalized, the value of human life plunged. If you think about it, much of the very bad in this country has happened just prior to and after abortion was legalized. The march to legalizing abortion was well under way in the 1960's and was legal in 30 states prior to 1973 roe v wade.

  9. Rob
    2 years ago

    I think some of the posters are speaking to what our real problem is. Faith without works is dead. If we keep pointing the finger at our Bishops or Rome or expect Christ to come via some Christian politicians, I can absolutely guarnatee nothing will change. Our culture has come to the point it has because so many have just sat back and watched it happen. So many are so concerned about the materialism of the world that faith has been reduced to an hour on Sunday. It's great that our Bishop's are engaging our politicians. But that isn't going to form the faithful. How about focusing some energy on your flocks? Get them on fire for Christ and His Chruch and you won't have to worry about this. As I read the new testament, I don't get the sense that the early Christians put as much energy in the "Caesar" as we do. They focused on living as disciples and evangelizing. I think we got our priorities screwed up.

  10. Bulbajer
    2 years ago

    DLL, I'm from MA too. I agree that it is a strongly liberal and Democratic-dominated state, but does it always vote Democrat? No. Our governors lately have been mostly Republican in fact. If pro-lifers in MA can convince the people that "choice" isn't a choice and that being pro-life doesn't mean sending hate mail and throwing bombs at abortion clinics, I think we can really make Massachusetts a pro-life state. To everyone in general: we can almost all agree that voting pro-choice is immoral. But what if both candidates are pro-choice? Romney is a true flip-flopper; he changes his positions not because his views have actually changed but because he wants to be viewed positvely. Granted, he may not be openly pro-choice like Obama, but I seriously doubt he will do anything about abortion if he's elected. So what if it's Obama vs. Romney? Putting aside all other issues besides abortion, is there a moral choice in that contest?

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