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Catholic, Gay, and Feeling Fine, Thanks: Part 1 Comments

The persecution and bigotry from both sides of the issue proceed, partly, from misunderstanding. Steve Gershom's simultaneous Catholicity and SSA are what is so compelling about his message. Ultimately he beautifully illustrates the tension between the beauty of faith and honest acknowledgment of the frail, wounded humanity in which we all live without pretending it does not exist or giving it sway over him. Continue Reading

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  1. Pat
    3 years ago

    @ Kathy. I find it interesting that you believe there is "resolution" in Confession. That would mean that I understood my sin and was never going to commit it again! I struggle constantly with envy - of others' lifestyles, possessions, "luck"... I immediately remember how good God has been to me and feel sorrow for the covetousness, but if I believed that the problem should never rear its ugly head again after confession, I would have fallen into despair and left the church years ago. The young man is tempted (perhaps) but chooses not to act on those temptations - that is a POWERFUL committment to his faith. I wish mine were as deep.

  2. Kathy
    3 years ago

    Rob, I am not saying that being tempted is sin, I am saying giving into the temptation is the sin. What else can i conclude, when he says he is "Gay and Happy", that he has decided that he is going to be gay. He is going to have SSA. The attacks against me, are really sad, because, all I am worried about is this mans soul. Jesus died on the cross, so that we may have life. He did this take away our burdens. I hope that he is trying to overcome this, and if he is, then, wonderful. But professing "Gay and happy" does not mean that he is trying very hard, it says he is Gay and happy.... not just having gay feelings and trying to overcome them, and still happy in life. We all struggle with various things, we hopefully, try to get past these things, by prayer and repentence. Repentence means not doing the thing that you told God you were sorry for. If he is Gay and happy, then he has not repented.

    I have never said that I do not love this person, I do not hate one person on this earth. i do hate anything that goes against God. Yes, It is my understanding that the Church teaches, that if a person is not sexually active, then, there is not sin. OK, I will give him that, but, get past it.....means you are not having sex with men, then you need to get to a point where you are happy not gay and happy.

    Vance, I agree with you, some of these people posting are wearing their gay badge...and they get mad, when someone disagrees with them.

  3. Judy
    3 years ago

    Rob: I take my hat off to anyone who does one or more ministries in the Church and is outgoing and Outreaching w/their Faith. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. I use to be the same way. It is Not because of age that am I not so busy in the Church, it is because God has called me Elsewhere. Yes, I go to Mass, but for right now, that's all I can do, in the building if His Church, that I can visibly see. But as far as Kathy and others are concerned, we must remember, that just as in this article and issue, everyone is not the same. One thing we know for sure through our beloved Saints, is that Everyone is on their own way, their own path, to God. Kathy, may not be like you. She may be only able to go to Mass; live her Faith by Example; read; pray; and do her duties, etc. Only He knows what is Expected of us; what we don't do, and what we do do. I thought Tate's last post was beautiful! Maybe some readers have never thought of this. We must remember that not all are cradle Catholics. I really never understood cafeteria Catholics, Beltway Catholics, Romish Catholics. etc. anyway. What's w/this labeling Catholics anyway? Catholics are Catholics. Christians are Christians. God loves us All...whatever our sins. Vance: I agree w/you to a point. That is, It is as Steve and anon. says, a spiritual matter. They do use I am sure: the Rosary, prayers, confession, etc.,to help them. But in this spiritual matter, they are also able to offer up physical, mental, and spiritual torment as well. However, I am like you w/the attitude that i am against those who "Gay it up",
    flaunting it, forcing it in education, etc. Especially for what is happening in New York. Teaching all types and kinds of sex ed. at age 11! I like Sarapalen post as well. Pray, Pray, Pray. Today's Gospel Reading, last verse, went something like this: "How many of Faith will be left when the Lord returns". "God Love Us Everyone"! Blessings always...

