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Catholic, Gay, and Feeling Fine, Thanks: Part 1 Comments

The persecution and bigotry from both sides of the issue proceed, partly, from misunderstanding. Steve Gershom's simultaneous Catholicity and SSA are what is so compelling about his message. Ultimately he beautifully illustrates the tension between the beauty of faith and honest acknowledgment of the frail, wounded humanity in which we all live without pretending it does not exist or giving it sway over him. Continue Reading

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  1. JeanCatherine
    3 years ago


    You obviously had an encounter with the Holy Spirit which we cannot count out and I do love the Courage Apostolate because it was begun by one of our Bishops who saw it coming on the horizon.

    Father John Harvey was chosen for this work and Im glad the church has given it to us to enlighten us Catholics of our brothers and sisters who struggle with SSA attraction and I have seen Steve's blog. My brother in law was struggling with transsexual problems for which he seems to have over come them in last few years. So I think Im a little close to this issue as well. In fact he was close to becoming a female at one point. Im not lumping it in the same category but to me it isnt far from the tree I think only in laypersons thingking of course. So I will stand to be corrected.

  2. Patrick
    3 years ago

    Vance, I understand your complaint about the current culture and what it is doing to our society. However, this article is quite the opposite. This article refers to a man, facing his temptation - remaining faithful to God and the Church. My point is, there is really nothing to debate here. So, I would say thanks to Sonja for sharing Steve's story, and thanks to Steve for sharing it on his blog - and setting an example for others. We should be encouraging the Steve's out there, not talking about all this other stuff.

  3. vance
    3 years ago

    Annonymous and Tara, The point of my post was not to criticize Steve but to throw darts at the dominant Liberal Establishment culture and what it is doing to our society. Steve is doing what ALL single people should be doing and that is to be chaste. Again, the Liberal Establishment assaults our society with a daily message that Homosexuality is Normal because "I was born this way" (Lady GaGa). We just wittnessed Chastity 'Chaz' Bono thrusted to the national spotlight on Dancing with The Stars to celebrate a mentally disturbed individual who mutilated herself to be a man. She was hosted as a role model for others to follow and all of us to accept as Normal. This daily barrage of Homosexuality is normal and OK is a daily barrage against God. It is God who says that Homosexuality is a 'Rebellion against him'. Yes, God loves the sinner and wants the sinner to repent and come into his kingdom. How is a homosexual going to change his behavior, his mind, and heart if he is told daily that what he is doing is OK. Worse yet, if anyone tells the Homosexual that he is in error for what he is doing, that person is persecuted as a "Homophobe" and could be fired from his job or be subject to civil penalty for Discrimination against a protected class. The reality of today is not that the Homosexual is discriminated against or persecuted, rather, it is the God fearing Christian who is the target for persecution.

  4. Patrick
    3 years ago

    I have read the article here on Catholic Online, I have spent time reading the blog, and probably have spent too much time reading the comments to this article. I have to admit, I am a bit confused as to why such a debate has come about. I think we may have all missed the point. Here, the author Sonja has shared with us the story of a young man who is struggling with temptation. He is very open and honest about his struggle, and the fact that he struggles daily, and despite that struggle - he is determined to stay faithful to God and the Church. He was brave to share his story, his struggle. Unfortunatley, many here have failed to recognize that we all have a daily struggle. We are suppose to help each other reach the end of the race. Why has anyone stepped up to the judgement seat at all? What is there to judge here? A young man tells his story....his struggle...and we sit here at our computers judging, throwing accusations and words at each other. I think each and every one of us needs to step back from the key board and say a little prayer for God to forgive us for missing the boat here. We need to remember the words of Jesus in John, Chapter 8. "Let the one among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her." If someone who wasn't Christian, or Catholic read alot of the comments on here - what would they think? Christians - aren't we called to be another Christ? By most of these posts, I think we all have alot of work to do. When you read about Steve's struggle with SSA, put your own self in his shoes, with your own particular struggle. What a support group we would all be to help our brother over come sin. I came across a quote this morning in Adoration, and I really liked it. "You only love God as much as you love the person you love the least" (Dorothy Day). And one final thing to those who are struggling with SSA or any other temptation - pray that you remain faithful....and remember (another quote) " In the final analysis, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway. (Blessed Mother Teresa).

