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COL Reports: Students All Set to Learn about 'Gay History' in California Schools Comments

In January a new law takes effect in California that will affect what kids are taught in school about those who self identify as lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgendered people.They will now be treated in the same way as members of racial or religious minorities. The law is known as the California Fair Education Act and mandates that school districts and schools are to individually decide how this subject should be approached. Continue Reading

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  1. JeanCatherine
    3 years ago

    See: Courage Apostolate, God Bless. To Father John Harvey in his tireless work as well in the Courage Apostolate. May he rest in peace.

  2. PaulaNYC
    3 years ago

    There is no such thing as "homosexuality"; it is a contradiction in terms. You CANNOT have "sex" with someone of the same gender. Homosexual was a term created in the 1860's by a German who engaged in same-sex sodomy as a means of softening the ugly truth of his private life.

    Please, stop using the term. And, similarly, stop using "Gay". They are both intended to cloud the facts of their adherents behavior. The proper word for "homosexuality" is same-sex sodomy; its practitioners are sodomists.

    The best disinfectant for opaque public discourse is sunlight. Call the "homosexual" what he is; call the practices he engages in what it is. Don't be trapped into their terminology.

  3. JeanCatherine
    3 years ago

    Re: Vouchers

    Keep in mind folks who do or dont send their children to public or private school that money belongs to everyone. I believe in the 1960's that they fought to have vouchers and won this at the Supreme Court level. Please write your Representatives. Every child in the system whether they go to public or private school wherever the voucher system is accepted should be entitled to this voucher. Please find out from your representatives of google the voucher perogative. God Bless.

  4. matt
    3 years ago

    Reading severl comments It seems many have the same thoughts.
    Homosexuality is morally wrong when practiced. We do not teach our childeren to commit other sins why this one?
    Now we are all sinners agreed. My responsibilities as a parent are to teach that these things are WRONG.
    My Job as a parent not the states job to teach morals. When government begins to teach morals we have seen this in the past. Loss of rights. Loss of religious practice. Loss of personal freedoms.
    Naziism flourished because the state determined right from wrong. Communism and american slavery also persisted. WE must treat people as people but we cannot condone a sin because a group want to live by its own values.
    Monogamy will be wiped out. Abortion already exists putting one persons desires above another who cannot speak.
    We pondre why our children are confused when we raise them in this environment.

  5. Judy
    3 years ago

    Br. Paul: Very good! mamamad: Good for you! You know the meaning of Sacrifice. When we lived in Ca. years ago , we also Sacrificed for our children. Even H.S.! However, in Las Vegas, Nv. It is >Sacrifice. Only 1 C.H.S. to 7 or 8 C elem-jr.hi. That is Not including reg. public schools. Therefore, the cost for that C.H.S. is out of this world! Here again, the rule is supply and demand...I personally do not like to see the Catholic Church in this position. Higher prices for that one school than the #3 C.H.S. in the State of Ca.! It rather leaves a bad taste in the mouth. My spout. I don't like Not to be able to defend my Church. And this is an area that possibly might show financial greed, and that as a Catholic, I cannot explain to others. Rob: We took them out years ago! I don't know what happened to Ca. Just like I can say I don't know what happened to our country, but I do in both instances. My family came to Ca. in covered wagons...what happened??? Progress...Generations...Voting in the wrong person...Loss of Morality...History...etc....JeanCatherine: Great! Children should not be introduced to homosexuality. Let kids be kids. There childhood is taken away early enough! They will learn about it when they need too, Why do they need to be taught??? When I was a child, after I started school, and we'd go to visit &,'s Kilkenny's sentence always would be, after kisses & hugs, were: Who's you're boyfriend? And then teasing and laughing and more questioning would follow. Now that I am grown, and This is going on, What a healthy positive reinforcement! FAMILY teaching, reinforcing their own FAMILY! The Family cannot die. Love must reign Supreme. When there is a Legitimate 1% SSA they indeed are Helped, Loved, and Understood Blessings...

  6. Vance
    3 years ago

    Br Paul, your post is spot on. California, like all Blue Areas, is sliding into an abyss. They have one of the worst school systems in America. They don't teach the children how to read and do math but they will teach them how to be perverts. This is straight up Amoral.

  7. elleblue
    3 years ago

    Being gay is NOT like being Asian, Italian or some other ethnic group. Great real!!! The more they attempt to shove this nonsense down people's throats the more people will push back.

    Live you lives and let us live ours. It is possible to live together without agreeing with each other.

  8. rosemary
    3 years ago

    I honestly do not understand why children need to learn about homosexuals in history. If I had children and this nonsense were passed, I'd pull my children OUT of the school so fast they wouldn't have time to get their stuff our of their lockers. This really is appalling.

  9. Dennis
    3 years ago


    now more than ever .......

  10. John D
    3 years ago

    It is wrong to not treat people afflicted with same sex attractions with dignity. Refer to CCC 2357-2359. Still, it's also wrong to "encourage" this behavior on any level. Also, if we're going to start teaching about the contributions made by people with same sex attractions, let's tell the whole story. Let's talk about the drastically reduced life spans, high suicide rates, high substance abuse rates and the rampant promiscuity that goes along with this life style. Let's mention the high rates of anal cancer and urinary tract disease that results from unhealthy sexual practices. These unfortunate souls who are dogged by a same sex attraction need love, prayer, support, and caring. They don't need a society telling them to indulge in a life style that will ultimately harm them.

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