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A Rising Catholic Tide of Resistance May Determine the U.S. Presidential Election Comments

Catholics in the United States are rising up in a Tide of Resistance to the unjust actions and edicts of the Obama Administration. They might determine the outcome of the 2012 Presidential election in the United States. That is if they act in a manner which, in the words of the Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, is "morally coherent." This President and his administration espouse a rapidly expanding Secularist State which ... Continue Reading

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  1. Kathy
    3 years ago

    I guess, I really see things from a different point of view. All of these programs to help make things better for people, when in reality, the problem is the people. We are fighting a battle with satan, clear and simple. Our countrys young, have two things on their and money. Just think of all the problems avoided, if people, did the right things in life. We who try...believe me I am no Saint, but I do try to do the right things.....we who try, are always there to pick up the pieces for others.....those who know that others will be there to pick up the pieces. There is no accountability or self restraint or self responsibility. I know that in my dreams, that there will be virtuous young women, or men who are nothing but gentlemen.
    We must pay more attention to teaching the young to act the long run, this would help the problem.

  2. Rob
    3 years ago

    Big Ed, I'm with you, but out of curiousity, what is the percentage of parishoners in your parish that actually tithe? In our diocese it's about 30%. The idea of people taking care of themselves and those around them sounds great in practice, but it requires everyone to agree. And they won't. If we can't get 100% of parishoners to tithe then how in the world do we get our neighbors to front the costs of Joe's cancer treatment?? Just another example of we Catholics not living our faith....and now we are being called out for it.

  3. Big Ed
    3 years ago

    My frustration is this; back when National Health Care was proposed by the then presidential candidate Obama, I personally witnessed many Catholics, to include clergy at all levels, swoon to his promise because this would help the poor.

    Now, they resent the very program they elected him for. Did you not see the devil in the details, even when they were pointed out? Did you really expect the “leopard” to change his spots once he was in office? . . . . . Really?!?

    Government should help, within limits, but you and I are the ones that should be providing the charity, not leaving it up to government. We should be giving of our time, treasure and talent to help the poor, not rely on government. This is where many made the mistake in believing that it should be left to government, when in reality we as a Catholic community should be helping one another; establishing the Catholic Hospitals, Daycare, Orphanages, etc., not relying on government. Now we have to contend with what so many Catholics originally gleefully welcomed.

    If anything, let’s learn, yet again: “A government big enough to give you everything you need, is a government big enough to take away everything that you have...”

  4. Rob
    3 years ago

    I think the only way that we will ever win the pro-life debate with our politicians is for the pro-life lobby to become as powerful as energy, financial services, healthcare and defense. Because until it is, this issue isn't going anywhere. Citizens United and the birth of these super pacs almost assures it. This is the only plausible strategy given that these laws have remained on the books for almost 40 years. Politicians are never going to get this done unless we can guarantee them an election. I wish we had as much faith in good ole fashion evangelization. Because only when we change the hearts of society will this law be repealed. It requires us to work on changing one heart at a time, but this is the only way this will happen. Otherwise, we need to accept the fact that this issue is great for impassioned debates, raising money and winning elections, but as far as real legislation is concerned, it will never happen. 39 years of inactivity leads me to believe in no other possibility.

  5. Bulbajer
    3 years ago

    Oldscore, thank you very much for saying that! Likewise.

  6. pat engen
    3 years ago

    People wakeup, none of these politicians work for us. Everyone of them without exception except Ron Paul works for the establisment. They ALL want perpetual war and to strip us of our rights in order to control us. The abortion issue is just one more attack on our freedoms. Look where the funding comes from for their political campaigns, wallstreet. Sadly, most people don't take the time to educate themselves. Most catholics are so blind they just pick the candidate who conforms to their beliefs yet these men are evil and do not follow what they preach. Ron Paul is pure truth, he will lead us back to our Lord.

  7. Oldscore
    3 years ago

    @Denise O'Brien, I do not think you understand Catholic teaching and you appear to have a limited understanding of Bush's (and Clinton's) reasons for entering into war with Iraq. You are correct that killing is ALWAYS immoral - it is ALWAYS murder - there are NO exceptions. But, that does not deny a person, or a group of people, the right to defend themselves against a threat. If the self-defense is based upon valid principles, then the guilt of murder falls on the unjust aggressor. But, the validity of that decision is based upon many factors, and is open to debate. Issues like abortion or contraception are never open to debate. Therefore, you CANNOT compare the two as if they were the same, and likewise, expect the same response from Catholics. With regards to Bush's reasons, Bush had only ONE possible valid reason for invading Iraq: Iraq had broken the resolution that ended the First Gulf War in the mid-1990s. By doing so, Iraq effectively resumed a state of War with the United States. The response in the Clinton era was to bomb selected targets in Iraq, and to tighten the noose of economic sanctions (economic warfare with some light military involvement). Additionally, Clinton signed in 1998 (IIRC) a resolution for the United States to remove Saddam from power. Bush then pursued that objective with military force. Both responses caused massive suffering in Iraq. The question of the validity of both responses then revolves around whether or not the *First* Gulf War was valid. Under Catholic teaching, if a nation calls for help to defend itself against an unjust aggressor, other nations can assist the victim nation to repeal the unjust aggressor. The US and its allies entered into the First Gulf War under that mantra -- BUT!!! -- this is the zinger -- Kuwait **NEVER** asked for help in public. This means that we do not know if the First Gulf War is valid or not. Only a handful of select world leaders know the true answer to that question. Thus, we the public do NOT know if Clinton's response or Bush's response were valid. They might be or they may not be. As I stated above, abortion and contraception are not open to debate - unlike this issue of when a war is just or not. Therefore, you cannot compare the two concepts as if they are in the same category. I hope this clarifies for you why you did not see the same type of response from the Bishops regarding US involvement in the Middle East over the past two decades as you do with absolute and undeniable evil of abortion and contraception.

  8. Adolph
    3 years ago

    Is this the Church's Sept. 11 (1933)? It's 9/11 wake up call to God? But we will fight for the sake of keeping our public life free from those priests who have failed their calling and who should have become politicians rather than clergymen..... I wil be one of the few men in history who have deceived the Vatican.

  9. Denise O'Brien
    3 years ago

    Where were all you people when Bush entered us into an unjust war based on falsehoods, where we displaced and killed thousands of innocent Iraquis and only worried about Americans killed? Does not God say Thou shalt not kill? Many knew the war was wrong and stayed silent. Where were all the protests on the killing??

  10. Danielle Kelley
    3 years ago

    Arnetta, a person of color, states the Catholic Church was not around during segregation. Well, I am an American of African descent who is a scholar of history and can honestly state Arnetta needs to read more because Catholics were right there in the movement since the 1600's! Obama, who is Kenyan, raised as Hawaiian, is and was not there in the movement Arnetta is talking about to justify that Catholics are racists. What is deeply troubling to me is that Christians (Black or otherwise) are putting Obama before our Christian morals when evidence shows Obama has pushed, misused the legal system, and even lied to force the Church and all Christians to accept lifestyles and philosophies against our Biblical teachings. The Bible clearly states God said :"thou shall put no other god before me." Arnetta sounds like the group whom has blindly made Obama their "god." Even some Catholic schools are employing teachers (in Religion class) pushing homosexual lifestyles and misinformation that is clearly against biblical teachings. My daughters have attended Catholic schools for 10 years, with the last six being taught false words and teachings; thus we are following many diehard Catholic families (generational Catholics) and leaving the Catholic schools behind for public (at least public won't attempt to teach religion). About time Catholics - stand up for people following God's teachings in 2012 like we, Catholics did in 1776!

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