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Ann Coulter, I Am More of a Catholic than a Conservative, Just Like Rick Santorum Comments

Ann Coulter's criticism of Rick Santorum for being "more of a Catholic than a Conservative" makes me want to do even more to help people come to understand his positions. You see, I consider myself more of a Catholic than a Conservative. As for Ann Coulter, while she continues her act as a conservative political gadfly, more and more people are beginning to pay attention to Rick Santorum. Continue Reading

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  1. Chris
    3 years ago

    I am of the opinion that the frenetic movement in the Republican party illustrates a lack of trust. I believe that is what accounts for the radical swings in the anti-Romney candidates.

    I trust Mr. Santorum because I know that as a Catholic he is aware that he's accountable - that his actions will bear out at his particular judgement.

  2. David D.
    3 years ago

    That's what happens when I scan through posts ... I miss all the good stuff!

    Gabriella & Beth ... Amen!

    Everett ... rather than taking the time here to present fully the position of the Church regarding contraception (which if you study the statistics is far less effective than some might have you believe ... condoms for example are less than 97%) I would direct you to the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Ok ... I'll even make it a tad easier for you ... Part 3, Section 2, Chapter 2, Article 6, Sub-Section III ... but that's where the help stops. I have found that reading before and after a particular subject of interest usually answers questions I didn't even know I had! Please take the time to read and 'chew on' the information. Not only will you discover why the Church views contraception as so offensive to the dignity of the human spirit and to the marriage covenant but you may also find the answer to the inevitable question ... "then why does the Church promote NFP as a means of spacing or regulating births?" On to Humanae Vitae (that's a hint)

    When I began reading the Catachism as an adult, it was like reading the "Big Book Of Answers To Everything" that I had when I was a child. Everything falls into place and so many doors are opened for further study. Ok, I admit it ... it was awesome!

    As far as the staggeringly low rate of abortion goes ... if in fact it only occurs in 2% of pregnancies, would any of you here cross the street if you knew your chances of surviving was only 98%? You mean a person is more likely to be murdered in the womb that they are walking down a dark alley in New York City?

    Subsidiarity ... gotta love it. We are our brothers keepers. I live in an area devastated by Hurrican Irene back in September. Day by day our community is recovering from the damage ... and day in and day out I see our Catholic and sister Churches in Christ offering food, clothing, and housing to those affected. We don't 'rate' their level of need ... if they come they share equally in whatever resources are available.

    p.s. I hope that I will not violate etiquette of this site but may I offer the following ... I have found over the years that if you want most people to listen to what you have to say and to enter into constructive dialogue ... inserting phrases like "sanctimonious garbage" into your posts does little to encourage such exchanges.

    Gabriella and Beth ... AMEN, again!!!

  3. Gabriella
    3 years ago

    Dear Everett,

    there is no such thing as overpopulation, too many children. Big families have big needs. Small families have small needs. A family with 5 children needs 5 pairs of shoes, 5 school bags, 5 strollers, 5 beds, 5 bicycles etc. Those things need to be bought, paid taxes for, promote higher production, create more jobs...and the list goes on.
    Life is a gift, we cannot create it by ourselves, it is given to us. Contraception and abortion defile these gifts, render them unwanted. Children cost money - so does a big, empty house, a luxurious car, an expensive vacation, etc. However, children grow up, find jobs, pay taxes, take care of their parents, etc. Large families bring prosperity and decrease a need for immigration - which also costs money, a lot of money.
    So, Everett, where would you rather spend your money, on children that bring joy and love to you or, would you rather that your tax money be spent on unemployment, immigration, etc. - and then, in your old age, pay for your stay in a retirement home because there is no child to take you in and care for you.
    Think about it, Everett, not everything you read is true. Overpopulation is a big lie and it is promoted by those who do not love life, respect life, cherish life.There is a lot of suffering in the world but it is not caused by 'overpopulation', it is caused by greed, selfishness and injustice.
    The New York City restaurants throw out tons of perfectly good food every day because they cannot, legally, serve it to their clients the next day, it is considered old, bad - yet, there are thousands of children that die every day because they have no water, no food - a better distribution of wealth in the world would solve this problem. The problem, as you see, lies with us.

  4. Hanabata
    3 years ago

    they are both hypocrites and should both be excommunicated. the only ones they want to help is themselves-Shame, shame

  5. Beth
    3 years ago

    Yes, William, being pro-life DOES mean caring for the human person - at EVERY stage of his/her life. The problem with voting Democrat is that it usually means voting for someone who has NO mercy toward the unborn, while he/she uses the promise of various entitlements to buy votes from the poor. I believe in some cases these programs do help - but overall, has bigger government resulted in less poverty or more? Stronger families, or weaker ones? Let's not forget that one of the most accurate predictors of poverty in recent decades has been whether or not there are two parents in the home - and the "pro-choice" mentality has had a pretty negative impact on the involvement of fathers in the lives of their children. "Your body, your choice - your problem" is the conclusion that many young people have drawn from the radical feminist agenda that embraced abortion on demand as a woman's "right". The fact is, there is no perfect political party or philosophy - but there is within Catholic teaching a clear emphasis on protecting innocent life AND helping one's neighbor. The former must be enforced through just laws in order to be effective - the latter can be accomplished through various means, both public and private.

