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Ann Coulter, I Am More of a Catholic than a Conservative, Just Like Rick Santorum Comments

Ann Coulter's criticism of Rick Santorum for being "more of a Catholic than a Conservative" makes me want to do even more to help people come to understand his positions. You see, I consider myself more of a Catholic than a Conservative. As for Ann Coulter, while she continues her act as a conservative political gadfly, more and more people are beginning to pay attention to Rick Santorum. Continue Reading

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  1. Michael
    3 years ago

    I hope Mr. Santorum uses this to his advantage, as I would love to hear him say something like "Yes, I am more Catholic than conservative, as I am more Christian than conservative, because it is not politics that will save this country, this world, but a loving God, and that is where I put my trust!"

  2. Freeda
    3 years ago

    I used to read Ann Coutler's columns. But not anymore. She has been bought and paid for. It's very obvious. Notice the change. It happened overnight!!!!

    Nowdays, just dis-regard anything Ann Coulter says. The One World Government has gotten to her. Her articles are pure crap now. Do NOT let her (the Ann Coulter ROBOT) influence you in any way. She has become irrelevant.

    Look at the facts: She, very vocally, supports Romney---the old Ann Coulter would have NEVER done that!!! MItt Romney is a One World Government Socialist Pig

  3. Vance
    3 years ago

    Ann Coulter is a Mitt Romney supporter and is actively campaigning for him. She is way wrong about Santorum and so is Ron Paul who has been leveling nasty hateful remarks about Santorum. Ann Coulter's description of Liberals as Demonic is spot on.

  4. Everett Mann
    3 years ago

    John D, the biggest problem is under population? Really? Abortions happen at a staggering low rate occuring in 2 percent of all pregnancies. Miscarriages account for another 1 percent... Couple this with people artificially preventing countless pregnancies, you might have a case.. But you don't... There are NO JOBS. People before and during the depression had many children because they needed the labor from those children on the farms and in the factories. Since big agriculture took over and the factories all moved overseas, it is no longer necessary to have more than 2 children. And I have yet to see the church actually feed cloth and house families who live in areas where the economy died in the 80's (like my hometown). No instead, many Catholics asked why Parishoner X has four children and cannot take care of them. So you tell me, is it better the child not have to suffer the pain of hunger or not be born at all? I am not condoning abortion. I believe you can prevent abortion and starving children by not getting pregnant in the first place. Contraceptives work to reduce both. I really want to know why the Church cannot see this as a family planning tool. And please do not give me the sactomonious garbage about all the sexual freedoms because that simply is not the case.

  5. Rob
    3 years ago

    It's just crazy to see all this infighting in the GOP. One trait I would say that they have exhibited over the years is allegiace to the party and platform. Seems like a big fight for the direction of the party. I think this is a good thing, just wish they would have picked another time to do it.

  6. Bud McGuire
    3 years ago

    Rick Santorum's domestic policies look OK to me, but I have to question his foreign policy. Amd I correct in judging that Santorum intends to continue the Bush foreign policy of coninuous warfare in the middle east in onder to punish all of the enemies of Israel, indefinitly?


    ately s

  7. Bulbajer
    3 years ago

    Rocky... no. Ann Coulter called John Edwards a f****t. She responded to Jerry Falwell's statement that pagans, abortionists, feminists, and LGBT people allowed 9/11 to happen by arguing that he had not gone far enough.

  8. John D
    3 years ago

    The biggest problem facing Europe (and, the USA is right behind them on the learning curve) is a crushing demographic problem. They simply are not having children over there. Why? Two reasons: artificial birth control and abortion. Some will argue about how expensive kids are and how bad the economy is. Times were tough during the great depression and there were on avergae six kids per family in the 1930's. Looks like economics didn't stop them from having children. So, who is the ONLY candidate who has the right idea about both of these controversial topics? If Europe had a growing population instead of one on the verge of implosion, they'd have enough young people to pay into their social systmes to keep them going. The same thing is true here in the USA. If we had 3 or 4 children per family versus just over 2, we could afford all those programs. As it stands now, because we are not being fruitful and multiplying, we are stuck with social sytstems that simply cannot work going forward. Santorum is right. Sadly, few will listen.

  9. agman
    3 years ago

    My question for Catholic Online is this: Once this race has been narrowed down to two men, Dr. Ron Paul and Willard Romney, will Rick Santorum (and Catholics here) choose to endorse the only pro-life candidate? I don't know if people really appreciate the significance of this election: We have someone who has actually stated "Abortion is the greatest issue of our age". Unlink some others, I will not tell you that Santorum is unelectable, is a "joke", has no understanding of foreign affairs, would be dangerous for America... That would be extremely UNCHARITABLE to those here who support him. All I want to know is this: If Santorum drops out, where will his support go? Where will his earned delegates go? Where will Catholics go? Some of the best Catholic political pundits on the net, most of whom do not write for Catholic Online, have very serious reservations about Santorum's electability, and I hope his supporters here have a back-up plan.

  10. Gonzo
    3 years ago

    My sentiments exactly...I have been a reluctant republican. I am praying for Santorum. Some of these republicans make me cringe in terror the same as their democrat counterparts. Most of them will call themselves pro-lifers and give family values lip service just to get votes.

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