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U.S. Congress increasingly controlled by the super-rich Comments

Members of the U.S. Congress have grown increasingly wealthy, making the divide between the rich and the desperately poor in our nation all the more calamitous. According to Eric Lichtblau of the New York Times, congressional leaders have become the one percent that the Occupy Wall Street protesters have denounced as holding all the nation's riches and power.  Continue Reading

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  1. Vance
    3 years ago

    The Marxist Democrat Party has been playing 'Class Warfare' since the 19th century but are among the super rich just like today. Their playbook came straight from their hero Karl Marx. Today's Super Rich Marxists? John Corzine anyone? Yes, that Marxist who was praised by Obama and Biden as the 'Economic Genius' whose advice we follow. "Gee Congressman, I don't know where that Billion Dollars disappeared". Thank you Super Rich man Issa for exposing the corruption from 'Fast & Furious', 'Solyndra', 'Sun Power', etc, etc. It is up to us voters to decide whether we want corrupt Super Rich Abortionist Marxists like Obama, Reid, and Pelosi or Super Rich Constitutionalists.

  2. Judy
    3 years ago

    Rob, I do not like saying this, but the thought has crossed my mind! Perhaps that will be the new avenue in which we choose our who bankrolls them. Gosh, I dislike typing that! But we still must hang on. until we know that that is our only option. God Be With Us. Pray, pray, pray. We must fight until we know we no longer can. I haven't got that message yet.
    And yes, I see and hear what you do. And it's sickening. And yet, God's World is Beautiful!
    Hang Tough! The Fighting Irish! Blessings...

  3. Rob
    3 years ago

    Unfortunately Judy that ship has sailed. Too many powerful interest with money to be made to ever let that happen. I'm not even sure it matters what the person says anymore. If we really want to hear from the candidate, perhaps we should listen to what the interest that are bankrolling them expect for their money. Because that is really who we are electing. I really do not believe the people matter anymore. They are puppets for special interest that are permitted to become insanely wealthy at our expense. And the folks that go to DC fall in love with the "power" and prestige. It's our version of the royal family. I often envision them laughing at us poor peasants whenever the cameras are turned off. I don't know what makes them laugh harder, that we allow them to get away with what we do, or that we continually buy all the bs.

  4. Judy
    3 years ago

    Everett, Rob and Abey: Agreed. I would like to add that I would like to see that Something be done in our political candidate system: No $ necessary to enter or to run campaigns. By that I mean, every one is treated equally, rich or poor have the same rules. Rich can not use $ on hateful ad campaigns etc.,that No one likes anyway. (I am not speaking for me alone here, but from what I have heard from others).When they have come to our state, people of All parties, some, just turn off the T.V. until its over with...including me. I think people just want to hear from the person. Newt is a prime ex. (of course, he is not poor) but he does not have the $ it takes in this day and age to compete, (or Santorum) and That is Wrong. Everyone should have Equal footing. And as it is now, they do not. Hummmmm. Unfair voting or balloting boxes? I thought we only saw that in foreign countries? Blessings...

  5. abey
    3 years ago

    On the other hand the problem of being a super rich congressman , is that fringe groups hold them to ransom, forcing them to compromise on unmindful secretive/destructive Agendas, a devilish tactic of wealth,sex & power manipulations thus becoming slaves to their own selves in their wealth & power. Jesus Christ had no material wealth, for all his wealth is in heaven & is one of the reasons that He could not be manipulated by man or the devil. A perfect one. Knowing Christ is more than all the riches & power of this world.

  6. Sandy
    3 years ago

    I know it's deemed good journalism when both parties are bashed "equally". But let's not forget that John Kerry is one of the greatest advocates for the poor and under-privileged that we have in Congress. He's been the key advocate of the low-income housing trust fund, youthbuild, numerous early childhood programs, Ryan White legislation, and so much more I couldn't list it all. He did not dock a yacht in Rhode Island, he had it repaired there. Regardless, don't let these people convince you that the evil is being rich. They're the same ones who will yell about "class warfare" in November. No, "rich" isn't evil - GREEDY is evil and remember who votes against payroll tax cuts, unemployment extensions, pell grant increases, minimum wage increases, school funds, etc etc. It's not Democrats, no matter how many times the right tries to conflate the two parties with these nonsensical "comparisons".

  7. Rob
    3 years ago

    I think it's reasonable to assume that only the best and the brightest would be serving in our highest political offices (that's not always the case, I know). So it stands to reason that these same individuals would be successful in their life pursuits and have more wealth accumulated. I don't think anyone has a problem with that or the fact that they day they take office they may already be wealthy. But I do have a huge problem with wealth growing because they are able to engage in insider trading and a whole host of other things that causes their personal fortunes to grow at rates well outside the national average, even for folks within their income brackets. And honestly it's no wonder our entire government comes off like a bunch of out-of-touch baffoons. I suspect their goals with our country and government are a lot different than the average working American. I hate to generalize, but it seems as of late that the only thing that matters is the pursuit of power. They care little about moving this country out of the ditch we are in. And why should they? It's rare that they are impacted by any legislation that is passed and in fact go to great lengths to excuse themselves from the very laws they pass. I really hope that people start waking up to all this before it's too late.

  8. Everett Mann
    3 years ago

    Uh hello. You are just figuring this out?? And in case you haven't noticed, the local parishes are run by.. yep you guessed it.. the local super rich.. The true golden rule...

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