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Health Care, the Sophistry of Nancy Pelosi and that 'Conscience Thing' Comments

Not only do our consciences need to be formed, they can also become deformed and regularly need to be re-formed. That is all too evident when we look at the way in which some Catholics, like Nancy Pelosi, approach political participation.She intentionally confuses others about what the Catholic Church teaches concerning conscience. Consciences are "good" when they are properly formed in the truth which leads the person to do what is ... Continue Reading

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    3 years ago

    First @ ROB. ARE you OUT of your mind? In all sincerity you THINK that both partys are equal as to dastardly acts. I must take issue, I KNOW NOT ONE DEM who has come out and ACTUALLY DEFENDED BABIES in UTERO. NONE! You have the audasity TO claim they are equal. SHAME on YOU. The dems are the party of DEATH and show it w.all laws pertaining to life issues.
    Now to the real topic, the FEMALE AWARD WINNER, as 'The NATIONAL DISGRACE WINNER womens division ". This woman is all recall that word from the day? Its a reference to one who has entered by chosen free will a 'LOW LIFE'. Indeed MS Pelosi is straight RANK, sad HUH? She has no knowledge or if she does NOT show it, in matters that show HER age is by its number alone. bringing her closer to her meeting w.God. THIS is why a healthy assessment of OUR MORTALITY is a GOOD thing. SHE is out in the RANK cold, has her multi millions, and vinyards and powers here on earth, In the next world she risks loosing her very soul as to her defense of the Obama health care and in a special way the
    coscience clause' ..ALL her wealth will be as sand slipping through her fingers in Gods eyes.

    She actually said 'mothers laying on the floor in blood dying' due to the conscience clause? SHE by that statement alone has shown her STUPIDNESS. THIS is what America GETS when she sins as she has so HORRIBLY killing 4000 babies in utero and BTW mostly OUT as well, WE have this non catholic, catholic passing off lies and stupidty as to her doing so she SLAPS her GOD in the face. WHO knows maybe he has a good slap waiting for her. IN all sincerity this woman is mentally ill, as the devil has made her so.

  2. vance
    3 years ago

    Jeffrey, 'Sanctimonious, Venomous Bigot' and I sound like a Liberal??? Well, you got me on sounding like a Liberal. Because you of all people would know what a Liberal sounds like. I realize that I am not going to change your mind but I cannot sit idle and pretend I don't see anything while there are the worse criminals in the history of our country deliberately and diligently destroying our country infront of our faces. No president, Speaker of the House, and Senate leader has attacked the Catholic Church and its Holy Sacraments like Obama, Reid, and Pelosi. I don't just sit on my computer and blog all day. I am out on the streets holding signs and praying infront of Planned Parenthoods. I will fight these criminals every which way I can for my family, church, and country.

  3. Binoy
    3 years ago

    I know it is easier said than done - however, not having excommunicated Pelosi clearly will lead her to spread her lies so much more and further. She claims herself to be a devout Catholic, when she would be the polar opposite of the same - if she thinks she is a saint in the Church, she needs to be (atleast rudely) reminded she's headed straight to hell on this path (and certainly not to heaven).

    I pray for this that she corrects herself and if the Bishop sees it fit, that he may use the Church's last resort method to correct people in grievious sin, excommunication to achieve this.

    GOD Bless!

  4. Rob
    3 years ago

    Someday folks will actually wake up and see that other than personal enrichment of themselves and their donors, there is virtually no difference in our two parties. They both are always pointing the fingers at eachother, getting nothing done. Jeffrey, I think we should all spend some time making sure that we haven't created an idol from our ideologies, parties and even our country. Our obsession with our "country" and what our politicians are doing or not doing might be a problem. I thought for advent I would read the gospels and I'm just not seeing this obsession with politics. Not to be silly, but the question, what would Jesus do, should apply. What does Christ ask of us as disciples? If we treat eachother this way as Christians, it's no wonder our witness is falling flat. In many respects, we are no different than the secular culture that is at eachother's throughts.

  5. Jeffrey Caperton
    3 years ago

    Vance, First of all, I defend nobody, liberal, conservative or other. As to the names you listed (Obama, Pelosi or Reid), they mean less to me than Newt Gingrich, John Boehner or Rick Santorum, people who mean nothing to me at all. Second of all, you sound just like a liberal when you say you are defending me (A claim often invoked by liberals, particularly with regard to minority groups), and consider that I did not ask you to defend me. I can defend myself without your sanctimonious help and that, should I need help, I would wish only the help of Christians of good will for they are the only people who are in a position to help anybody. Venomous bigots cannot even help themselves. And last, consider that everyone who disagrees with YOU is an evil, Godless, Marxist, kool-aid drinking, atheistic, homosexual, murderous pothead and "yada, yada, yada" (You are starting to sound more like a liberal). The only thing I have ever advocated at this website is a debate that is more Christian in content; a debate without partisan politics, name-calling or childish sarcasm (Most of it yours, but I believe I have been guilty more than once). I will always contend that if Christians cannot behave as Christians, they are in no position to advocate a Christian standard that they will not observe themselves on a society that is increasingly secular. "For if you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Do not even the tax collectors do as much?" Even the liberals do as much. However, I recognize that this is not going to end until I concede that you are right and I am wrong. I concede; you are right and I am wrong. Peace.

