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Catholic, Gay, and Feeling Fine, Thanks: Part 1 Comments

The persecution and bigotry from both sides of the issue proceed, partly, from misunderstanding. Steve Gershom's simultaneous Catholicity and SSA are what is so compelling about his message. Ultimately he beautifully illustrates the tension between the beauty of faith and honest acknowledgment of the frail, wounded humanity in which we all live without pretending it does not exist or giving it sway over him. Continue Reading

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  1. Judy
    3 years ago

    JeanCatherine: I would like to say I agree w/you wholeheartedly. Steve and Anonymous and others, were healed by their Faith. How many times in the Bible did Our Lord say, "Your Faith has made you well." To this I also refer to Fr. Gabriele Amorth, whom I know you have read. I refer to the article: Rome's Exhorcist Finding Blessed John Paul II Effective Against Satan. By, David Kerr, 5.18.2011. Or, readers may find also find the article on Catholic Online, under Blessed Pope John Paul !!. When one pits this article, w/your last articulation, one begins to entertain, that even if science is involved, their is a way out, at least until Holy Mother Church informs us otherwise. I Thank you for your post! I thank God for leading me to the above article as well, to come to the formulation that I have in my mind now. To Dear Steve and Anonymous and others, I am grateful to you as well. Fr. Amorth, gives a very matter of fact guide to all of us dealing w/temptations, whatever they may be. I also thank him as well. Blessings always...

  2. Hyster
    3 years ago

    The answer to the 'gay' question is answered in the Bible, the Word of God. We see God's wrath on Sodom and Gomorrah. One can listen to 'flesh' all day long, in speech and in writing, but in the end, whose words, whose teaching, whose doctrine, whose LAW will you obey? Jesus said he came not to abolish the law but to fulfill it. He said those who love Him will obey Him. When you fall in love with the Lord, you fall in Love with His ways, you hear His voice. The psalmist said He loved God's law. Yet we know we are saved through grace. Sad there is very little teaching on repentance these days. There is an evil overlord trying to impose his rule on this fallen world, and his many temptations are thrown at us every day. Same sex attraction is just another. "Steve" should be on his knees praying for deliverance from the perversion that is trying to seduce him.

  3. Rob
    3 years ago

    Judy, being involved in parish leadership for year, I've observed a lot. Now I will say that this is mostly limited to my own parish, but there seem to be many other leaders I've spoken to with similar observations. I think one of the greatest challenges we have to deal with as Catholics when it comes to evangelization is the "cultural catholic." This is the catholic that comes to mass every Sunday but their entire faith life is only that. It's this way because they have never really had that conversion/surrender moment. They have never been invited to give their life to Christ. And by and large, as Catholics, we just don't do that. We just do not focus on conversion. We don't challenge parishoners to live like Christ. It seems like we mostly teach the gospels as a theology lesson but fail to teach how we are to live out that gospel. So you have folks that go to mass Sunday after Sunday with no invitation or challenge to change their lives. And we are going to be shocked when they embrace what the world is asking them to do? The world asks continually, but in church, we fail to ask. And even to some extent, websites that provide articles like this are the same. We debate all sorts of things, but to what end? I understand, our country is in the toilet, our politicians are a disgrace, abortion is bad etc, etc. etc. And to all that I say so what? If we are never going to talk about these things in the context of living a more committed life with Christ, all we are doing is just whining.

  4. JeanCatherine
    3 years ago

    The word temptation is attributed to "The Fall" and our flaws from our first parents dont you think. Sexuality is a powerful "beast" within us all. "Order" and "disorder" are interesting words used to describe our sexuality under the above circumstances. As I have repeatedly said I suspect much from what happened during the disorder which was described at Sodom and Gomorah from the Old Testament. It is either a myth as many today subject it to or a very interesting but dark phenomena happened during that time. One that we maybe witnessing today in our society. Makes one wonder dont you think. People seem to be afraid to use the disorder angle that the Catholic Church subscribes to but what if in the end her hypothesis regarding our true inherent sexuality is right on the money? I think the "bride" is onto something in the mystery of our sexuality. The church understands much that the world mocks her for. She has wisdom as we see wisdom in her "guidebook" from our Lord. The Bible. She, the Bride understands true Scientific achievement and I for one think she understands this to. Read your bibles and study much and try to get close to the mystery of our Lord Jesus Christ. He has much to enlighten us with as much as we can understand in our human develop.

  5. Judy
    3 years ago

    Vance and Rob: To degrees, you are Both right. I think I shall mix your thoughts as ingredients, and see what becomes of them (in my brain). Interesting discussion. What you Both say is true. Solution??? How does one become a genuine practicing Catholic Conservative?
    That is, one that is an Understanding of Catholic Steve and Anonymous. But Wait a and what about those we wish to Understand OUR way of Catholic thinking? The fallen away Catholics, or not Catholic at all? Are we ready to entertain their their thoughts as well...thus entering into Liberal waters. And how many want to recede from Liberal waters? Not Many! And why would they? They can live their own lifestyle...Worldliness, Selfishness, Me, Myself and I. How does one Invite a person to give up that? Especially after years of self and media Liberal indoctrination? I would like to suggest something has gone awry. And I do not think it has been those Sunday Catholics who would not be in the pews if they did not believe in Our Lord Jesus Christ or at least Trying to find Him. Giving them the fruits of their labor (we do not judge here) remember the Widow's Mite. How does one Invite a person to give up that? Unless they are physically harming themselves. So, this indeed is a discussion. You all know the old saying: Birds of a feather, flock together. This is why this site is good to get the word out for those who were lost and found their way like Steve and Anonymous. Blessings always...

