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Newt Gingrich to restore faith in presidency with faith in God Comments

As voters scrutinize Newt Gingrich they are examining the faith of a man who has like many others, had his ups and downs. A convert to Catholicism, Gingrich's views have wide appeal to Catholics, and as he articulates his beliefs, many are taking a new found interest in him. Continue Reading

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  1. JoAnn
    3 years ago

    Vance: My friend, I, for one, am not talking about his personal baggage. Who doesn't have that. I'm talking about stuff coming out of his own mouth. Like you, I thought Newt may be the one. But, after listening to him and researching his political philosophy, He is too far away from my principles and values. If he didn't have an "R" behind his name, I would swear that he was a Democratic Socialist. Is that what you want? I thought all of us were pretty much in agreement regarding what kind of candidate we wanted. What I'm afraid of is that we all want Obama out of Washington so badly, that some of us are "settling" again and compromising what we really believe in. It is still early and we still have time to scrutinize these candidates thoroughly. The next debate is tonight, I think, Everybody who does not want progressives, listen to Gingrich very carefully. Mitt also for that matter They are dripping with progressivness. Don't you remember, it is the progressives that have gotten our country where it is today. Newt, for the past 20 years is in full support of individual mandates. Santorum and Bachmann are the only two candidates that are true grassroots conservatives. If Ron Paul wasn't so naive about foreign affairs and the middle east, he would be okay too. But the rest of them are cancers to this country. Newt said he wants to "transform" America. Now where did we hear that before? God bless.

  2. Vance
    3 years ago

    People who don't like Newt keep bringing up this "Baggage" slogan. If Newt survives the mud slinging at him, he will surely be a shoe-in for the presidency. Why? Because his enemies and adversaries will be out of ammunition come the fall campaign.

  3. JoAnn
    3 years ago

    Judy: No! Neither one of them is all right. And neither one of them will beat Obama. Please research them thoroughly. We have two true grassroots conservatives. Santorum can beat Obama. He has no baggage. He is a devout Catholic (not that it matters) He has fought abortion 100% of the time. He has never flipped flopped on anything. He remains consistant on all of his policies. He has a reasonably good handle on foreign affairs and what we are up against in the middle east. Newt, for the past 20 yrs. has advocated a mandate for healthcare. He believes in global warming. He believes in big government. He believes in entitlements. He is everything against what all of us profess to believe in. He thinks the greatest president that was ever in office is FDR. He calls himself a Wilsonian which means he has Woodrow Wilson horrible policies. I could go on and on. Mitt Romney is right behind him. If either one of those men get the nomination and if by chance one of them won. We will not be any better off. Are you going to compromise on your values and principles to put another progressive in office? Judy, my friend, think about it. God bless.

  4. Judy
    3 years ago

    JoAnn, We Must remember, that Newt or Romney, though Progressive in their own way , one having more attributes than the other. Also, either one, Will be Better than Obama as you know! Many Blessings to you and yours for your Sacrifices. I know that you have and are just by listening to your Spirit. God Bless...

  5. Judy
    3 years ago

    Hi Rob, No!!!! I am Not proposing a war. I was just stating another instance and pointing out where Obama is Lacking in Foreign Affairs. End of Story. Thanks for asking the question though. Others probably were not clear what I meant either. Blessings...

  6. M
    3 years ago


    Ron Paul is not an "isolationist." This is a term thrown around by war hawks to marginalize Paul and his ideas. Ron Paul believes in free trade and diplomacy between countries. He believes in a strong national DEFENSE that requires an act of Congress to declare war as the Constitution indicates. He supported the bill to capture Bin Laden after 9-11. He believes "terrorists" should be prosecuted for acts of violence, while at the same time maintaining that terrorism itself is a method- not an enemy itself. He does not believe that it is okay to imprison and assassinate others (even Americans) without duly charging and convicting them of crimes. He does not believe in policing the world and nation building. (How can America be judge, jury, and executioner of the world when we can neither keep a checkbook nor a moral code?)

    Ron Paul is a true diplomat who enjoys worldwide support for his ideas because he is fair, principled and honest. Americans could be assured of their safety because they would know that the Commander in Chief is a man of principle. There would be no secret deals, he would not be embroiling our country in personal, globalist wars that make more enemies each day than we can kill. He has a good grasp of foreign policy and the experience to understand and remember leaders and situations around the world. Of all the people I have met, he would be my first choice to represent the American people to the rest of the world.

