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A Rising Catholic Tide of Resistance May Determine the U.S. Presidential Election Comments

Catholics in the United States are rising up in a Tide of Resistance to the unjust actions and edicts of the Obama Administration. They might determine the outcome of the 2012 Presidential election in the United States. That is if they act in a manner which, in the words of the Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, is "morally coherent." This President and his administration espouse a rapidly expanding Secularist State which ... Continue Reading

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  1. Becca
    2 years ago

    1. Arnetta, that is nonsense and you know it. I went to Catholic schools for 14 yrs, graduating high school in 2000. Until I left high school, I thought that racism was just an ignorant mindset of the past but have now found it used as more of a false charge than in instances where it really exists. Racism is a learned frame of mind and there is not a thing in the Catholic teachings that could be interpreted as racist.
    2. Romney has taken every position of every issue imaginable over the years. I have spent many hours researching him in hopes of finding something that I agreed with but all I ended up with was more reasons not to vote for him. He will say that he is PERSONALLY pro-life but that is simply a cover for having POLITICAL views to the contrary. He also was Governor of Massachusetts when they legalized "gay marriage" and the results are disastrous for the Church and society in general. The Catholic Charities and Catholic hospitals were treated the exact same way by Romney as they currently are by Obama. (for more reading on the topics visit
    3. When you take away all the political speech, Ron Paul simply wants abortion to be decided by the individual states and does not advocate actually ending abortions. He views it as a 10th amendment issue and not as the murder of an unborn child.
    4. Newt Gingrich converted to Catholicism as an adult after he left Congress. He has pledged to stand for traditional marriage and for the lives of the unborn. I recently saw that he has taken up the issue of in vitro fertilization and the embryos that are created through that process.
    5. Rick Santorum is clearly the gold standard among Catholic politicians. Both he and his wife are truly remarkable people and if you do not know their life stories and accomplishments, I recommend looking into them. We would be lucky to have more in public service just like the Santorums.

  2. Bulbajer
    2 years ago

    Oldscore, good point. Still, I find that Dorothy Day is often ignored in Catholic circles becaus she was associated with leftism. Do we have to accept her political standings? No, of course not. Do we have to accept what she stood for? Yes, because she stood for helping the poor, the sick, and the outcasts. Ever seen the painting with Jesus standing in the middle of a bread line?

  3. Vance
    2 years ago

    Arnetta, Where in the world does the "Catholic Church is racist to the core" come from. The Catholic Church has been the most "Integrated" church and school system for centuries. I would invite you to review old Martin Luther King Jr. documentaries because you will see Catholic Priests among the marchers. Stop by any Catholic School and you will see a large mixture of ethnicities. My daughter informed me that there was a Muslim girl in her classroom. I would also invite you to research history about Margaret Sanger. She is the founder of Planned Parenthood. She was a 'White Supremacist' who created the "Negro Project" which was and still is an effort to eliminate the Black population via abortion. I wish you would listen to Martin Luther King Jr. when he said "Judge a man by his character rather than the color of his skin". If you truly accept this wisdom, then I doubt that you would vote for Obama.

  4. Oldscore
    2 years ago

    @arnetta sims,

    Although I disagree that the Church is racist at its core, let us assume that it is, and its members have done bad things in its past.

    But, the past bad actions of fellow Catholics cannot justify you doing bad things tomorrow.

    In fact, your approach to this matter is completely anti-Catholic.

    The purpose of being Catholic is to have access to the Truth and the Sacraments. A faithful Catholic is then guided by that Truth, and would never violate that Truth because they love God more than any other thing on earth.

  5. Oldscore
    2 years ago


    There are many ways to address social justice - Dorothy Day's methods are her opinion only - and one of many.

    You appear to be comparing Dorothy Day's opinion of how to address social justice to the absolute teachings of the Church on social issues like abortion.

    They are not in the same category and cannot be compared.

    Additionally, no Catholic is morally required to accept any of Dorothy Day's opinions on social justice. Those are just opinions, nothing more.

