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Pope Warns US Bishops of Radical Secularism, Threats to Religious Freedom Comments

Grave threats to the Church's public moral witness presented by a radical secularism which finds increasing expression in the political and cultural spheres.The seriousness of these threats needs to be clearly appreciated at every level of ecclesial life. Of particular concern are certain attempts being made to limit that most cherished of American freedoms, the freedom of religion. Continue Reading

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  1. carolyn
    3 years ago

    bulbajer, have your ever red the definition of secularism. Secularism totally opposes the religious. It is a spirit or tendency ,of political or social philosophy that reject all forms of religion of faith. It seeks only the good of its self. It seeks to serve only its self. It serves its own master. Secularism prefers itself over religious. I prefer religious over secular because I am a Christian. Religious does have respect for secular. Secularism may disagree. but I will say this, secularism has to respect for religious Christians beliefs. I think Abby is right. They are totally different. Secular has nothing to do with God. We just came out of the Christmas season, and it was very strange to shop and hear music that was about something other than Christmas. I don't want to use the names of the singers or songs, so that I give them any credit or glory. I remember there was a time that every store you went into played Christmas music. It felt like Christmas. Now they don't want to offend anyone. They serve the same master as the athiests that shops are their stores. They don't worry about offending the Christian. Even in everyday life For example, I took my children to the pediatrician, and low and behold they are playing music parents shouldn't let their young children listen too. I enjoy a lot of different music, but come on. It doesn't even have to be Christian music, just something appropriate for little baby ears. secularism is part of the problem. Not totally. Secular does not want to bow to religious and accept some basic truths. Then, there are Catholics whose actions and words don't match. They say they are Catholic, but are against church teaching. Then others get confused, because they are spewing out hatred themselves. Nancy Pelosi is an example of one of them.

  2. David
    3 years ago

    I agree with Jim. America, as a whole, has become a rotten country due to a number of factors. It has corroded over several decades and so in a best case scenario, it will take several decades for both the Church to be renewed and for the culture to be re-evangelized. Just because we are living through some of the worse times, doesn't mean that the country only gets worse from here on out, and that a better future is impossible.

    The country can turn around, but it can only happen if Christians are better educated, more prayerful, and more heroic in their witness. This means everyone: from Catholic politicians, to parish priests, religious, bishops, and of course families and lay individuals. Each has a way of affecting one another and of influencing the younger generation. The means of holiness aren't going anywhere: the sacraments, prayer, the Word of God, Christian communities, etc.

    There are so many fruitful things that more Catholics could be doing, if they would only begin to pray and learn their faith. Apathy and indifference are to be expected in a land of superabundant luxuries, comforts and entertainment. In such an environment, it is easy for prayer to seem unnecessary, not essential to one's life. Of course, Christians who don't pray and who aren't properly educated are not going to be holy and are probably not going to be heroic in their witness.

    So in order to turn things around, younger Catholics and Christians must be better educated, and they must by drawn closer to God by prayer. Think about it: if the culture is more soaked in sin and temptations, than it was say 30 years ago, then children of those parents are going to need more strength, which comes in part, from prayer. There's no substitute for prayer when trying to combat the temptations that are in one's everyday life, especially for the youth. I know the situation is more complicated, and that education and prayer aren't the only points worth discussing. But those are the only two I want to stress.

    The only way I can see evils in the U.S. culture being overcome is for more Christians to live lives of holiness. No one can do everything. Each has to find their role, their mission, their niche so to speak and strive for holiness in that state of life. Holiness is attractive. So is courageous witness in the face of opposition. So the pressure to turn around the U.S. culture wars shouldn't totally rest upon the Church hierarchy, though they obviously have a huge task, but it should rest on everyone who calls themselves a Christian. Think of the great example of St. Francis of Assisi and how easy he must have made life for his bishop. That's more along the lines of what Catholics in the U.S. have to do in the early 21st century. They must attract others to Christ and to conversion by their example of holiness. But first they have to rediscover what it means to be a Catholic, to be a Christian.

    The Catholic Church, and the culture as a whole in the U.S.A. may not look great at the present, but that doesn't mean that things won't change in 2-3 decades. If Christians are formed better, and more of them are holy, giving a powerful witness, then the Church will be renewed (to a degree of course) and the country will be a better place than what we are living in right now.

  3. carolyn
    3 years ago

    How much more are Christians going to be forced to give up their freedoms and pushed out. I just read the Obama administration has announced that religious heath care providers are going to be forced to provide birth control which is against their conscience. I don't think that is fair. I think a person should see a different doctor or choose a different health insurance plan that will give him what they want. they should shop around to get what they want. I go to an NFP only doctor. is that fair to him to go against his conscience if he is forced. It is a doctors job to help people get well. Birth control isn't health care. Health care is suppose to help and protect life not destroy it. Birth control kills it. Doctors are not in the business to kill life. There are some exceptions where birth can help a womans health. It was almost suggested to me to shrink a cyst on my ovary. Gladly enough it shank on its own. Birth control has some bad side affects on the womans body.

  4. carolyn
    3 years ago

    mikem, Well, would you rather athiests be bludgeoned over the head with a baseball bat. That would be painful, but so is the TRUTH sometimes. Telling the Truth is a much kinder way to do it. Using the baseball bat wouldn't be Cristian. I think Jesus would agree. What do you think? Which is more loving? Would you rather us use the name of Jesus. JESUS says he is the TRUTH, or, we could dump a great big bucket of holy water on your head. Would you like to pick one. Or would you like to come up with a respectful name on your own to refer to our Dear Lord that we could use to bludgeon athiests with. If you do, I think it is more appropriate to refer to Him in the way he refers to himself in scripture. By our Dear Lord, I mean yours and mine.

