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Catholic, Gay, and Feeling Fine, Thanks: Part 1 Comments

The persecution and bigotry from both sides of the issue proceed, partly, from misunderstanding. Steve Gershom's simultaneous Catholicity and SSA are what is so compelling about his message. Ultimately he beautifully illustrates the tension between the beauty of faith and honest acknowledgment of the frail, wounded humanity in which we all live without pretending it does not exist or giving it sway over him. Continue Reading

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  1. anonymous
    3 years ago

    Judy, you are right. Steve and I are a true minority and that is sad. Unfortunately, while the catholic church's teachings are hopeful, as we have seen here over the past few days, the overwhelming voices are quick to judge and discourage, or the talk about things which they just don't understand. It isn't just this topic. In our society immediate gratification is promoted in promiscuity, materialism, gluttony, and general indulgence. It is just as controversial in this culture for me to say that someone can be happier without the BMW, the big house, and the ipod as it would be for me to tell a teen with SSA that they can be happier without giving in to it. We live in a challenging time. And it is all the more necessary for spiritual warriors to stand up and share their stories with the world. We have to be louder than them. The lost need to be found.

  2. Anonymous
    3 years ago

    Vance, have you even read the article? Steve very plainly says that he does not like the term Gay, he uses the term "person with SSA". And I have used that term throughout the discussion. Saying person with SSA places the value on the personhood of the individual, not on their attractions. For you to open by calling us "homos" and then close by saying homosexuality is something you can have, not something you are, demonstrates a complete and utter hypocrisy in your thoughts and actions. Perhaps you actually believe that homosexuality is something someone has. If that is the case, the word homos should be stricken from your vocabulary. In any case, your view lacks the compassion and charity that the catechism of the catholic church demands. You approach this subject with judgement but not understanding - the opposite way we should approach anything. Rather than lashing out, look to the teachings of the church you think you are defending.

  3. vance
    3 years ago

    Kathy, man-o-man the Homo Fans are really piling on you. You read the article correctly. I think you and I have the same reaction to the article. Society is ramming homosexuality down everyone's throat. It has to be a rough challenge for people like Steve because every which way he turns he is told to go ahead and be Homosexual because it's normal. When a person is sick with a flu, he says "I have a flu". He doesn't say, "I AM FLU". Homosexuality is a sickness. It is something someone can have but not is. Your friendly fan club believes otherwise.

  4. Judy
    3 years ago

    Anonymous: Thank you for your latest post and the re-Clarification of this article's title. I did read the article w/an understanding heart. Though I do apologize for forgetting the Exact title. Sincerely I do. I think that your last post was brilliant! The Holy Spirit had to be w/you through your sharing, I think more people will now be able to view this problem w/more understanding. At least i hope so. You were fortunate to get the help that you needed. Indeed, you allowed yourself to be helped...You were ready, and you wanted and desired God to enter in. Steve does and did as well. I am sure that you helped to Clarify this article for a lot of readers. I don't think, or know however, that there are a terribly lot of SSA people like you and Steve. The ones that I know surely are not, and have no desire to change and be otherwise. I think it is that vast majority of SSA persons that Kathy or others may be talking about or referring to. At any rate, I am sincerely glad, happy, for those SSA who can hold on to their Faith. I personally, am Still opposed to Equal Marriage and GL that rear children. I have Experienced and seen the damage it can do. In the meantime, my prayers are w/you brother, and Steve, and all those who have lost their way. Blessings always...

  5. Anonymous
    3 years ago

    Jean Catherine,

    I am aware of the Courage apostolate. There are definitely some pros and cons to the approach they take. They have certainly expanded since I first researched them. Ultimately, I was given all the tools I needed to fight the good fight when the Lord brought my wife into my life. In being attracted both emotionally, spiritually and physically to my wife, I have an advantage that many people struggling with SSA will never have. I am blessed, and I know it. I think the most powerful weapon someone battling SSA can wield is a strong knowledge of God's plan for his/her life. For me, God chose marriage, music and the arts. Steve wrote a powerful article on vocations as a single man, which I couldn't really comment on as effectively. His article is amazing and applies to everyone, even those who have never experienced SSA. There is a link to it from his blog. Steve is a very talented writer and I recommend reading his work.

  6. Peter
    3 years ago

    If you interpret the message that is being given I then would say that all religious men or women living in a community are gays. They love each other and see each other as another brother or sister. ( figuratively speaking as there is no blood bonds).Since there is no blood bond than Steve's area of looking at is very gray. I am married. I do not have sex with my wife. I am legally married but I do not want to consumate it then what is the purpose of marriage?. In the same context although he says he is chaste..then why call it Gay...( attraction is subjective ) As long as Steve lives with another man and does things that married couple do without should be consdered marriage just as I have not consumated my is still called a marriage. This is subtle ...very subtle..interpretation..suggestive.. to justify his choice of a relationship. It is a temptation.