  6. K C Thomas
    3 years ago

    Pelosi's claim that she is a devote catholic cannot be understood . One cannot say that he/she is a catholic and then oppose the teachings of the Church. It appears that she is questioning the veracity and the authority of the Church and the teaching Magesterium. At the most her so called "conscience" can be applied to her actions and not she authorized to propagate it in public in defiance of the Church teachings. She is personally responsible for her actions based on her "conscience"

  7. vance
    3 years ago

    Jeff, I know from past articles and posts that you defend Obama, Reid, and Pelosi's criminal statism. 15 million people out of work and pressed into hardship is fine with you but it doesn't settle well with me. Jeff, "Quit being Judgemental" is a tired old Liberal/Marxist clap trap that's used whenever Marxist are called out for their evil deeds. Liberals are the most judgemental folks I've known. Everyone who disagrees with them is "Dumb", "Racist", "Bigoted", yada, yada, yada. Apparently, you do not value your life but I value mine. Obama, Reid, Pelosi think it's fine and dandy to 'Ration' Jeffrey Caperton to death with Obamacare. Well, I am here to defend your life even if you don't want to defend your own. This is why I am voting GOP to overturn Obamacare. When people do evil things, I will judge them as "Evil". The Blessed Mother told the three children of Fatima that people who sin are not evil, it is those who love sin that are evil. Obama, Reid, and Pelosi 'LOVE' what they are doing.

  8. Judy
    3 years ago

    AFTER reading this informative article, and your posts, I think as intelligent Catholics, that we all would just like an "answer" as to "why" certain Catholic Top leaders have not been "excommunicated." I Understand Reconciliation. But these leaders Will Not Change, or they would have done so already. Does a wife stay w/a husband that nearly beats her to death? No. And this is Only One person. One Life. Now, What about Leaders? I can think of 3 supposed Catholics, who for greed and power, advertise their conscience and through the side door, kill millions of babies?
    Why do the Bishops allow them the power? I am not asking in anger, I just would like an answer. And yes, I understand "He who is w/o sin"....but to "go and sin no more." Yes. Reconciliation. BUT our leaders deliberately do. Go and sin. And misguide. And cause deaths through conscience through the side door. This is my concern. Or, should I Not be concerned? I do not judge. I only quietly observe.
    "The liberalizing dogma is that God created creatures with Free Will, that we are really responsible for our actions and can make the right choices if we want to. The liberalizing dogma is that God became man and died for our sins. The liberalizing dogma is that we can know the Truth. And it is only the Truth that can set us Free." -C.K.Chesterton
    When will people know the truth? When will they be courageous enough to act upon it?
    Pray the Rosary for the Conversion of Sinners and that of our own souls. Blessings...

  9. SaraPalen
    3 years ago

    but when the tax collector looks up to heaven and calls evil good and good evil, and by sophistical contrivance claims we should not only pay for the evil but also be forced to perform that intrinsic evil of homicide against our conscience, it is our duty to speak up; to be silent is to consent. When the wolf in lambs clothing tugs on our conscience with ropes to pull it down, signing letters against our bishops who, with not for the intent to punish but to correct, with the hopes of saving souls, are publically condemned by these politicians. Who send out letters and speak in public to their constituents with teachings contrary to Catholic doctrine while claiming to speak in good faith. My faith is a "preexisting condition", not to be pulled down by the ropes of the puppet masters. It is not a question of condemning her soul-(as all can turn to Christ for healing-even the hardest of heart).It is a question of condemning our own souls by default and omission. One day soon the citizen Samaritan may be forced by government to use the hand of healing to commit unspeakable evil -we must choose legislators who understand the dignity of the human person.The tax collector offered to pay back what he stole, and then some, and begged for mercy. He did not ask of us to give to Ceasar what is God's and God alone. We cannot be like the Levite in Luke- ignoring the "poorest of the poor" is to not recognize Christ.

  10. Rob
    3 years ago

    Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving.Thanks for the well wishes all. I do think it would be interesting to have the website do an article on the proper Christian response to these articles. The gospels should enlighten all our actions and I'm wondering what Deacon's thoughts are on that given that this site allows us to comment pretty freely. Personally I think Christians are called to a higher standard. We should always speak the truth, but we should do so in a way that does not destroy the dignity of the other. I think sometimes we have to remember that all are God's children. Christ died for us all. I think it's sort of like having kids. If you are a good parent, you will take constructive criticism about your kids when they mess up. But there is a line that can be crossed. I wonder, if in our speech about others, we cross that line with God?

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