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Health Care, the Sophistry of Nancy Pelosi and that 'Conscience Thing' Comments

Not only do our consciences need to be formed, they can also become deformed and regularly need to be re-formed. That is all too evident when we look at the way in which some Catholics, like Nancy Pelosi, approach political participation.She intentionally confuses others about what the Catholic Church teaches concerning conscience. Consciences are "good" when they are properly formed in the truth which leads the person to do what is ... Continue Reading

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  1. vance
    3 years ago

    Rob, Fast and Furious is no big deal??? I always knew you were an Obamabot but I didn't think you are that hardcore. Certainly you read the Huffington Post??? Yes, that Marxist website. Yesterday's edition reported that Obama and Eric Holder """Laundered""" ((( Billions ))) of dollars to the Drug Cartels. Their source for the report came from the ### New York Times ###. Yes, I know, that New York Times!!! I had to pick myself up off the floor. The NYT did an investigation and this was their discovery. It can't get more criminal than this. Yes, yes, I know. It was Bush's fault.

  2. vance
    3 years ago

    Rob, The national debt has now exceeded 15 Trillion dollars. 5 Trillion of that figure belongs to Obama. 8 Trillion of that figure belongs to Obama, Reid, and Pelosi. Yes, Obama inherited a mess - HIS OWN from Senate Leader Harry Reid and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi since the 2006 election. So Rob, ALL Presidents since George Washington accumulated 7 Trillion dollars in debt. Obama, Reid, and Pelosi DOUBLED the debt in just ((( 5 ))) years. Glass- Steagle Act - Go back to Jimmy Carter and a Democrat Senator Named Allen Cranston. Overturn Glass-Steagle when the Solid Democrat Majority and Jimmy Carter eliminated government mandates on Loan Requirements. This immediately created the first Housing Bubble and priced the working Blue Collar man out of the market. Rob, WHO is the champion for Abortion??? Who is the champion for Homosexual Marriage???? Who is "Right Now" as we speak governing against the Catholic Church and "Religious Freedom"???? I don't see a Republican in this do you???

  3. Rob
    3 years ago

    Honestly guys, I could take all these arguements seriously if when you say both sides do it, I ever heard any of you delving into the GOP. But it's always Obama and the dems as if everything that is going on right now is their fault. And that just isn't intellecually honest. Things are they way they are because we the voters have allowed it. If we are becoming marxist, socialist or whatever the word for the day is, it's because we the voters have allowed it. I think you guys are making things too complicated. Our government is broken because it's become nothing more than a money machine for those who have enough money to buy a politician. Notice how you hear no one talking about getting the money out of politics. Why on earth do you think that no matter who is in office the government always grows and we always seem to have more debt and deficits than we know what to do with. Debt has become the vehicle to hold everyone harmless. I don't want any socialism until it comes to reducing my Medicare or social security payments. Hold those over 55 harmless say the conservatives because we made a promise to them, as if we didn't make the same promise to every working American paying in. Promise is a promise until it hurts. I don't mind sacrificing so long as it's not me. I honestly don't know what kind of country we are becoming. But I do know this. If we are going to continue to allow the God of our country be money and continue to hold harmless those who rob, cheat and steal to get it all, then we'd better have some form of safety valve for those of us who aren't in the club. All these entitlements have been nothing more than a way to hold the peasants at bay. I can't wait to see what happens when that safety net get's pulled away. It will be then that the country wakes up to see what has really happened. I am sad to say that voters will not change this country and the people seem unwilling to let God in. Maybe it will take a revolution to make this happen? I do think both of you are right though. We'll soon see exactly why we are all heading to serfdom, and if you think it's because we have to write a social security check to my grandma, I still have that beach property in Arizona to sell you. :)

  4. JoAnn
    3 years ago

    Judy: I, also, wish Rob will someday see the light before he has that V-8 moment and wake up and realize he is living in a communist country. The powers-that-be in Washington are traitors to the Constitution, to this country and to the people. When is someone in Washington that has any influence and has not sold their soul to the devil, wake up and arrest those people for treason. Obama and his comrades are selling this country out and putting us on "The Road to Serfdom" and half of this country doesn't even recognize it. People ARE waking up more and more but we need this whole country to wake up or we will never get Obama out of office. But if it is God's will for Obama to usher in the "time of purging," no matter what we do, it will not make a difference. All we CAN do is make sure that WE are on the right side (God's side) If it is God's will that Obama gets another term, we can kiss the Republic good-bye. Pray that God will stay His hand and give us more time. Frankly, I think God has run out of patience. God bless.

  5. Judy
    3 years ago

    JoAnn: I re-read my mistake..."built into the Constitution". What was I thinking? It should never have been put in. Thank you for catching it. Blessings...

  6. Judy
    3 years ago

    JoAnn: I did not mean to say Abortion is built in the Constitution. Not at all. I meant to infer, to bring attention to, the SCJ. I apologize if I did not make my self understood. In playing Devil's Advocate, I wanted to bring to notice, to the Supreme Court. The God-like Power that they have. And so I asked:
    What if the SC did not overturn Roe v Wade? ...W/a Pro-life President and people behind him? My question to you Then, what would you do? ?? Yes, I know, our SC bears the power in the land, and that that is another reason why (you are right) Obama can Not have a second term. He will have the opportunity as you say, to appoint more SJ.! Heaven forbid! It Was the SC that made the law legitimate in the first place. The Power of the President rules w/the Power of the Supreme Court. Especially if one keeps the same Dem. Soc. Progressive Party in election after election. We are facing an epidemic to obliterate religious views. I Only wish Rob would see this. Prayers & Blessings..