  6. Sonja
    3 years ago

    laura - Wow. You hit it out of the park.

  7. laura
    3 years ago

    Twenty years ago, I overheard a strange conversation between two co-workers that stuck with me. A female nurse asked a male nurse (both claimed to be homosexual) if the guy he liked was gay. He said, "No, not yet." She replied, matter of factly, "keep working on him." I was shocked but pretended not to hear them. You see, there is an agenda. The power of suggestion is very strong. When I lived in San Francisco, a woman would wink at me every time I saw her. Eventually, I succumbed to same-sex desires. I can't blaim her entirely, but she opened the door a little. No one is born disordered (whether homosexual, a thief or a murderer). From a very early age we are being tempted. The author is correct, we should not be scandalized that people have temptations or that they sin, but have compassion and pray for them.

  8. Rob
    3 years ago

    vance, I guess I'm just not convinced that it's even possible to run the liberal establishment out of town. And I say that because while I do believe there are some serious conservatives out there, the conservative movement as it relates to politics is a sham. It has served as nothing more than a tool to orchestrate huge transfers of wealth at the expense of the entire country. And I think the conservative movement in our society has failed because so many who purport to be conservatives really are not. Maybe they are conservative when it comes to what they want the government to spend money or not spend money on, but that is as far as it goes. They really accomplish nothing but lower taxes for the top tier, period. I wish that wasn't the record but it is. So what we really have today is the party of anything goes and the party that talks a good game but doesn't really want to get their hands dirty. But as far as our Church goes, I think we have two fundemental problems. We have some people who mistake Christianity for some sort of puritanical code. And we have others who just don't know Christ. They come to mass every Sunday but have never met him and have never given their life to Him. That is why our witness falls flat, our church membership is basically a mirror image of the society at large and why ultimately our voice will become smaller and smaller and it will not be because the liberal establishment grew, it will be because we lacked courage and conviction to bring people to Christ. Christ is the solution and the only solution. Dealing with our politicians is like dealing with the mob.

  9. Judy
    3 years ago

    Bulbajer and mich: It has been proven, via, legitimate medical documentaries, that Some persons are born w/SSA. These persons however, are few and far between compared to the Great number of professed SSA. The norm Giving way to personal decision and choice, thus Free Will. Some, may have to battle this temptation more than others. Anyone of any gender, may have an "attraction". The Reasonable judgment, is if that person follows through w/the act itself. We all know what sin is. We all know that we need to ask forgiveness for that sin...regardless of the fact that God is a loving God and Jesus died on the Cross for All of Our Sins. How can one be so presumptuous? After all, we do Know that there is Purgatory. How long one is there is not known. But we do know its there. We don't know if the purging, or cleansing, will take place in an instant, the twinkling of an eye, or of different durations for various persons. I ask forgiveness the moment I become aware of the sin. I take inventory every night of my sins... I ask forgiveness; and help from God to sin no more, and to be a better person. Then, the week-end is confession maybe, Mass and confessing my sins again, in public and private. It is Only after my Saturday/Sunday Mass confession that I feel the finality of my sins from the priest who represents Our Lord Jesus Christ. Yet, I feel forgiveness always from the moment I acknowledge them. It is perhaps how I was is maybe how I acknowledge to Our Lord how Thankful I am that he died for me. Understand, I am Not hanging on to the sin until Mass because I already confessed the sin. I do not confess the same sin two nights in a row, unless i am guilty of it. Carl Jung once wrote in a book years ago (title has slipped my mind), that if people went to confession more often like Catholics, there would not be hospital or sick beds of mental disease, or something of like effect. That speaks volumes. Since the time of antiquity, there is something that exists in the human psyche, that demands the personal voice... confessing to the shaman, representing, that he is from a good and holy people.

  10. vance
    3 years ago

    Rob, you are right on many points. People do have choices in what they want to do or think. Liberalism is an easy choice. Sex, drugs, and Rock-n-Roll lures the vast majority of us very easily. I just read an article on new statistics that show a dramatic decline of married people. It is no surprise to me because I remember well the Liberal 1960's where media promoted getting married in a city park, while parachuting out of an airplane, scuba diving under water, etc. etc. The Liberal Establishment said that getting married in a church is "Victorian" Old Fashion, Out of Date, Let's be Hip! Then the Liberal Establishment moved on to "Let's Live Together". This was promoted by the Rock-n-Roll drug culture through music and other media and the Sociology Depts on College Campus. I know, I was there. The Catholic Church is loaded with liberal Bishops and priests. The Liberals dominate all the diocese I've attended. The Conservatives are the few who do the First Friday Devotions and rosary prayer meetings. The Pro-Life Groups are all Conservatives. You won't find any Liberals participating in Walks-For-Life or any other activities. This includes the Priests and Bishops. Now, the First Friday Devotions have been discontinued at one nearby Catholic Church because the new pastor doesn't want to bother with it. Yes, he is a Liberal. Conservatives have no voice other than radio talk shows or Sean Hannity on Fox. Liberalism exists on false promises, platitudes, and emotional appeal. Everything is based on good intentions but when the bad results occur, it is someone else or something else's fault. I have old friends who are Liberals. These are people I know from high school. In spite of all the bad things that are happening, they are forgiving toward Obama. I believe that's because they are government workers.

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