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Pope Warns US Bishops of Radical Secularism, Threats to Religious Freedom Comments

Grave threats to the Church's public moral witness presented by a radical secularism which finds increasing expression in the political and cultural spheres.The seriousness of these threats needs to be clearly appreciated at every level of ecclesial life. Of particular concern are certain attempts being made to limit that most cherished of American freedoms, the freedom of religion. Continue Reading

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  1. Bulbajer
    3 years ago

    Carolyn, great insights about the saints! Good luck with your Endow program.

  2. carolyn
    3 years ago

    Bulbajer, I think I know what you were trying to get at about secularism. I am not religious I am secular. We can still work for the common good. We can still talk about this with out mentioning religion. Thank you for being so patient with me. What Obama is doing totally against the common good. He is setting us up to have to fight for the good of all, all over again. I am familiar with a few of those names. I did look up Mother Jones and Lucretia Motts. I only scanned through what it said about them. They actually could be saints and we will never know until we get to Heaven. The Catholic Catholic Church can not name all the Saints. people do all kinds of good works and fight for the freedoms that God wants us to have or to make this world a better place. It doesn't sound like these people worked for the Devil. I don't think I ever will do anything as big as these people did, but , even the little flower said to do all things with great love. her"Little Way". Just a smile can go a long way. I will be doing a womens study called Endow. We will be studying Pope John Pauls 11 teachings on the New Feminism and the feminine genius. The first we will do is His letter to women. I am really looking forward to this. We will talk about what true feminism is. We will also study dignity and vocation of Women, The Christian meaning of suffering, The Mother of the Redeemer, Humanae Vitae. We will study some women saints. One in development is servant of God, Dorothy Day that you mention( An introduction to Catholic Social teaching). I have my material in front of me. I also see the name of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony. there is also Saint Edith Stein.St. Catherine of Siena. Blessed Mother Theresa. Women's Liberation has been taken way out of context and true feminism has flown out the window. Hopefully Endow will help restore the teaching on the dignity of people. Obama really is attacking the dignity of the human person , and the dignity of women is at the heart of it. it all goes back to the garden of Eden. God put enmity between the womans off spring and the off spring of the sack. Obama is working for the snake. I am not sure about atheists. maybe they too would even agree with the social teachings of the Catholic church even though they do not believe in God. They may want to work towards the common good. I think they would be against anything God would want. I may be wrong. I don't know. We can not change what has happened in the past so we move forward. God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. There is too many people in church that come to church and have no idea what the church teaches. Endow is a good step forward to change that.

  3. Bulbajer
    3 years ago

    Carolyn, St. Maximillian is one of my favorite saints. I'm not denying that Catholics have done good for the world; we have, a lot. I'm saying that Catholics, both in the clergy and the lay movement, have done many bad things over the long history of the Church. The Church has acknowledged many of these wrongdoings, especially since Vatican II. If you have time, you might enjoy reading about a few Christian reform leaders: Lucretia Motts, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, Dorothy Day, Terrence Powderly, Mother Jones, Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass... and that's just some reformers I found who were mostly active in the 19th and early 20th centuries. All these people were Christian and incorporated their religious beliefs into their reform movements. That's not to say, there haven't been any atheist reformists, but we Christians certainly have our place in the history of positive social movements. About "pro-choice" people: I have generally found that they're not hateful. They simply misunderstand the pro-life position. If we can convince them that being pro-life is both the right thing to do and closer to being truly "feminist" than the pro-choice movement can ever be, then I think we'll have the majority of American men and women on our side.

  4. carolyn
    3 years ago

    Bulbajer, Great! When are you going to start? I am glad you will give catholicism a try. What ever you mean by perfect church. her teachings are perfect. Remember, the people in the church are not perfect. The more I read about the saints , the more I learn about history and how life was like for them and for all people in different countries. It is amazing how hostile the world is to Christians, particularly to Catholics. By reading about the saints and the church i have learned a lot about history. Can you give me examples of what people you are talking about so that I can read about them. I am not sure if I understand. Catholics are peace loving people. They helped all kinds of people. Catholics started the first schools. They started the first hospitals. . Saint Maximillian Kolby stepped in to take the place of a Jewish man who was a father and about to be killed in the concentration camps. There are many example of catholics that gave selflessly of themselves for the sake of the suffering of someone else. Catholics helped slaves escape and risked their own lives. Blacks have always been an important part of the church. Jesus was Jewish. he is our Lord, and our salvation comes from the Jews. Mary is our heavenly mother whom we love and because of her women have always been respected and the dignity of women has been held even higher than that of men. We are equal, but different than men. I am not sure what you mean about the pro-life movement. People who are not pro life are so hateful and against life. They throw out evil remarks and have no proof for their position they argue. It is like you can almost hear the devil himself speaking. The things they say are definitely not coming from God. They are out there fighting for the dark side. It is mostly Christians defending life for all people. And those that are pro- choice are not for preserving and protecting life. There is no such thing as pro choice. If we believe that women has a choice, then we cooperate in the evil of making it o.k to kill a life. Choosing life is the only option, otherwise we choose death.

  5. carolyn
    3 years ago

    Sarah Can you please explain what you mean. I don't understand since you separated a verse from its context.

