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Catholic, Gay, and Feeling Fine, Thanks: Part 1 Comments

The persecution and bigotry from both sides of the issue proceed, partly, from misunderstanding. Steve Gershom's simultaneous Catholicity and SSA are what is so compelling about his message. Ultimately he beautifully illustrates the tension between the beauty of faith and honest acknowledgment of the frail, wounded humanity in which we all live without pretending it does not exist or giving it sway over him. Continue Reading

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  1. Judy
    3 years ago

    Rob and Vance: Per your discussion. Please see Catholic Online, "Atheists Plan Billboard Campaign This Christmas Season". Blessings always...

  2. Judy
    3 years ago

    mich: Please read my post to Patrick. Thank you. Blessings Always...

  3. Theresa Zoe
    3 years ago

    There is a difference between shedding light and dwelling on something. The devil likes us to keep things in the dark, be shameful of our faults and failings so he can lead us to despair and sin. You're right, dwelling on it would be bad, but clearly there are many misconceptions about this particular topic and struggle and it is helpful for all-- those who struggle with SSA and those who struggle with other things-- for light to be shed on it through discussion and through the experiences of others. I have a personal struggle that I was ashamed of, that I never told anyone about because I was sure no one else could possibly struggle with it. I defined myself by it. I was told that all I had to do was stop but it wasn't that simple, I couldn't just stop, I was addicted. Then I was in an even darker time-- how could I be good, lovable, worthy, holy if I couldn't stop this? That all changed the day I decided to talk about it. I got help, I shed light on it, and I beat my addiction. I still struggle from time to time but I have the tools and the faith now to work through it. And I still talk about it. It needs to be said, it needs to be heard, it needs to be understand. There can be no darkness in light, so let's continue to shed light.

  4. Judy
    3 years ago

    Patrick: Good point. Love your quotes! However, on a board such as this, it is also a place for one to stretch the muscles of the mind. All of us have been part of a practicing orchestra, as it were. If one looks at the posts from beginning to end, one can visibly see and mentally understand, how all of us have enlightened the other. While reading posts, we stretch the muscles of our instrument (mind) each being different one from the other; and we do the Fine Tuning of Clarification. When all is said and done, we have a complimentary Fine Tuned Orchestra that can now present an intelligent Solemn Symphony of Gentle Communicative Joyous Peace. Most are in Respectful concordance that Steve and Anonymous have done a great job in contributing to this Orchestra, of which, w/o whose presence, this Fine Symphony would not exist. Our Symphony is so great because they have enlightened our Souls. And as you know, it takes more than two persons to produce a symphony. I believe that the two of them have informed us that there are SSA, who are Catholic and celibate and pure and chaste. The judgment as you say, comes from using Reason, the Reason God has given to us. We all, at some point, may disagree on the use of Reason. Just as atheists are using: "Reason for the Season" to celebrate? Christmas. Please see Catholic Online: "Atheists Plan Billboard Campaign This Christmas Season". St. Theresa's quote is true as far as inner person-hood judgment is concerned, but, when it comes to the Good of all society, until someone convinces me w/supportive Truth, I think that that is quite another story. I know that you gave your heartfelt loving advice on your post. But until Steve and Anonymous are moved by the Spirit to do otherwise, I think this is where they feel most comfortable and where God wants them to be. I think as you, that our Symphony here has come to fruition. But that is just me. In the meantime, I thank them both, and will keep them in my prayers. My Hope is that other SSA Catholics have read it, and feel that they too, can do the same w/God at their side. I pray that others can see that they have something special to give to God. Blessings always...

  5. Bulbajer
    3 years ago

    Mich, I don't know if people are born gay or not, but being gay is not something that can be helped. It is not comparable with "adulturous attractions."

  6. Rob
    3 years ago

    Ok, so you are basically saying that the democrats have all the power and have had it since 1920's? Honestly, rather than such a laser focus on liberals, I think the proper focus should be on where the heck are the real conservatives? While everything you mention has had a tremendous impact on society, I think you should consider something not so complex. I think as our country/society has become more affluent, we've stopped relying on God. Couple that with scientific advances and the like and we merely have folks who are fat, dumb and happy. So God, sadly, begins to fall by the wayside. Couple that with an ever greater embrace of the culture of death and we have a recipe for disaster. But I also think that your analysis leaves out the choice of the individual. Every day we are given the choice between life and death. I think the issue isn't so much that the liberals are advancing their agenda as it is conservatives not really trying to advance theirs. As far as people of faith are concerned, I strongly believe that the reason we've allowed things to get so bad is because we just can't have one foot in the world and one foot in the kingdom. It's all our nothing and because we've chose to be "lukewarm," our witness falls flat.

