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Health Care, the Sophistry of Nancy Pelosi and that 'Conscience Thing' Comments

Not only do our consciences need to be formed, they can also become deformed and regularly need to be re-formed. That is all too evident when we look at the way in which some Catholics, like Nancy Pelosi, approach political participation.She intentionally confuses others about what the Catholic Church teaches concerning conscience. Consciences are "good" when they are properly formed in the truth which leads the person to do what is ... Continue Reading

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  1. JoAnn
    3 years ago

    Judy: Yes, I saw Hannity. Trump does make a lot of sense. He should, his business experience is note worthy. I know it's a longshot on Santorum but I'm keeping faith. I'm hoping, since he spent so much time in Iowa, it will pay off. Same thing for Bachmann. She's from Iowa and she won the straw poll there. I am so afraid that Paul may run as a 3rd party and that will put Obama back in. Some people aren't concerned with him but he does have a rather large following. It's too bad that he hasn't a clue about what we are dealing with in the Middle-East. Another thing I didn't like about him is that he thinks that abortion should be left up to the states. I don't agree. If it is left up to the states, we will never get rid of abortion. It has to be done through the Federal Government if we want to get rid of it completely. But, as soon as the Progressives get back in, so will abortion. The only way abortion is going to stop is through the American people. The pro-abortion people are going to have to have a change of heart. Until that happens, this country will always be divided. The evil is growing so fast. I think we are heading for another Jewish holocaust. Have you heard all the hatred that is being spewed around regarding the Jews. The entire Middle-East is wanting their destruction and Obama could care less. I really like Netanyahu. He certainly doesn't take any guff from him. If Israel is attacked, I don't believe Obama will help them one bit. He is too sympathic to the Palestinians. Especially, the Muslim Brotherhood, which, by the way, goes all the way to the White House. By the way, what was for dinner? God bless.

  2. Judy
    3 years ago

    JoAnn: Thanks for your posts! Trump is on Hannity and he is So Smart! He could be the country's miracle in financial/foreign affairs. As for Santorum and Bachmann, they are single digits now, and I know that you want them, but I think it would take a miracle. Cain is out. Romney is Rep. and Progressive and liked by the Rep. Party. Then, Conservative Conservative Catholic Newt who has baggage in his past and is already being attacked for sinning. (I guess some people don't believe in confession? Forgiveness?) Or, that One can change, esp. w/age. Keep posting. Have to get dinner now. Will write Rob next. Prayers and Blessings...

  3. vance
    3 years ago

    Rob, Third parties never amounted to anything??? Rob, who in the world was Ross Perot??? I believe he made a Big Difference don't you??? Oh yes, that Big Boogy Man. Do you mean Obama and the Marxist Democrat Party who added 5 Trillion to the national debt since he was sworn into office?? Do you mean Obama gave billions of dollars of Taxpayer money to his bundlers who went out of business?? Oh yes Rob, do you mean Obama funneling guns and money to the Drug Cartels in Mexico where thousands of Mexicans and one US Border agent were murdered??? Orrrrr do you mean that Big Boogy man Obama who shut down our gulf oil industry so other counties like Cuba and the Chinese can drill in the same spot as BP?? Orrrrrrrr, do you mean that Big Boogy Man Obama who just killed thousands of "Immediate Shovel Ready Jobs" by killing the oil pipeline from Canada??? Rob, you are right about me watching those Boogy men.

  4. JoAnn
    3 years ago

    Rob: Thanks, I look forward to reading it. God bless.

  5. JoAnn
    3 years ago

    Rob, Rob, Rob: I am well aware of what has happened to the $17T. It's been going on since the early 1900's. The progressives have been robbing us blind for over 100 years. Please, give me more credit. We have been duped by the biggest scam in world history. This picture is way bigger than you want to believe. I'm just trying to warn you and other skeptics that this is NOT one party against the other. We have two parties, the Progressives and the Conservatives. Dems and Repubs are gone except for the few Tea partiers that were elected last Nov. The Tea partiers that were elected are the conservatives. Everyone else are progressives. (BOTH PARTIES) Little by little the progressives have been taking our liberties away and robbing us blind. The Democratic/Progressive Socialists are in warp drive and the Republican progressives are just a little bit slower but they have the same goal. Government control of our lives. And why do you keep bringing up Glenn Beck? What does he have to do with anything? All we have to do is read objective news sources and do some research on the info. If we can't find out what's going on, we are wearing blinders. Our financial status is much worse than just $17 trillion dollars stolen from us. Do you have any idea what Quantitive Easing is? We are printing money and buying our own debt. Where do you think that is going to lead us? That's why I suggested reading up on the Weimar Republic. It seems the only thing you got out of that was Hitler related. I was talking about the economic mess of the Weimar Republic. I strongly urge you to dive into some history books that haven't been altered by the progressives and then read some history books that HAVE BEEN altered. Maybe you'll get the picture. By the way, I am not trying to be nasty nor do I think you are either. We have some intense fellowship going on here and I think it's healthy to be able to express our different viewpoints. (while we can) God bless.