  6. Bulbajer
    3 years ago

    Carolyn, okay. I'll give the "perfect" church a try. I'd also encourage you to read up on the first people who questioned the "official" history of us good, peace-loving Christians and the first people who questioned the questioned the morality of the anti-government laissez-faire movement. These people were, for the most part, Christians themselves. They recognized that Muslims, Filipinos, Cubans, Hawaiians, workers, Native Americans, blacks, Jews, women, weren't the savage/lazy/inferior people that the mainstream portrayed them as. Eventually they convinced society that they were right. Hopefully the same thing will happen with the pro-life movement someday.

  7. Sarah
    3 years ago

    The Church is NOT fulfilling Matthew 22:21 until such time that the Church begins to pay taxes.

    1 Timothy 2-2 They did NOT pray out of duty, they prayed out of Love and choice. The Disciples did everything from love and choice.

  8. Rob
    3 years ago

    vance, I think we have to also accept the fact that to some degree folks have chosen to be moral relativist. It's human nature to some degree to try and rationlize our behavior. Adam had no problem blaming their action on God (it's the women you sent me who made me do this). But to concede that this is the sole problem is to almost proclaim that the message of Christ has no power. If our focus on His message is mostly turned inward (to ourselves or only our church) or when it's shared with the world as a whole is felt to be a message of condemnation versus love. I don't mean love in the distorted sense of the world (tolerance), but the true love of Christ (I did not come to condemn the world). The world needs to see that in our witness and our lived lives. And I think the reason that our message has fallen on deaf ears is because Christians by and large don't live a whole lot differently than the rest of the world. We can't be suprised that the nonbelieving public and even some in our own ranks rejects a message that they only hear in words but never in action. I think we are too focused on the things of this world and are starting to lose the focus we need to have on what Christ is asking us to do. What we need in a massive scale from our Bishops is not more talks on abortion, gay marriage etc, but on conversion. Because as we all know, the moment you encounter Christ and the conversion process begins, nothing is the same. And it matters not who is in office or what they do. You become powerful in Christ in a way the government can never legislate away.

  9. Vance
    3 years ago

    Rob, it is tough for many to lead Christian lives when they have been brainwashed all their lives in moral relativism. All Christians have looked to politicians and entertainers for leadership for generations. Pope John Paul II was the first international religious leader who grabbed everyone's attention. The church was in free fall until he became Pope. He stopped the bleeding. It is our current Holy Father the Pope who is healing the body. God works in his own way but I believe we are witnessing a new awakening. Obama and the Marxist Democrat Party had created the Tea Party Movement and now they are creating the Rise and awakening of the USCCB. The Catholic Church has been weighted down by members of the USCCB who are hardcore followers of the Marxist Democrat Party. I believe God in time will weed them out and replace them with leaders like Cardinal Dolan and Archbishop Chaput. In the meantime, all you and I can do is keep trying to bring people to Christ.

  10. carolyn
    3 years ago

    Bulbajer, You do not have to be so apologetic. You really did not hurt my feelings. There will always be people against the Church. Both from inside and outside, because they do not know what the church actually teaches and why or do not know the history of the Church. I can not be sorry for what the Church teaches. She can stand alone. long before I am gone off the face of the Earth She will still be here, because the gates of hell will not prevail against it. Then I will hope that I am rewarded Heaven for the good that do. God is a just and merciful and can even forgive the sins of the most hardened criminal if they repent. I am sorry if I offended you too by my tone. Because of How Catholics have been treated and persecuted, even in our own country, that should give us a greater zeal to learn every thing we can about church history abroad and how and why it happened. We should also get to know how the Church was founded here in America and what it went through. We need to defend it. Those people that will not accept it will have to find their way to the Church on their own. It is a lot tougher, They will have to come to know it by searching and learning everything on their own. The books have been written and there are some great scholars that teach about the faith. The work has been done. All we have to do is read and listen to them. Especially to our Dear mother Mary. She will guide you to her son and his Church. If you don't trust the Church listen to what the Early church fathers. Even some not so good Catholics learn on their own and have a reversion. The Catholic church is perfect. Its members do not always get along, but it is so big that there is someone that we will get along with. As long as we follow gods command to love one another. Savage muslims were violent to The Church. The Church only wanted back what was theirs. They took land, robbed, raped and did not treat us very good. Christians are not perfect, But most of leaders are very Holy. Some were bad and had a change of heart and became great defenders of the faith like st. Augustine. and became saints. St.Peter and Paul are another two. They repented and turned to the Church. Judas committed a crime, fell into despair and killed himself. He wanted to take it all back. but what was done was done and couldn't take that suffering. It only takes a few to ruin it for the rest. That doesn't stop me from loving my Faith,my God and the Catholic church I belong to. People who aren't Christian have also did some terrible crimes also. Our secular government approves abortion and disrespects the life of the unborn in the name of money. and sheds more blood than anything the church has ever shed to protect it self from savage people . Babies die the hands of people working for the devil every day world wide. Christians are not truly free in this world. We still need to love even in the face of adversity. We do need to attract people to the Faith by the way we live our lives and profess with our lips. Our actions do speak louder than words. Christians are held to a higher standard. to who much is given, much shall be expected.

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