  6. Vance
    3 years ago

    William Jerome, Reality Check?? The "Reality" is that your Dear Leader Obama has jacked up the National Debt ((( 6 TRILLION DOLLARS ))).on his watch. The Reality is your Dear Leader Obama has jacked up the Poverty Rates to a 50 year high with a 50 year high of those who are on Food Stamps. You were saying something about the "Caring for the Human Person after birth?" The Reality is that your Dear Leader doesn't "Care" for the "After Birth" person any more than he cares for the "Before Birth" person. The Reality is your Dear Leader Obama has sent 15+ Million people to the unemployment lines and Millions who lost their businesses AANNDD those tens of thousands of people whose houses are under water. I don't think these "After Birth" humans love your Dear Leader like you. That's because they are not idiots.

  7. William Jerome
    3 years ago

    How come all of you pundits never discuss the lop-sided class structure in America? How come no consideration of the immense power of meta-corporations by you big government haters? You need a reality check. The vast majority of the people have little influence on the decisions that affect their lives. At least with the government you can vote-something you can't do with , for example, the pharmaceutical industry. I'm a good Catholic who, if I vote, will probably vote Democratic. Being "pro-life" means something more than just caring for the unborn child; it means caring for the human person after birth. Private industry has done a lousy job of that. You guys want to remove all effective controls over the banks and financial sector that got us into this mess!

  8. David D.
    3 years ago

    Interesting that so many of you see Sen. Santorum as a big government politician. Looking only at the voting record of our elected officials without taking the time to understand their positions, without consideration of the options that were available to them at the time, and without acknowledging that certain elements within the programs they endorsed may in fact have furthered progress in specific, albeit limited, areas (in Sen. Santorum's case social and/or fiscal conservatism/reform), does little to increase our true understanding of the 'man within the man'. Sen. Santorum has taken responsibility for his "imperfect conservatism" and whenever asked, has explained, at least to the satisfaction of this Catholic Conservative (in that order) living in rural upstate New York, his support of those education and transportation programs that would fall under the big-government umbrella.

    As for his acknowledging that his position when it comes to the protection of this Nation and its allies, specifically Israel, is one of swift military intervention or at least maintaining the capability to do so I would offer only ... carrying the biggest stick on the block doesn't mean you are given carte-blanc to use it indiscriminately, but it sure comes in handy when you are forced into defending yourself. We should be looking for men who know that and who are capable of discerning the and 'when's and what's' when it comes to the use of force.

    By the way, unless there's been a recent revision to the Bible, they remain God's chosen and as Catholics we remain called by God to aid in their protection.

    With Sen. Santorum, what we see is what we get. Given the rise in progressive secularism, is it any wonder that there's been such an outcry against someone who believes that our freedoms stem from the simple fact that as a nation whose beginnings were and remain rooted in Judeo-Christian values, we recognize and value the worth of every individual. From womb-to-tomb. Not as a poorly veiled government mandate that hides under the name of 'social justice' ... which by the way you all should run screaming from if you ever hear it associated with anything beyond the scope of assembled individuals concerned about the welfare of their brothers.

    Is he a perfect man? No, he makes no claim to be. Simply ... he is faith-filled and faith-led. He is 'other-centered', and I believe that trait will shine in the next several months.

  9. Beth
    3 years ago

    After watching recent video of Ann Coulter getting "bleeped" on a Fox network show for calling John McCain (who, ironically, also supports Romney) a "douchebag", and now reading her remarks about Rick Santorum, I think she needs to... 1) stop talking so much; 2) have her mouth washed out with soap; and 3) eat something - she's too skinny.

    Everett Mann, there is nothing wrong with people choosing to have smaller families for unselfish financial reasons. The Church does not teach that every couple must have a large family. Family planning that cooperates with the couple's bodies and leaves the sexual act as it was designed, rather than contraceptives that work against the body and alter the sexual act, is embraced by the Church. The contraceptive mentality creates the perceived "need" for abortion, because it is that mentality which produces the idea that one should be able to have sex without experiencing its natural consequences. Yes, there is hardship in life and we must help one another. The Church does this, through her members, in many ways. But the fact is there would be a lot less suffering if people made the necessary sacrifices to live within the natural law.

  10. Laura
    3 years ago

    God has inspired Gingrich and Santorum to run for President. Now, we need to pray, discern and ACTIVELY support the best candidate!

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