  6. Rob
    3 years ago

    JoAnn, I think of the three you mentioned, I would have to go with Romney. But I say that off the cuff because I've just never considered Paul a real candidate. I just watched a documentary regarding "spoilers." Mathematically, the third party candidates never sway the elections. Before this show, I too thought the same, but give the electoral map, it just didn't work that way. I'll try to remember to research the name and get it to you. Interesting stuff.

  7. Rob
    3 years ago

    JoAnn, it's not that I don't get it. But when I push aside all the cloak and dagger sorors stuff, almost every charge you make against the dems or progressives as you call them, I can make about the other side....almost literally. You guys are so fixated on Obama and what you think he's doing that you aren't paying close enough attetion to what has already been done. In fact, given how completely inept Obama has been, I find it pretty funny how scared all of you are of him. As Vance said it, he was a media creation that will fizzle out very soon. If you think he can create some socialist utopia, as the saying goes, I've got some beach property in Arizona to sell you. It was not Obama (at least as President) that allowed the evaporation of $17 trillion dollars in wealth. You guys are so fixated on these boogey men that you are missing the bank robbery that is in process right under your nose. It will not be "progressives" that destroy this nation. It's actually much, much simpler. It's pure greed. Our government has been sold to the highest bidder. And while that bidder changes, it's never you and I. We got sold down the river for campaign contributions and corporate profits. And with people walking away from God on top of that, you have the perfect storm. JoAnn, I'll worry about the progressives, or Soros or whatever nonsense Glenn Beck is cooking up these days, if the banks and money changers of the world leave anything behind. What you saw in 2007 was what I'll call a liquidation event. They tested the waters. And since we were completely spineless and refuse to put any controls back in, they will come for the rest. There will be a few winners and mostly losers, as was the case in 2007. Soros, Koch all these billionaire ideologues are all the same. They buy politicians and push agendas and take away your freedom. Neither one will be around when this country is liquidated. They will both just step back and count their money. So can someone give me the platform of the "progressive" versus the "conservatives". Something written perhaps?

  8. JoAnn
    3 years ago

    Vance: Amen to that, Friend. Thank God most of our friends on this thread can see the handwriting on the wall. I'm afraid we are going to have to pick among Romney, Gingrich and Paul. None of which are the ideal candidate. I wouldn't be surprised if Paul runs as a 3rd party, in which case, Obama will get back in. I sure wish Santorum and Bachmann were doing better but it's the media picking our candidates again. If Paul runs as a 3rd party, it will be just like when the Clintons paid Ross Perot to enter the race when Clinton was running against George, Sr. They knew if the votes got split up, Bill Clinton would win. Keep an eye on those Clintons when the election comes up in 2012. They are also Alinsky people. In fact, Hillary wrote her college thesis on Alinsky. She actually met him and he offered her a job. She declined because she had loftier aspirations. God bless.

  9. vance
    3 years ago

    JoAnn, "What were they thinking?" They weren't thinking. This is what happens when decisions are made entirely from emotion. Obama was a Liberal Hack Media creation and he was sensationalized like a god figure. Couple this with Obama had no challenge from a non-candidate John McCain. It is what one would call a perfect storm. And the storm keeps on blowing this country's industries over in a path of destruction.

  10. JoAnn
    3 years ago

    Judy: I've been trying to educated Rob about progressives for a while now. I still don't know for sure if he gets it. Either that or he supports them. Rob, I'm not talking behind your back. This is nothing I haven't said to you before. The Dems have been eaten by the progressives to the fact that they don't even exist anymore. They (the progressives) have infiltrated the Repubs. too but just not as bad. That's why we have to send more Tea Party conservatives to Washington before the ones that we have already voted in lose their souls to the progressives that are already there. And friends, we can't forget who we are voting for on the local level either. Those we put in office locally can/will eventually end up in Washington too. We have to clean house in every aspect of the political realm. Judy, Vance and I have been trying to tell Rob what is happening to this country but he's not buying it. I've told him about Soros and how Obama hates capitalism and colonialism and wants to change our country into a Democratic/Marxist/Socialist country. And these are Obama's own words. All you have to do is read Obama's books. He hates America. He thinks we are an oppressive nation and does not think that America is exceptional at all. He thinks the Constitution is full of negatives because it says what the government can't do to us. He wants to change that to the government doing everything for us. He and Soros and their minions are deliberately collapsing our system so that they can implement their own system that they have. He and Soros are cleverly managing the decline of our dollar, called QE 1, 2 & 3 to where our dollar will be worthless. I could go on and on but there really isn't time and it is too complicated. All these OWS's are all orchestrated all over the world in an effort to bring in a one world government (New World Order) They are gradually getting rid of all the dictators in the middle-east and helping the Muslim Brotherhood take over to usher in a Caliphate. We are in dangerous and evil times and I don't think anything can get us out of this short of a miracle from God. I believe we are seeing the end times happening right before our very eyes. Prophecy says that the generation existing at the time Israel gets their homeland (May 1948), will witness the end times. Well, I was born before May 1948 and it's awesome and frightening at the same time to see what is happening around the world. That's why I say it's not Dems vs. Repubs. anymore. It's good vs. evil and we must stand together, prepare our families and our friends for the tribulation that is to come. God bless.

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