  7. Anonymous
    3 years ago

    Mich, those are really nice words, but the concept that conversion will melt away our earthly temptations does not stand the test of the scriptures. Many of the holiest figures in the Bible endured earthly temptations until the end. Take, for example, St Paul. There is no man in the Bible who experienced such a radical and complete conversion. But in Corinthians, St Paul tells us about a thorn, an imperfection, that the Lord allowed Satan to tempt him with. He prayed that God would take it away and he focused his entire self on Christ's ministry. He was one of the most changed men in the early Christian church. And God did not take away this thorn. You are correct about one thing. If my life were focused on this one element, it would be hollow. But I have never once said my life is focused solely on this. In fact it is just the opposite. By acknowledging it as a thorn that the Lord has allowed, I have been able to banish it to its rightful place. But the second I ignore that it is there altogether, I will lose my battle. More than once, that has been the cause of a stumble, thanks be to God not a mortal one. For you to assume that I do not focus more intently on my relationship with God and with my wife is an absolutely unfounded judgement on me, one I don't think you are qualified to make. You have never met me, you do not know who I am, or how I live my life. All you know about me is what I have said on one subject. Had I commented on a different post, under a different pseudonym, you could have assumed something completely different. My comments here are focused on the subject of SSA because that is the subject at hand. And for reasons I have stated earlier, I think it is an important one. We celebrate examples of triumph over all kinds of temptation and look to those stories for inspiration. Why is this subject off limits? Why is it so shameful to admit that the Lord has allowed this thorn in my life? A priest once told me that the biggest tool the devil uses to keep Christians away from reconciliation is shame. If Christians struggling with SSA knew they were not alone, and that the battle could be won, I know that fewer would give in to a lifestyle that robs them of a full relationship with Christ and the church.

  8. Tate
    3 years ago

    @Paul, there is no hatred on this wall, the comments section is meant for a discussion about the article, and that is exactly what we are doing. From your comment, you seem to think that the people that are saying that Steve is sinning, are the ones sticking up for God. But it is quite the contrary as the CCC teaches that the homosexual ACTS are sinning, and not just being homosexual, Steve has pledged to do no homosexual acts so he is not sinning in that way. Also you say that Steve is obsessed with labels, while in the article, he states that he does not like being called gay, but he just has SSA and he is dealing with it. And did not create his blog to promote himself and get praise, but to help other Catholics going through the same thing. Also this story doesn't belong on a gay website, it belongs here because it details a man's spiritual journey of temptation and being in union with God. I personally think it is a great story and great article.

  9. mich
    3 years ago

    The key word here is chastity (it is not "gay" or "SSA"). The important, the crucial thing is chastity. Celibacy is not enough, the goal is chastity, purity of hearts and mind and body. This is what the Beatitudes exhort us to do (and to be) and we will "see God". It's a terrific goal! It's a beautiful adventure. Chastity is freedom and peace, I can't encourage you enough to truly give yourself to this most beautiful Christian life-style. For that matter, even before Christ, the Greek philosophers had understood that man's first step on the journey is to master his passions. What the most Holy and Blessed Trinity is offering us, through conversion, is to become a truly New Man. It's huge! It's a taste of heaven, there is nothing that comes close to it.

    Sex starts in the head, in our brain. It comes in through our senses, especially the eyes, and it takes hold in our imagination and emotions, in those tapes we keep playing in our heads. A true chaste person will put Christ first, will always aim to be - and behave - in a humble and meek and clean Christian way and if they do this, if they keep being Christ-like, if they desire holiness more than anything else, then the SSA will fade away, it will melt like snow under the sun. But for this, you have to stop enjoying talking about it, you have to stop entertain it (and blogging about it or writing comments about it, is entertaining it).

    This is what a true conversion to Christ is: it re-assigns our priorities, it re-programs our life to be in sync with Christ, it re-aligns our cells in our brains! And if you thought you knew about love, then just wait and see. The love of Christ will truly blow you away.

    Anonymous, If I were your spiritual director, I would tell you to concentrate on deepening your love for your wife and your love for the Church, the Body of Christ, there is truly more beautiful layers for you to discover yet to marriage. And get away from reading articles about SSA and commenting on them! And as far as Steve is converned, he needs to close his blog and go on a one year silent retreat - and then come back and write about that.

    Sorry Sonja, but here I think you are mistaken.

    May God bless you all.

  10. JimKaye
    3 years ago

    The understanding that surrounds the "gay" issue is more than misunderstanding. It is allowing man-made presumptions as well rationalizations, to gain acceptence among those who practice this form of lifestyle. The "Word" as agreed upon through centuries of Christian theological scholars has passed on the tradition and law, so that man and women join together in the bonds of marraige. Nowhere in the Bible, or nowhere in any true Catholic doctrine does man bond with man (or woman with woman) in a marraige beyond loving your fellow man, as a believer, or friend out of the realization that we are all a product of His law. To act as a sexual object or as unified matramonial instramnet then, is not an acceptable practice. Did any homosexual exsist as subject in alliance to any authors found in the Bible who was accepted in the teachings? Not one. How then can anyone who claims to be following Catholic doctrine entertain "gay" as acceptable? They cannot do so.

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