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COL Reports: Students All Set to Learn about 'Gay History' in California Schools Comments

In January a new law takes effect in California that will affect what kids are taught in school about those who self identify as lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgendered people.They will now be treated in the same way as members of racial or religious minorities. The law is known as the California Fair Education Act and mandates that school districts and schools are to individually decide how this subject should be approached. Continue Reading

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  1. Joseph R Yungk
    3 years ago

    "Are we capable of accepting homosexuals without limiting their lifestyle to celibacy?"

    Shouldn't homosexuals be able to at least accept themselves without that limitation? This is, after all, not a catholic country. Many don't "accept" homosexuals at all. Truth is you don't have to. But not accepting others as people you are breaking your own doctrine. Not allowing them, me, to have the same religious freedom which you torture with an absence of logic is meaning to say you can somehow prohibit my freedom.

  2. Robert Burford
    3 years ago

    The argument that gays and lesbians are a minority is weak at best. There is no sin in being a black man or women, or caucasion or a hispanic man or women, or thia or korean or anything else. It is not a sin to have homosexual desires. It is a sin to act on them Lev 18 and Romans 1. This does not make a homosexual a minority. We are all sinners and God's creatures and there is no minority in this. As sinners we are the majority of the human race.

  3. Per
    3 years ago

    Of course we are capable of accepting them, but not as "homosexuals". We accept them as men and women who have adopted an unfortunate lifestyle. They are unkiind to their parents, to themselves, to the opposite sex and to their nation. And they horrify parents by bombarding children with their propaganda. Human sexuality is malleable, as any list of peculiar perversions will demonstrate. Is a "shoe fetishist" an identity? I don't think so. We must help people afflicted with the gay lifestyle to see themselves as men and women, not as some third gender with its very own bill of rights.

  4. Greg Northway
    3 years ago

    Homesexuality is morally wrong. The bible says it is wrong in plain language. See Leviticus 20:13, Romans 1:26-27, & 1 Timothy 1:8-10. We must love and prayer for those who commit and support homosexual acts and lovingly dialogue with them to help them realize God's condemnation of such acts and hope they use the gift of God's freewill to say no to this temptation from the devil and also repent with sincerity. Satan wants homosexuality and gay marriage. God has clearly said homosexual acts are sinful so a God fearing person would be wise to head God's design for sex.

    Finally take homesexuality to its logical conclusion if the entire human race were to act in such ways. We would be extinct!! God's laws are to protect us not to ruin our time on earth. Rather His ways when followed bring about complete joy and fullfillment of eternal happiness for those that follow His laws.

  5. Daniel
    3 years ago

    Let's begin with this lesson: Homosexuality is defined by sex. Heterosexuality is defined by God. Homosexuality is defined by a perverted sexual act. It cannot be defined by love. It cannot be defined by children. And it cannot be defined by marriage. It is defined by sex - when two people in a perverse way become sexually active. Only then does a relationship become homosexual. It cannot be homosexual without a sexual act.

    In a similar way, I cannot be defined as a thief until I steal something.

  6. Rob
    3 years ago

    I would pull my kids out of the California school system. It is no wonder that state is in so much trouble. But I guess insane people don't know they are insane right?

  7. alllove
    3 years ago

    Sham,Sham on the gutless preacher, teachers and priest of all religion while the world is crawling and falling into sin what are they teaching. I blame the religion leaders for this they should have took a stand against this a long time ago and stood up for what is right. Guys and lesbians are in congress, on tv and even in the pulpit.

  8. JeanCatherine
    3 years ago

    Re: Representatives

    Send a copy of this over to your representatives and voice your opinion peacefully. They have to read it.

    By the way folks I have a teaching blog at Jean'sBistro2010's. If you go to my search I also wrote about article about Same Sex Attraction worth looking at? Dont know check it out. Thanks. I also have information regarding our faith there as well. Pass on thanks.

  9. karen
    3 years ago

    The focus needs to be on the action that makes what this person contributed of value. The sexual preference of an individual is not their gift to the community.

  10. Everett Mann
    3 years ago

    It's fascinating that nearly all of the comments here refer to "Gay" as purely homosexual sex acts and that the basis of these opinions is a bunch of contradictory nonsense. I cannot for the life of me understand how someone can say they love humanity but verbally and in writing spew such hatred. How do you do that and still sit piously in a pew on Sunday? Where in the Bible do any of you derive the power to sit in judgement of others? Like it or not, if we are to believe the Bible, we have to believe that homosexuality existed from the very beginning of time. Why else would Leviticus expressly prohibit it if it did not exist? Sorry if I do not believe the idea that God said to Moses something to the effect that in the 20th Century Homosexuals will rise up so we must include rules that people can use to shun them. So yes homosexuality has a history, and because history has routinely belonged to the oppressors and typically not the oppressed, the story was suppressed. Now that the oppression seems to be easing, the history is coming out.

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