  7. Anonymous
    3 years ago

    Mich, I would say to that person that he was bold for sharing his story and that I hope others who struggled with it found inspiration in it. I think that by walking our journey to Christ in public that we build a community of believers who can help one another and hold each other accountable.

  8. mich
    3 years ago

    The title of this article is provocative and ambiguous ...I got an earful from Anonymous when I tried to stir him in another direction (which is to stop talking and dwelling on his SSA, to put all his energy in growing in faith and love of Christ, since he does look he's made a good start on that road).

    But look at it this way, replace "SSA: with "adulterous attractions" and what would you think of someone who is married and has struggled repeateadly with adulterous attractions, who has decided NOT to act on them at all but to invest considerable time writing about it in a blog dedicated to this subject.... What about if the article title had been "Married Catholic, with adulterous attractions but fine, thank you!" That's the ambiguity I"m talking about.

    No one is born gay, no one is born adulterous, no one is born chaste. We grow and develop into it, because of outside circumstances shaping us, because of choices we have made and trials we go through. But here is the good news: no matter what we have done, God loves us, Christ has already given his life and suffered for us and the Holy Spirit will give us the gifts we need. But we DO NEED to ask, to knock on the door, to cooperate, we do need to shed the old self... May God bless you today, even more than yesterday, Anonymous!

  9. vance
    3 years ago

    Rob, 'How did the Liberal Establishment get such power? and How is it that the Conservative movement and the church has lost so much ground?' The Liberal Establishment's rise to power has been 200 years in the making. Some might say that it started after the Protestant Revolution (Reformation) when "Rationalism" and "Freemasonry" were born. But the 'watershed' moment for Liberalism's victory over the church was the infamous Stouck's Monkey Trial of the 1920's which opened the floodgate of anti-Religious crap to flood our public schools. Another factor is our late 19th century Catholic Immigrants were unionized while the unions were taken over by Communist Party and other Socialist Parties. Most of the unionized Catholics became Democrats. Each succeeding generation stayed loyal to the Democrat Party. The vast majority of our Catholic Bishops and clergy were from strong loyal Democrat Party families. This is where Liberalism as a culture took hold both in our country and in our church. As you know, the vast majority of those who are registered Democrat are Democrats first and Catholic second. This is why the 1972 Democrat Party Convention Platform called for legalizing abortion and recognizing Gay Rights without any protest from the Catholic Church. The Democrat Party Catholic Bishops and clergy chose to "Look the other way". The Bishops and clergy continue to look the other way and so, here we are today with a Liberal degenerate society. Conservatives are made up of Orthodox Catholics and Protestants. For them, church and Bible come first. Politics come second. The Liberals control Education and media this is another reason Conservatives ended up on the outside.

  10. Rob
    3 years ago

    vance, fundementally, I do not diagree with your post. But I think you bring up a point that I would like to compare to that question of which came first, the chicken or the egg? I know we talk a great deal about liberalism as if it's some force that is driving an agenda down my throat. I really don't think it's that simple. First, how did they get this power? How is it that the conservative movement and the Church has lost so much ground? I really think you have to start there. But honestly, people are free to choose life and death. Even God does not force His will or even Himself on us. It's always an invitation. I think the fundemental problem people of faith have is that we've limited our evangelical efforts to simply naming the sin. We are quick to make a public spectacle of someone's sin, try to impose legislative mandates etc, but I don't think that any of these efforts get's to the heart of what Christ is asking us to do. I think we are so focused on the sin and the methods of the world (polictics and money) that we've lost sight of the people. We have failed to see Christ through their sin and brokeness and have forgotten that they are God's children and they are loved. We have stopped inviting them and instead have gathered up our pitch forks to drive them out. I have no problem with defeating evil if we've tried to love them. But I don't really think we've tried all that hard. We are trying like heck to condemn, but not so much on the "save" part. And as far as Christians being persecuted, it's part of the gig. It has been from the beginning and I think we are somewhat naive to assume that somehow being a Christian in the US we are somehow spared of this. Blessed is he who suffers because of my name....

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