  5. vance
    3 years ago

    Our Lady of Fatima warned the world about the communists who were over throwing Russia in 1917 and "They will spread their errors throughout the world". Our Holy Father is now warning us now about those "Errors". They have been at war with the Catholic Church and the world for over a century. After decades of Media Brain washing, millions of Catholics have accepted one of the Radical Secularists in the White House. He, his Marxist Democrat Party, and his Admin are in all out war against the Catholic Church and this country. They have enjoyed success.

  6. Bulbajer
    3 years ago

    True secularism is secularism that respects religious freedom. That is, true secularism doesn't prefer non-religion over religion any more than it prefers one religion over the other. Allowing religion in the public sphere isn't the same as allowing religion to influence government. Mikem, great comment.

  7. Jim
    3 years ago

    The secular humanists have further imposed their religion on our education system. As a result, our children no longer learn of virtues such as love of God, country and family; responsibility for self, family and neighbor; respect for elders and those in authority; industriousness, honesty, and living within one's means. Rather they're indoctrinated with the "politically correct" policies of radical environmentalism, wealth redistribution, tolerance and equivalence of disparate beliefs. To the great detriment of our country and society, the secular "religion" is destroying the very morality and absolute nature of that morality which the founders held critical for a free, just, and prosperous society, and sought to promote by protecting religious rights as expressed in the Establishment Clause and in the actual intent of separation of Church and State.

    Our country is woefully guilty of apathy and indifference. 2nd Chronicles 7:14 tells us that if we meet God's four conditions (Humble ourselves, Pray, Seek God's face &Turn from our wicked ways), He will forgive our sins and HEAL OUR LAND. The United States of America is a sick nation. We have been in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) for a long time. In fact, America has now lapsed into a spiritual coma. Americans are no longer conscious of what is going on around them. Blatant corruption and evil are spewing out of Washington D.C. like vomit onto the floor. The sins of our leaders (Church leaders included) are so great that they can no longer be hidden from the conscious American. Sadly, few American citizens fully realize or appreciate the significance of the Bill of Rights or the U.S. Constitution. Even more tragic is the FACT that most Christians are ASLEEP concerning righteousness. No wonder why the Apostle Paul declared...AWAKE TO RIGHTEOUSNESS! (1st Corinthians 15:34). America is deathly ill, she doesn't look like she'll make it. The poison which entered her arteries (Church included) many decades ago has now entered the heart. It's just a matter of time.

  8. Robert Burford
    3 years ago

    This reenforces my desire for a new president. I pray for the one we have and he was a change from the prior administration which in my mind was just as evil. I do not care who we elect but as a concerned lay person I will vote for the person who has the values that the pope suggested. I will support the candidate that supports Holy Matrimony and Life.I realistically do not feel there is a chance but with God all things are possible. Boy do we all need to pray.

  9. carolyn
    3 years ago

    Mike, Why would any one be against being told the truth. I don't want to be lied to. Do you? When you were in school. You believed everything the teachers told you didn't you? I did. My kids even tell me that the teacher is right when I say she is wrong. As I have gotten older I have realized everything that I learned in school was not always true. I see it even today as I look at my kids work or talk to their teachers. sometime I can't believe the stuff they say and I know it is not true. They only try to cover know what. I realize as I try to form the consciences of my children, what I was taught as a child in my home was distorted and I forgot all the good things I was taught at home by my parents. It got even worse when I went to college. Now I am trying to reform my conscience and the way I think. When I was younger the more lies I was told I had more of an attitude of if you are happy I am happy. Do what ever makes you happy. Even if I knew it was bad. Not anymore, I stopped listening to the lies so that I can live a good life. Also there is no hate or not Christian about admonishing the sinner. This is a spiritual work of mercy. A person may not even know what they are doing is wrong. You have free will. It depends on how hard your heart is hardened and whether or not you will listen to good advice. I think the Pope speaks with great gentleness and respect. There is nothing hateful in his words at all. I hear more hatefulness come from atheists towards people with faith and the Catholic church. You only have to read the posts of the articles on secular websites about Christian values and Church teaching.

  10. Rob
    3 years ago

    Is the problem we are facing really secularism? Or is the problem we are facing the failure for Christians to perform the basic proclamation of the gospels and spread the word of Christ? How serious are we about actually bringing people to Christ? Are we really trying to bring conversion to people? Is the spirit and work of conversion going on in our parishes? I know there are forces in this world that seek to destroy the church and in so doing destroy souls. But I think at some point our church leaders need to begin to accept responsibility for their role in the current state of affairs. Can they be suprised with the level of secularism in our own ranks when they do so little to form adults? Are we to be suprised at the general state of affairs in marriage, sexuality etc when they do so little teaching on it? For those of us who are trying really hard to live as Christ lived, we understand our responsibility in regards to our faith. But we've got to do a better job of ensuring more people encounter Christ. It is He who will change the hearts and minds of people who don't know Him. And to mikem's point, only a lived faith will be the light that draws people. We can't be Sunday only Catholics and expect to turn the tide on this rampant secularism.

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