  5. Rob
    3 years ago

    At a retreat this weekend we prayed a prayer that basically said that we are to be Christ to all those we meet. As I've read the mass readings this week, all I see is Christ going into the midst of the sinners. He went to the tax collectors home. We all know Christ never condoned the sin, but there never seems to be any doubt at all that Christ would go anywhere, interact with anyone, in an attempt to cause coversion. Even if that caused scandal amongst the Holy Joe club of the day. We are supposed to imitate Christ and I think as we deal with this issue or any issue of sin, I think our focus needs to be on saving souls, not condemnation. As Christ says, if you lost a sheep, you would leave the 99 to search for the one. I think these statements are lost on us. I think we see the sin, but we don't see the people anymore. We say we hate the sin and love the sinner. I would ask how exactly? How are we loving the sinner? I get the sense that Christ is asking a little more of us than just telling them how sinful they are.

  6. Anonymous
    3 years ago

    Peter, to the best of my knowledge Steve is not living in relationship with another man. From his testimony, he is living a single, chaste life. He believes, as does the church, that the single life is a vocation for some, just as the religious life, marriage, and the priesthood are vocations. If you have chosen to get married but have no desire to consumate the marriage I would consider seeing a priest or spiritual advisor as I believe sex is an integral part of marriage. As for the use of the word gay to describe men or women living in community, I think that is pretty off base. The discussion thus far has indicated that a better term to identify someone with this temptation is "a person with same sex attraction". "Gay" is a secular term that doesn't come close to addressing the issue at hand. Finally, I hope I have addressed your post as Judy asked, but I will say I found it confusingly written. If I am off base, please don't consider it an attack and maybe offer some clarification?

  7. Paul
    3 years ago

    Judy, Peter's comment makes no sense. Steve is not in a relationship. He is not married. He is celibate. He is chaste.

  8. Judy
    3 years ago

    Would some of you please comment on Peter.Nov.14 post? Thank You. Blessings always...

  9. Beth
    3 years ago

    It seems to me that some have taken the wrong message from the title of Steve's blog - "Catholic, Gay and Feeling Fine, Thanks". I saw it (especially after actually reading some of his terrific writing, including his clarification that her prefers the term SSA to "gay") as a gentle rebuke of those who insist that the only way for a person with SSA to be happy is to engage in homosexual behavior. What Steve is saying is that he is living an authentic Catholic life while experiencing SSA and is a happy person - he is not repressed, in denial, etc. I think we need to listen to the sincere Catholics who struggle with SSA and stop trying to assume that we know all there is to know about it, that all one has to do is repent and that's that. Steve isn't saying, "I was born this way, therefore I should be able to act as I please." This is clearly a trial for him (as affirmed by the Church, by the way), it's not something he can talk himself out of (just like we can't talk ourselves out of having the flu, to use an analogy), but he is carrying his cross and using his God-given talents to help others understand and perhaps become open to leading a chaste life. Why anyone would rebuke him is beyond me.

  10. Tara
    3 years ago

    vance, did you READ the article? Steve says that very thing: "I HAVE SSA," not "I am SSA." Your comments display a defensiveness that reveals more about you than those you accuse of being "Homo Fans." The Church never says, "Go ahead and be gay"; Steve never said "Go ahead and be gay"; Catholic Online has never said, "Go ahead and be gay"; Sonja never said "Go ahead and be gay." What the Church, Steve, Catholic Online, and Sonja have said is, "Homosexuality is a disordered inclination, but you are called to a higher dignity. Temptation is not sin, and God loves you and helps you in your struggles. Resist temptation. Live chastely. Obey God. Obey Church." Where's your charity dude?

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