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Ann Coulter, I Am More of a Catholic than a Conservative, Just Like Rick Santorum Comments

Ann Coulter's criticism of Rick Santorum for being "more of a Catholic than a Conservative" makes me want to do even more to help people come to understand his positions. You see, I consider myself more of a Catholic than a Conservative. As for Ann Coulter, while she continues her act as a conservative political gadfly, more and more people are beginning to pay attention to Rick Santorum. Continue Reading

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  1. Rocky
    3 years ago

    Ann Coulter is only out for Ann Coulter. In addition to her disdain of Catholic conservatives, she hates Evangelical conservatives. Give her a immoral man (or woman) with no standards and she will be extremely satisfied. She is a sell-out to the gay and bisexual community. She now even serves on one of their boards. When she speaks anymore, I know she is only tooting her own horn or is in bed with Hussein Obama himself.

  2. Matthew
    3 years ago

    Thanks for the article Deacon. God bless you all!

  3. John
    3 years ago

    Political parties are organizations to which we can be loyal, but the Church is an organISM to which we are truly attached. Amen!

  4. ninov
    3 years ago who do you recommend we look at as a candidate if you don't like Santorum or Gingrich?

  5. Sandy
    3 years ago

    I cannot understand why a homeschool dad would want to increase the size of the fed. dept of education. And I don't understand how a good Catholic would want to increase the wars, going into more debt. and inflating currency to do it. I think Rick Santorum is not as good a Catholic as people think he is.

  6. abey
    3 years ago

    They deceive themselves by their own words. The likes of Ann Coulter who feel more obliged to the so called secularism by its media, but for her own glory, instead of understanding herself Biblically, a true character of a Catholic, thus by her present contradictory moral status in-tune accordance to the Biblical Prophecy " The Prince of the power of air, the Spirit that worketh in the children of disobedience" or called "Falling for the prince" which prince incidentally happens to be the foul frog, in spirit, out of the mouth of the evil one,as stated in Biblical revelations.

  7. Weezy
    3 years ago

    When history is overlooked, all context is lost. The Church's social activism during the Civil Rights Movement & its community outreach thru Catholic Services is pretty admirable. Unfortunately, this concern for 'the least of these' [you know, our Saviour Jesus Christ admonishing 'believers' that they would be judged based on their treatment of the least of these] is not reflected in the commentary of Santorum or Gingrich. It is not a sign of leadership to denigrade & belittle unfortunate people. Look to the book of Timothy if you need a description of the kind of leadership God requires.

    How is it that people that are barely a generation removed have conveniently forgotten the need for ensuring the masses are treated fairly? This nation was built on landowners enslaving people for free labor, genocide of Native peoples, and laws that only protected men of certain incomes. Let's be real--this was true 'redistribution'.

    For those who scoff and say it was SOOO long ago, I'm referring to my grandparents. How many of your ancestors worked for FREE three hundred years? ALL of mine did. The Bible clearly requires atonement to begin with acknowledgement. Our country never really moves forward because there is no atonement; arrogance & pride are now treated as virtues. No wonder our country is in a mess.

    FYI-for all you mathematicians: Welfare is 11% of GDP. Why is it on the forefront of so-called problem solving? If your focus at your job was on 11% of the problem, how long would your company 'value' your employment?

  8. Nicholas Anthony Murphy
    3 years ago

    In this article the author states "We need a President who understands the vital role of moral values in the economic order." I believe this statement to be true. However, I feel we need a majority of Americans who understand the need for a "vital role of moral values in the economic order", and want it. Till then, we will see a decline in freedom in this country. The people will get what they want.

  9. Andrew
    3 years ago


  10. Rob C
    3 years ago

    And when Catholicism looses its mind, it becomes Evangelical Neoconservatism, bent on reshaping the world in America's holy image. You ignore the fact that Coulter and Santorum are sympatico on foreign policy. Now you're making the case that Santorum's (obviously big-government) record on domestic issues is perfectly defensible, as a Catholic. Yet Coulter actually gets it exactly right in her criticism of Santorum, insofar as he promotes federal-education spending, federal-health care, federal-welfare and economic collectivism, in general. She wasn't criticizing his compassion for the poor, she was deriding his inclination toward federal welfare. Supporting federal welfare is not the same as supporting compassion and charity; criticizing federal welfare and advocating states' rights is not the same as being a heretic. I never read anything in my Catechism that Catholic politicians (and voters in general) ought to support federal welfare in the United States. In fact, I've read the mandate for the social policy of subsidiarity pretty clearly; which obviously supports the case for states' right and considerable autonomy from the central state. So, you're argument places you in a very strange position of supporting (a) Neoconservative warmaking policies [in contravention of the Just War theory]; and (b) socialist economic policies (collectivism) [in contravention of the Commandment against stealing]. Since when is this the true Catholic position? Since when are Catholics required to think taxation and redistribution of wealth at the federal level = charity?

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