  4. JeanCatherine
    3 years ago

    God Bless you Steve. We would have to look at the disgust in us all as well to understand what you say. Thanks brother for your witness.

  5. vance
    3 years ago

    After reading this article, I come away with mixed feelings. I get the point of the article that Steve is a man struggling with his homosexual attraction to men. I can applaud his efforts to stay celebate and be active in the Catholic Faith. I find it troubling when I hear from folks who declare themselves as Gay. It is like they surrendered to the 'Dark Side'. I believe these folks need to see being Gay as a spiritual problem as opposed a mental issue. How does anyone rehabilitate himself? It requires one to make a determined effort via daily rosary prayers, frequent confession, and holy communion. There is no rehabilitation if a person wears Gay like a badge of honor.

  6. Tate
    3 years ago

    @ Marie, it seems to me like you saw the title had the word gay in it, and without reading the article, decided to call it an abomination, cite incorrect church teachings, and then say that Homosexuality is a disease that can be passed from one person to another. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but let me fill you in before you comment again.

    This article is about a man is struggling with same sex attraction. He decided to live out a chaste lifestyle because the catechism of the catholic church tells us that living chaste is what God calls homosexuals to do. This is a long term struggle for him, and he has been keeping a blog to help others going though the same thing.

    The comments section kinda flew out of control as this became a gay debate, and a lot of people lost sight of what this article is trying to show us. The simple truth is having a attraction to someone of the same sex is not a sin, just like you being attracted to men isn't a sin.

    One of the things that really ticks me off is when people use the bible or the church as a background for hating a group of people. It is misrepresenting what the Catholic Church stands for and turning many people away from the Church. Jesus loves everyone on earth, no matter what their faults are, and he would never make fun of or discriminate a person for their sin, for example Mary Magdalene who was a prostitute, he never called her an abomination against God, he accepted her into his arms, and she changed out of her devotion and love for him. Jesus is the perfect model for the whole world Marie, and he would have NEVER said what you just posted.

  7. SaraPalen
    3 years ago

    Anonymous, it takes some fortitude to say it like it is. thanks for the honesty. I think my priest would say a person in your situation has potential for becoming a saint. Are we not all called to be chaste in our thoughts and actions, to order our lives according to God's will? Is this the true "pursuit of happiness"? The more we see others around us as Christ the less temptations will take hold in our lives, even though we be attacked spiritually, if we take it to the Cross, because like Paul, God's grace abounded all the more. I, like all posting here have weakness, but as a Christian, Anonymous, pray for me to take it to Jesus in my moment of weakness. In Christ, my prayers are with you.

  8. Bulbajer
    3 years ago

    Juneau Alaska, "African churches"? Sorry, but way to make gay rights supporters look bad. Marie, another Westboro Baptist, eh? Have you ever told any homosexuals personally than they are a plague upon mankind and that they will destroy the world?

  9. Rob
    3 years ago

    I just got the sense that Kathy, while cordial with her gay neighbors, mostly gives them the cold shoulder. Kathy don't be mad but I can't think of a different way to say it. I see the same thing on our street. For my part, I have lot's of parish functions in my home. And when they are parties like Posadas, I invite the neighbors, including them. In the four years that we've lived on our street, we've become great friends with them. When they come to my home, or we come to theirs, they aren't "gaying" it up, they are just people. They are usually the neighbors trying to get everyone together, building community. But I see the looks they get. I see how they are shunned. They way they live their life, heck the way anyone lives their life, is their choice. I am merely trying to be their friend because I think that is what Christ expects of me. And I don't believe I'm compromising my faith one bit in doing so. They know I'm a serious Catholic and given the treatment they have received from numerous priest and friars in my home, I am hoping that they have seen the love I know the Catholic church is so capable of. But if we think we are going to bring people to Christ by only displaying anger or disgust, then we can't be suprised when our efforts fall flat.

  10. Sonja
    3 years ago

    I applaud Anonymous.

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