    Therefore, there is no contradiction for a Catholic to be 100% against the social evil of abortion or contraception (or whatever), and at the same time, also be against the solutions offered by Dorothy Day and her followers. The former is Church teaching to which we all must obey, the latter is opinion, to which we can choose to accept or not.

  6. cq
    2 years ago

    I love this web site, as it covers all the issues so very important to the Christian heart. Why can't we get these articles in the main stream media? Where is Bill O'Reilly, Shawn Hannity, and all those guys who seem to think "we are right and they are wrong"?, when in comes to these importants issues?? Secondly, to all of those "Catholics" who put this wonderful President in the White House, I hope you will re think your choice next time. We knew what he was in 2008, but you wanted change, well we got it! God's Peace to all.
    Santorum for President!

  7. arnetta sims
    2 years ago

    As an African American Catholic I will vote to relect President Obama. We have formed our conscience and sorted out the issues. President Obama has been attacked like no other President. Study the facts and number in comparision. The Church can not heal the world until She heals herself. Racism lies in the core of the Catholic Church. A life is a life whether in the womb or outside . I pray that this is not a plot to upsurp this achieving African American man, who rose to the ranks of president. We must pray for President Obama!
    Where was the church when we pressed through isegregation of the Catholic school system? So while we are jumping on the band wagon to try and stop the re-election, please reach out to those who have been injured by the Church. Our legacy maybe different, but we are still apart of the church at large. Some chant pro-life, but on the other hand practice evil towards others.The church must now reach out to those who have left the fold for lack of pastoral and spiritual care. It is all about LOVE not politics...amen!

  8. Rob
    3 years ago

    bulbajer, therin lies the problem with modern day politics. I think sometimes folks think that I must be a democrat because I'm hard on the GOP. But truth be told, I don't spend a lot of time thinking about the democrats because I can't vote for a party that advances the abortion agenda. To that end I am so tired of being let down by conservatives who promise a lot and fail to deliever time after time. When it comes to actual policy, there are so few differences between them. Obama as of late seems to be moving a little more left and his HHS decision isn't a good sign, but again, it only reflects the general mood of the country. So many do not know the teachings of the church or have rejected them outrightly that most do not see the HHS issue as an issue at all. This is the direct result of having a Church that has failed to teach and a laity that doesn't care. 40 years of abortion and now we are finally seeing Bishops stand up. It's going to take probably equally as long to reverse the tide. We all have a lot of work to do and the work that will bear fruit is not going to be found in a bunch of political hacks.

  9. Sal Sanders
    3 years ago

    Been around 77 yrs., from army veteran, to cop, to lawyer, now retired from it all: from cradle Catholic, to atheist, to reconversion back to my roots of traditional devotion. From H.S. dropout to a juris doctorate (Lawyer). From country lad to street-wise urchin, to prizefighter (stll training amateurs), to responsible citizen father and grandfather. Have not seen or done it all, but have seen and done much. My best advice: pray often, pray first for the truth--the truth shall set you free. Pray also for the conversion of sinners, our Country and our world. Remain devoted to The Holy Spirit, to the Blessed Mother, and to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Accept adversity and sacrifice as pennance, a blessing. Keep the faith.
    Finally, my pick and prayers are for Rick Santorum.

  10. Bulbajer
    3 years ago

    Larry: "... much of the very bad in this country has happened just prior to and after abortion was legalized." I've seen many similar statements from commentors on Catholic Online. Everything's gone downhill since the 60s, the Democratic Party lost its sole in the 60s, etc. It's not clear to me just what all these people think was so idyllic about pre-1960s America. Sure, abortion was still illegal. So was the notion of racial equality. I agree with you that Roe v. Wade was one of the worst decisions America has ever made, but I really have to wonder where you folks come from when you imply that the 1960s and 70s brought hell and nothing else.
    John D.: good point. Romney is definately less pro-choice than Obama. Techwreck, abortion is one of the most important issues (if not the most importanr issue), but it's not the only issue. Yes, it is more complicated than voting for the so-called pro-life party, especially when there's no guarantee that it will do anything to demonstrate it's pro-lifeiness and a huge possibility that it will do much to make Catholic social justice heroes like Dorothy Day to roll over in their graves.

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