    He is not Catholic. And I assume that a deeply Catholic person who has fully immersed themselves in long standing Catholic teachings regarding Church and State may be a better President. However, as you read both the positions of the Church and those of Ron Paul, you will see that they are very, very similar.

    Ron Paul was a OBGYN at a Catholic hospital. He is very pro-life having written books and articles on the subject as well as providing free care to mothers who needed it. He believes that abortion is murder and points out that murder is prosecuted by the states- not the Federal Government.

    He has spoken well of the Catholic Church on many occasions and frequently uses the old Catholic system of charitable hospitals as an example of health care that serves the poor without demanding a percentage of the laborer's work/property/life by the force called taxation.

    He believes that the Church defines marriage- not the government. What others may call "marriage" is irrelevant.

    Ron Paul's vision for America is not perfect because Americans are not perfect. As we heal and convert we can expect to find leaders of even greater prowess. But we can not look to government to fix our country's soul by force. We can not "legislate morality" as Paul puts it. And we can not save the world by ruining our image through corrupt money, unjust preemptive wars, torture of enemies, internal meddling, secret deals with powerful people and foreign "aid" to government elites.

  7. Rob
    3 years ago

    Laura, maybe Gingrich can get by on a technicality, but it doesn't change what he did. And his past will impact his ability to win this election. What will also impact his ability to win this election will be his activities since leaving office. He's made a fortune in "consulting" to the government and I'm sure very soon those activities will begin to be pulled apart. JoAnn, I agree with you in regards to what policies a Gingrich administration might bring. I too think he will not reverse the Healthcare reform act or work to repeal roe v. wade. The GOP needs these things so they can be used for future elections. If you actually repealed these things then they would have to rely on their actual records which is poor at best. Hi Judy, I'm not sure what you are proposing for us to do to get our drone back? Go to war? We got caught spying. So we are going to start a war over it? It's the risk we probably always take when we engage in these activities. Imagine what our reaction would be if some other country's drone dropped in our lap? Honestly, the whole thing seems fishy to me. I wouldn't be suprised if it's a piece of junk.

  8. JoAnn
    3 years ago

    Laura: I don't believe anyone is talking about his marriages. Newt has converted to Catholicism, has repented and has been forgiven. We are talking about his polital history. Did you not read my thread about PROGRESSIVES. Mr. Gingrich is a progressive through and through and it is because of the progressives our country is in the mess that it is in. Progressives on the right are fascist and progressives on the left are communist. He is for amnesty, his idol is Teddy Roosevelt (the man that introduced progressivism to this country) he thinks that FDR was the greatest president ever, he is for big government and less freedom. No, my friend, we must throw all the progressives out if we are to get this country back to the Republic and the Constitution that our Founding Fathers gave us. The Federal Government has imposed itself on just about every aspect of our lives. That was not the original intent. He praises Andy Stern from the SEIU. I want Obama out of office just as much as anyone else, if not more. Judy and I know who he is and if he gets 4 more years, you will not recognize this country. Santorum and Bachmann are the only two candidates that are true conservatives. Electing Gingrich will only keep this country at the mercy of another progressive who says he is a politico Wilsonian. Meaning a Woodrow Wilson advocate. It was Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson and FDR (mostly FDR) that has imposed more regulations and entitlements on us than any other president we have ever had. Up until now) We must not compromise our principles and our values and just settle on a candidate. If we sell ourselves out, what good would it do when we stand before Jesus at the end of time. If we don't fix ourselves, how are we to expect to fix our country. I again, just ask all of you to dscern very carefully and research our candidates and hopefully with the help from the Holy Spirit, we will get it right this time, because if we don't, we will never get another chance. God bless.

  9. Laura
    3 years ago

    In regards to Newt Gingrich's marriages, remember, Catholics, that there is a difference between a VALID MARRIAGE and an INVALID marriage. Sounds like he is in a valid marriage now with Callista. An example of an Invalid marriage would be marriage between a close family members, marriage by force, marriage to someone who is already married, and so on. (there is never a marriage when it is between two people of the same sex or between a person and an object or between a person and an animal). GINGRICH FOR 2012!!!

  10. Laura
    3 years ago

    Remember what St. Paul said, "But even if we, or an angel from heaven, should PREACH to you a gospel CONTRARY to what we have preached to you, he is to be ACCURSED! As we have said before, so I say AGAIN now, if ANY MAN is PREACHING to you a gospel CONTRARY to what you received, HE is to be ACCURSED!" (Galatians 1:8 & 9). Joseph Smith "received" his "gospel" in the 19th century.

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