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Newt Gingrich to restore faith in presidency with faith in God Comments

As voters scrutinize Newt Gingrich they are examining the faith of a man who has like many others, had his ups and downs. A convert to Catholicism, Gingrich's views have wide appeal to Catholics, and as he articulates his beliefs, many are taking a new found interest in him. Continue Reading

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  1. Judy
    3 years ago

    To All: Whatever one thinks about their particular Pres. choice, I think most of us pretty much know the facts. The Common Goal for the Common Good of the People and this Country, in my opinion, is what should be at the heart of our discussion. And that would seem to be, to vote Obama Out! Attacking Rep. candidates will do the initial goal NO Good. Of course, some are better than others. But in my opinion, if one beats up one Rep. candidate too badly, one, in the end, might just be swayed back to Obama. To me, he is a continuing Death Threat to our country in more ways than one! I Do Not Want Obama To Be Re-elected! You All know what the latest things are that he has and has not done. My other concern w/Obama besides here at home is foreign affairs. Russia & Iraq are/were 20 years behind us in Drone tech. Did O. try to get ours back? No. Iraq is flying them! They may crash now, but O. and his neglect and inaction, has now put them years ahead in tech. Why? He severely lacks thinking in foreign affairs! He not only lacks thinking...he did/does nothing. Plus taking our nation into Socialist European Spending! WE ALL SEE what's happening there! Blessings...

  2. JoAnn
    3 years ago

    Bulbajer: No, I mean the unions. Newt has done nothing but compliment Andy Stern when Stern was with SEIU. Newt is not our man. Another thing I forgot to mention is he wants amnesty and I don't know this for a fact but I have my doubts that he will repeal Obamacare. We have two candidates that stand for what most of us want for America. I don't understand Christians not giving them more consideration.. Santorum and Bachmann. God bless.

  3. Rob
    3 years ago

    John, you bring up some excellent points. But I think you have to add an element to this analysis. I think it's fine to examine someone's belief system as a means to evaluate the candidate, but I also think you have to examine the person's life as well to determine if he honors that belief system. Everyone will have to determine if a particular believe system will influence the manner they would discharge the duties of the office. But I think anyone who lives, or at least tries like heck to live what they state publicly they believe speaks to their integrity. I want to know that a man is honest in what he say's he believe's in his core. And when it comes to matters of faith, it shouldn't get any more "core" than that. Romney appears to be a pretty solid man of faith (as they define it) and family man. It's why I will not count him out....or Santorum. And I say this knowing I disagree with them on some policy issues.

  4. John D
    3 years ago

    Well, Bulbajer, I disagree and it's not because I think Romney will impose his religion on us. Seriously, would you vote for a Moonie or a Hare Krishna? A person's religious beliefs should be a factor in how we vote - assuming we have taken the time to thoroughly investigate what the religion believes. Those people you are referring to, who had a low opinion of Catholicism, had those opinions because of a tremendous amount of disinformation that was spread by a hostile, Protestant America. That's why the Knights of Columbus was formed. Anyway, if an intelligent, but otherwise uninformed person had an unfavorable opinion of Catholicism, he might be disuaded from his original opinion once he took the time to research and learn the history/reasoning behind our beliefs. Now, If an intelligent, but otherwise uninformed person had an unfavorable opinion of Mormonism, but decided to investigate out of intellectual curiosity, I think he'd be quite surprised at the extraordinary claims made by the Mormons. I know this because I have done this exercise with friends (Protestant and Catholic). Sure, the Bible has extraordinary claims as well, but at least the Bible lines up with non Biblical historical records and archaeology. That gives it credence. The same cannot be said for the peculiar claims made by the Book of Mormon. This is not to say that Mitt Romney (or Mormons in general) are bad people. Quite the contrary. But, I do have to question his intellectual honesty and by that I mean he either really believes the relatively recent and baseless extraordinary claims of the Book or Mormon, or he is just going through the motions to keep the peace in the family. Either way, I'm disappointed. Lastly, for you to truly grasp what I'm saying, you have to do your own investigation into what Mormons believe. The blanket statement of, "It's not right to dismiss a candidate because of his religion", is politically correct feel good nonsense. Having said all of this, I'd still vote for Romney over Obama if it came down to it. While Romney's beliefs are "over the top" for me, Obama's beliefs (or lack there of) are "WAY over the top".

  5. Bulbajer
    3 years ago

    JoAnn, perhaps you mean that the Manchester Union Leader - a newspaper, not a union - has endorsed him?

  6. Sandy
    3 years ago

    One of the most disheartening things about Newt Gingrich winning the Republican nomination for president is that in the general election, Obama would have the moral high ground.

  7. JoAnn
    3 years ago

    Dear Friends: I lied, I have another point to make about Newt. He has stated that FDR was the greatest president of all time PLUS he is being endorsed by the UNIONS. Please, please, please discern very carefully with prayer. God bless.

  8. JoAnn
    3 years ago

    Dear Friends: One more thing. Newt Gingrich is another John McCain (BOTH PROGRESSIVES) Teddy Roosevelt was their idols. Need I say more? God bless.

  9. JoAnn
    3 years ago

    Dear Newt Supporters: Please, please, please think about what kind of a person do you really want? Do you want less government, someone who respects and upholds the Constitution and our FREEDOMS, someone who is Pro-life and promotes family values and somone who wants to cut spending and build a stronger nation? If so, then you don't want Newt. If you put Newt in, you will be getting more of the same PROGRESSIVE policies that the present administration is forcing on us. Only on a slower pace. Yes, Newt is a recent Catholic convert, (thank God, welcome home Newt) yes he is pro-life but he believes in a mandate for healthcare, global warming and almost every other policy that the progressives want and true conservatives do not want. He wants big government and control of our lives. For goodness sakes, listen to the man more closely in the debates. His policies are PROGRESSIVE. Remember how we got here. The PROGRESSIVES!!!!!!!!! It is the PROGRESSIVES that we need to THROW OUT OF WASHINGTON. Progressives are in BOTH PARTIES. And it is PROGRESSIVEISM that is the CANCER eating away at our country. Tea Party people, I am talking to you also. What was all the protesting against big government, too much spending and too many taxes, too many Progressives all about? Were you just making noise? If you were really serious, then Newt is NOT the candidate!!! Don't compromise your principles and your values for Newt. You are being duped by the opposition. They want to run against Newt because they have so much dirt on him that has not been brought out yet because they know that it will shoot him down if he is the candidate running against Obama. Again, please research Newt Gingrich. I have faith that when you find out everything there is to know about Newt, you will not support him. I am not talking about his personal life. He has repented and God has forgiven him and so should we. I am talking about his political history. God bless.

  10. Bulbajer
    3 years ago

    John D., let's assume that you're right in saying that Mormonism is crazy. Does that mean that Romney and Huntsman are crazy as well? Do you think that they'll try to introduce the Book of Mormon as a required text for public schools? That's what anti-Catholics in the 19th century thought. Oh, yes, I'm comparing anti-Mormonism to anti-Catholicism. Oh me oh my. Catholicism seemed crazy to a lot of people. It still does. But say they were right - Catholicism is crazy. Would that justify their prejudice? I say no. Opposing people due to their religion and nothing else is wrong. Never judge a person by their religion.

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