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Game On! Rick Santorum Scores Big in the Iowa Caucus in a Stunning 8 Vote Spread Comments

In one of the closest and most dramatic Caucus votes in US history, Senator Rick Santorum shocked the political establishment  - and captured the Nations attention -  in a stunning come from behind near victory in the Iowa Caucus of 2012. At the end of a very long evening he stepped to the microphone and exclaimed,"Game On". Continue Reading

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  1. Rob
    3 years ago

    tech, my point exactly. Santorum's economic proposals, I do not believe, really will change anything. While there is no doubt he is as perfect as we could get on the social issues, I just don't see that in his economic platforms. There are only two ways we are going to reduce the deficit and pay our bills and they involve tax increases and spending cuts. This is what made Reagan, Bush Sr. and Clinton successful and until I hear a candidate speak candidly, I just can't throw in my support. Since Santorum appears to favor military action with Iran, has he suggest how he intends to pay for it?

  2. JoAnn
    3 years ago

    techwreck: Sorry, I don't agree my friend. God have mercy on us if we continue to ignore the most important issue ever. The sanctity of life. Without life we wouldn't have anything. If we get our priorities in order and get the right people in Washington. God will help us get the rest of the problems taken care of also. If this country does not get back to God, we will continue to go down the tubes. God bless.

  3. techwreck
    3 years ago

    Steve and Rob, I am not anti-Santorum and wish him well. But, in addition to his Iowa speech he also has a record. His record includes earmarks and votes for massive appropriations that increased the deficit and thus our national debt. Our country is in deep financial and economic trouble. Other posters may wish to ignore the fact that our debt vs. GNP (a measure of our ability to repay the debt) is comparable to France and Portugal and rapidly catching up to Greece, but this is no time to be talking about social issues. You haven't seen real social issues like you will if we continue to print money and end up defaulting on our debt. Our current President is a big part of the problem, and removing him should be the priority of any serious minded citizen. Once we are able to dodge a debt and economic crisis, we can discuss social issues, but the election should be focused on the economy and our country's finances. May God have mercy on us if we don't!

  4. JoAnn
    3 years ago

    Steve: Thank you, Steve. I couldn't have said it any better. Like you, my heart has been with Mr. Santorum from the beginning. He needs our support, our money and our prayers. Hopefully, it is God's will that Rick will be the next president. God bless.

  5. Steve
    3 years ago

    Techwreck/Rob/Sandy et al of same opinions: it simply is amazing how people perceive things. B Clinton & B Obama were also "weak" candidates at this time of their respective races. If you watched Mr Santorum's end of night speech, which apparently you did not, I cannot see how you failed to perceive those "intangibles" that we so rarely are privileged to see: conviction, principles, leadership, & faith. I haven't felt this inspired by a leader since Reagan. No onecurrently on earth, not me, not you or Rick Santorum is perfect but if you watched and listened, Mr Santorum is the real deal. I've watched him closely even before the Deacon's articles focused my attention. I agree: this guy has a spine of steel and a deep faith in God and a true love of country. Move beyond the cynicism, listen to your gut and trust God. I've sat on the sidelines long enough. My support, my money, my heart, and my prayers are now with Mr Santorum. So should yours be!

  6. Edward N.
    3 years ago

    @ninov, there is no arguing that the people of Iran are mad at us. They think we are evil and sinning for not converting to their religion, and yes they may be planning to harm America. We are not making the situation any better by invading Iran and tearing the country apart. We don't have the money for it and we have lost enough soldiers. We need to address the situation diplomatically possibly by involving other muslim countries we have helped. Now, if Iran was to take any action, it would first be to attack Israel, if they do, we will be there to help. We would only make it worse if we invade a country with no tangible cause. I know you may be scared of what could happen if we don't act, but find solace in the Lord our God, who watches over us and would treat this situation with diplomacy and respect.

  7. Rob
    3 years ago

    tech, given that the issues you've stated have become almost institutional over the last several decades and given the weakness of the frontrunners, it's probably time to get ready for another 4 year Obama term. None of the GOP candidates have any real solutions for any of those problems that we can take to the bank. There is a huge disconnect between what will win a GOP primary versus what will carry in the general election. A lot of folks I know who voted for Obama in the previous election have stated they would vote for Romney but of the rest of the field would probably vote for Obama again. I really thought this was a golden opportunity for the GOP and they seem to be bungling it. It's still early yet so I guess we'll see what happens. vance, your comment was as expected. But it made me think of something. Ever notice that no matter how much the opposition party (whoever it is) decries certain policies etc, they never over turn them? It really makes you wonder what the real game is in DC.

  8. Ninov
    3 years ago

    If given the choice between RP and RS, I'm going with the Catholic. He's a brother who goes into the confessional just like I do and if you are listening closely, he has been quoting many social teachigns right out of church documents. You'll never get that from RP. Ron Paul is dangerous on foreign affairs. We have a just war doctrine in our church. If someone breaks into your home, would you not defend your family/ I would with all force necessary. We'd best wake up. The muslims, as RP put it, aren't after us because of what we've done in the middle east, they are after us because their THEOLOGY says to convert or kill. Read the Koran, it's all there. The Muslim's living among us are just simply not good Muslims or they are lying in wait. Just as there are bad Catholics, there are Muslims not following their holy book. We cannot errect fences around us. Who cares if RP cuts the defense and gets the budget down if a nuclear bomb is set off in Chicago or NY, or LA or Dallas. I would rather live in a depressed economny and be alive, then be vaporized. Iran goes nuclear, they'll give them to the good Muslims who will eventually get through, likely Mexico's boarder with the US, and take a good portion of us out. 9-1-1 was not enough for them. RP is also a libertarian which does not fit with Catholic Theology in many ways.

  9. JoAnn
    3 years ago

    Fellow Santorum Supporters: While I am extremely pleased that Rick did so well in Iowa, we must continue to pray that it is God's will that Santorum is our next president. Winning in Iowa was just a small step towards a long journey. Remember, Huckabbee won Iowa and look what happened to him. Let's keep our fingers crossed, pray and trust in the Lord. God bless.

  10. JeanCatherine
    3 years ago


    You might as well call all Catholics homophobic if that is the case and it isnt true:

    Please see Courage Apostolate instituted by a Catholic Bishop in New York.

    Im sure most Catholics including Rick Santorum would suggest the Courage Apostolate. God Bless.

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