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Newt Gingrich to restore faith in presidency with faith in God Comments

As voters scrutinize Newt Gingrich they are examining the faith of a man who has like many others, had his ups and downs. A convert to Catholicism, Gingrich's views have wide appeal to Catholics, and as he articulates his beliefs, many are taking a new found interest in him. Continue Reading

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  1. JoAnn
    3 years ago

    Jorge: Maybe I did not state that clearly. What I meant was, I am not voting for Ron Paul unless he wins the nomination. If by some unfortunate circumstance he is the last man standing against Obama, of course, I would vote for him. Wouldn't you? I certainly am not voting for Obama. And, I certainly would not stay home and not vote. It would be a choice of the lesser of two evils. Okay? God bless.

  2. Judy
    3 years ago

    Rob, I agree w/you. War monger Bush should have dealt w/Iran right from the beginning and we wouldn't have this problem. If Bush would not have been lied to, we would not have gone over there, knowing what we now do. There was a point, early in the war, I remember Hannity saying to go in there as well, but people were sidetracked by Iranians coming into Iraq and giving our troops more grief. I wonder why that was? To keep our minds more on Iraq and our troops than Iran...Smart aren't they? Now look where we are. And look at all that has transpired. My hope is that the freedom our troops won last . Blessings...

  3. Vance
    3 years ago

    Rob, so now your Dear Leader is snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Just what Iran wants. Now Iran can topple the weak Iraq Governments with a weak military and control middle east oil. All this and to bring their threat to Israel's front door. With Presidents like Obama who needs Enemies.

  4. Jorge
    3 years ago

    JoAnn..didn't you said Ron Paul is a candidate you would vote on? based on what?His incompetence, or maybe his empty rethoric? We have already plenty of that in President obama don't you agree? So why voting on a obama copycat like Ron Paul?

  5. Jeffery
    3 years ago

    "Mormons’ theology is based on New Testament Christianity, not Fourth Century Creeds. For example, the Church of Jesus Christ (LDS) views on Baptism, Lay Ministry, the Trinity, Theosis, Grace vs. Works, the Divinity of Jesus Christ comport more closely with Early Christianity than any other denomination. And Mormons’ teenagers have been judged to “top the charts” in Christian Characteristics by a UNC-Chapel Hill study. Read about it here:

    New Testament Christianity is closer to Jesus Christ’s teachings than Fourth Century Creeds.

    Mormons have a better understanding of Christianity than any other denomination, according to a 2010 Pew Forum poll:

    11 of the signers of the Declaration of Independence (including several presidents) were non-Trinitarian Christians. Those who now insist on their narrow Trinitarian and salvation only by grace definition of Christianity for candidates for public office are doing our Republic an injustice."

  6. Bulbajer
    3 years ago

    JoAnn: well, I have to admit that there's something different between the global warming movement and other environmental problems. I once saw a commercial in which various young children in third-world countries were shown. I was surprised and more than a little disappointed when the commercial ended with the "stop global warming" message rather than the usual charity message. Apparently the idea was that the more time we spend ignoring global warming, the more time runs out for these poor kids. Now, if global warming is really a man-made thing, then those kids are indeed in trouble. But frankly there's a lot more important causes to donate to. Food, water, education, care, etc. Anyway. Thanks for your response and your very interesting story!

  7. JoAnn
    3 years ago

    Rob: Me again. I dare Obama to veto that bill regarding the pipeline from Canada to the gulf. It can put 20,000 people back to work and create revenue. If you saw the debate last night, you probably heard them talk about it. Another thing Obama could do is take the pen away from Cass Sunstein to keep him from writing all those regulations that are keeping this nation stagnant. He can open up the oil rigs. No, that would be more people getting back to work. I'm sorry, Rob. If I sound a bit testy, it's because I am. Don't mean to be taking it out on you. God bless.

  8. Judy
    3 years ago

    JoAnn, Super input to M.! You said it much better than I. I really pray that people will begin to See and Educate themselves rather than take a quick fix attitude, that just because Ron Paul is against war, which Everyone is tired of, it is not in our better interest to put our head in the sand and get blown up ourselves. Or, our country and religious freedoms become a thing of the past=NO ROSARY....NO MASS. While our daughters and granddaughters, loose all womanly freedoms, and become slaves to their new Muslim religion and husbands. I think some of these people wear rose-colored glasses! I think some of them do not know enough History or Religious History, and only think about Today. What they do not know, is that w/o knowing this, they stunt their growth and voting power, and perhaps will doom us all. Why is it? usually the older people w/more experience and knowledge, see the Hand Writing On The Wall ? I really liked Santorum last night. He voice's what's going on in the entire world.

  9. JoAnn
    3 years ago

    Rob: Do you know something I don't know. I am not aware of the US planning on going to war with Iran. Israel is pretty good at taking care of herself. However, if she should ask for help, I don't believe we should leave her to fend for herself. But I seriously believe Obama won't lift a finger to help. If Iran succeeds in oblitering her, we are the next target. It is not just Iran that Israel has to worry about, it's the whole world. Have you not noticed the increasing hatred of the Jews in our own country right now? At the time Bush went into Iraq, which by the way, I did not support, Iran having a nuclear bomb or soon to get one was not an imminent threat. I do believe, and this is not because my grandson is there, we should be taking our military out of Afghanistan instead of Iraq. We accomplished our mission. Bin Laden is gone. That was the reason we got into Afghanistan in the first place. "Hope and change" was all about. or so we thought, cleaning up Bush's mess. Instead Obama has made it worse. Never in history have I ever seen a president throw a trusted ally under a bus. Can you honestly say that we are better off now than we were during the Bush administration? At least during the Bush yrs, we had decent relations with most countries. Obama gets in, we have civil unrest all over the world and he helps them. He supplies the Muslim Brotherhood with weapons. We have class warfare, race relations have been set back many yrs. we have massive unemployment, a $17 trillion deficit, maybe $18 trillion now with the current increase just passed. In three yrs., he has added 5$ trillion dollars to the national debt. He has put the middle class now in the poor class. We have a president that is suing three of his own states because they are trying to do the job that Obama won't do. We have FOCA that will allow abortions under any circumstances, including partial-birth abortion. He is the worst president in the history of this country and you still defend him. I just can't get my mind around that. God bless.

  10. JoAnn
    3 years ago

    Bulbajer: I forgot to mention another one of my all time favorite presidents, that being Calvin Coolidge. He was one of Ronald Reagan's favorite also. God bless.

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