  7. Judy
    3 years ago

    I personally wish someone would ex-communicate Nancy Pelosi, as last night was the last draw. And then again, maybe it wasn't her last draw. She Embarrasses me as a Catholic. Leaving All parties aside, What she broadcast over the air last night, was another one of her diseased "conscience things" (no name calling intended) which show no morals of conscience at all. She all but announced to the public, using Rove's analogy, "...that she was getting ready to rob a bank. She hasn't done it yet, but she's thinking about it". That is to say, she said she would release info on Newt from a Senate Investigation Committee she was on. She is bound by Constitutional or Senate Law to Not reveal any info from any Special Committee. She said Publicly she is ready to break the law, hence, ready to rob the bank. Nancy uses her Conscience in conformity to her party and greed and whatever else. Catholic Public officers such as this, are suppose to display the teachings of Jesus in their work and workplace...She clearly has and is not. Bishops or the Pope giving her a "talking to" does no good". She probably would Not even care if she were ex-communicated! Greed, corruption and lies, etc., have taken hold of every Catholic in Obama's web. How much does it take to sell your soul? She Evidently believes she doesn't have one, as think a lot of Progressives.( I am not judging. I am being factious) *Interesting to Note:
    Since Obama has been in office, there are now 2, two, divisions of Progressives. (1)Rational Progressives (2) Radical Progressives. The latter is where Vance refers to Marxism. Some of their thinking they admittedly say go along this line of cognizance, along w/regular progressive thinking. Some Progressives will prefer to use the word Liberal. Either plain Liberal, or Liberal Progressive. Actually, the word Progressive sounds good, and it should, because it denotes progress. However, it is Progress W/O Religion. They believe in Rationalism=Reason & Evidence. If one can not justify w/Evidence, then one must do so w/Reason. Now ROB, do you understand? This info is all verifiable at the touch of your computer and more. Progressivism is made of reformists and socialists, which Obama has done w/a capitol S for Socialism. Not to be an alarmist, but after socialism, comes communism. You really must be young ROB! And I must really be showing my age! Perhaps it is the way they are teaching in the schools nowadays. Another reason to be an advocate of Catholic schools=Sacrifice. Do people do that anymore? Also, Home
    School through Catholic's more affordable. Prayers & Blessings...

  8. JoAnn
    3 years ago

    Judy: How is abortion built in the Constitution? It was just a very misguided decision by the SC. It can be overturned. I remember Bush baning that heinous act of "partial birth" abortion. He also limited research on embryonic stem cells. He only let them continue on the embryonic stem cells that they already had since they had already been destroyed. Bush was Planned Parenthood's worst nightmare. Speaking of the SC, that is another reason why we need a pro-life president. Since the president appoints SC justices, we can't afford for another justice to be appointed by a pro-abortion president. We have a couple of justices that will probably think of retiring, not to mention Ginsburg, (an atheist) who is fighting cancer. If another liberal is put on the court, America will go by the wayside. The SC has so much influence on which way this country will go with their decisions. I personally would like to see term limits on SC Justices. These lifetime appointments are very damaging to a country. God bless.

  9. Judy
    3 years ago

    JoAnn my friend, I personally have not chosen my candidate. But I know Cain is gone, and I do not care for Ron Paul. I hope since you have picked your candidates, even though they are single digits, (and I do like them, it would be nice to have a 4-contender race w/o Paul) I am glad to hear you are holding out Faith for them. I agree w/you on all accounts except one: Abortion. If a Pro-Lifer is Pres., and even if the American people Want Roe v Wade overturned, it is Still up to the Supreme Court...the law of the land. I do not know how one overturns their decision as of now, do you? And, it is built in the Constitution. Playing Devil's Advocate, suppose all goes your way...up to the Supreme Court, to overturn that horrid law, and alas, it is defeated by an overwhelming majority...Then What About the people? Prayers & Blessings...

  10. Rob
    3 years ago

    vance, have you ever picked apart the debt figures? Please tell me of the number you quoted, how much of that debt was merely to deal with what I'll call pre-existing conditions? I don't ask the question to defend Obama, but I want to be certain that we laying the blame where blame is due. It's easy to throw out that awful number and assume that Obama has been on a spending spree. But when you factor in increased entitlement spending (baby boomers have begun to retire in droves), an unfunded prescription drug benefit, continued war costs, deficit amounts attributable to tax cuts not paid for by corresponding spending cuts and the loss of almost a trillion dollars in revenue due to the recession with no corresponding spending adjustments, it paints a different picture on the borrowing. I know that everyone expects Obama to do things in regards to spending that no other administration in our modern history has done, but with the degree of partisianship in our government right now, it's just not possible. As to the other charges, government waste, fraud and abuse. Unfortunately happens every day. It was estimated that there was $23 billion in fraud and abuse by private contractors in Iraq prior to 2008. And as I know you know, the majority was spent in no bid contracts to companies close to the administration. And it's incredibly tragic that agents lost their lives in that clearly bungled gun operation in Mexico, but that's nothing compared to invading a country on crappy intellegence. Unfortuantely these guys do it all the time....guns to a cartel or accidently invading a country....woops. And we can talk about destroying jobs all we want, but this mess we are in right now traces it roots right back to repeal of Glass Stegall. We have Phil Gramm to thank for that, not that he cares as I'm sure he's doing quite well as a VP at UBS. I'm sorry vance, Obama has failed in cleaning up the mess he inherited. You have no arguements from me there. And in some ways he has taken steps to make it worse. But he did not create it, at least to the degree he didn't champion any of the legislation that got us here. But I do wish we could pin it all on him. Sure would make things easier.

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