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Catholic, Gay, and Feeling Fine, Thanks: Part 1 Comments

The persecution and bigotry from both sides of the issue proceed, partly, from misunderstanding. Steve Gershom's simultaneous Catholicity and SSA are what is so compelling about his message. Ultimately he beautifully illustrates the tension between the beauty of faith and honest acknowledgment of the frail, wounded humanity in which we all live without pretending it does not exist or giving it sway over him. Continue Reading

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  1. Rob
    3 years ago

    Eddie, who said anything about condoning the sin? And the article doesn't even make that point. I chuckle at the term cafeterial Catholic as if there is some group out there keeping all the teachings all the time. Our very failures to live those teachings make us all cafeteria Catholics to some extent. You know people are all on different journeys to God. And sometimes it takes time for people to understand all of the Chruch's teachings. But I think what does not help people understand is the self-righteous attitude that some portray. I don't offer an opinion that you like and you assume I'm a cafeteria Catholic. Too funny if you actually knew me. But I would urge you to do your homework in regards to reason cited why people are leaving. The people throughout the gospels that Christ displayed the most anger to were the religious people of that time. They knew the law perfectly but yet were clueless to the heart of it. That is how a lot of the posts come off on this site. I swear we are not going to be happy unless we have Bishops burning people at the stake for whatever Sins we don't happen to like at the time. I just don't see the mercy of Christ in people anymore. It's all about destroying.

  2. Judy
    3 years ago

    WOW! What a variety of posts! I still stand by my first post. But I have been enlightened by reading others. I agree and like TCS, Billy Danner, Dave, Tim and John. Anonymous: I thank you for writing. You put a new slant to this issue w/ God, as far as I see it. The key words that Some need to Open their hearts to, is that you and Steve are "caring your cross w/God". You are not advocating same sex marriage=Equal Marriage, or, the rearing of children by same sex partners, exhibitionists, etc. I think this is what Sonja was trying to get across in her article. There are those, who struggle w/this problem, "w/God". And for those who do, We need more Understanding. More Enlightenment. I wholeheartedly agree w/what Rob said. As far as the USCCB are concerned, I will have to do some research of my own. One has to be very careful, having all the facts, before judgment. Blessings to All..

  3. Bulbajer
    3 years ago

    But Kathy, the article isn't saying that you have to accept any lifestyle!

  4. Eddie
    3 years ago

    Rob I do not believe that I am a member of the perfect Catholic club, but I do try very hard to adhere to the teachings of the Church. When I do fall short it is because of my sinful nature not in the truth of the Church's teachings. I sense that you, perhaps, belong to the cafeteria Catholic club. I do not doubt that you have love for for your neighbor but that should not mean that you should condone their sin. My acquaintances who have left the Church did not leave because the Church lacks love but that they disagreed with teachings on a variety of subjects - most significantly divorce, abortion and homosexuality. All of us need to heed the lesson learned in the Garden of Eden less we start making our own rules!

  5. ls
    3 years ago

    I think it extremely unfair (and deceptive) of the writer of this article to have used this man's struggle to further blur the lines between right and wrong on this issue. The Catholic Church teaches that homosexuality is disordered. Period. It's up to us to see through the smoke when that particular agenda is being advanced. Softening the language, writing articles about one's "poignant" story, publishing statistics that wildly inflate the actual numbers of individuals that identify themselves as such, are simply attempts at appealing to the emotions and inviting more people to question the finality of God's teaching on the subject. Good for Steve, he's managed to not act on his urges, though he states that it seems incredible to him (as well as the writer of the article) that he hasn't. If you want to correctly coin a new phrase for naming homosexuality, then, to make it an accurate title, you should be saying, SSA- disorder. At least then you'd be on the right track.

  6. DLL
    3 years ago

    The problem with same sex attraction is not same sex attraction. The problem arises when one defines their whole being by such a term. If I were to like chocolate and define my whole being by my preference for liking chocolate,than I can expect that I might suffer from an identy crisis. God made us to be and to express love for Him and in doing so we express our love for each other. Our whole sense of our humanity is centered in faith and faith is a Grace and a Gift from God. Sexual intercourse is a physical function routed more in lust than in a spirit of love. Sex is at best the frosting on the cake but it is not the cake. Between a man and a woman sex is attraction but it is the desire to live together to build a family and sex is a way to have children as a product of their loving relationship. Chastity is defined in marriage as to being sexually with the one that one is married to and no other. Sexual intimacy is very sacred as well a very
    personal. I will add that when one dies what does it all matter anyway as the body decomposes but the spirit lives on by the Grace Of God? Well folks I guess I just answered that question. We are defined in the end by the condition that we have presented,by our own choices in our lifetimes,for the salvation of our immortal souls. Nothing is wrong with a God centered faith filled chaste lifestyle. I am preaching to the choir here as on this website there are many who would agree. Make a comment like this for the LA Times and it is very controversial indeed.

  7. Kathy
    3 years ago

    To say we love the sinner, but hate the sin is true. We as Christians are called to a higher standard. Whom are we to or God. Well, my answer will always side with God. Does God love this man or any person who says that they struggle with any sin, yes, of course, and we are to love them too. But, I struggle with being made to feel that I am wrong for not accepting this lifesyle, and other lifestyles that this world offers today. God tells us that we are holy temples..not temples of sodom and gomorra. I cannot and will not accept this lifestyle. I believe that through prayer, that a person, if he/she is will to, can overcome the feelings that they have, in order to be in line with true Christianity. This article was put out, and yes, there were going to be some responses. To be called a person who is judging, is alarming. We are to admonish any Christian, who is not living fully for Christ. The bible tells we are in the world, but not of the world, to die to the life of this world in order to live in the world of Christ. I do not see any gray area here.

  8. John
    3 years ago

    I just don't get it. What do you want LGBT or SSA people to do. This man can't control the feelings he has, but he is remaining celibate, because it is the best way he can live in union with God. How can he be a better christian? What does he have to do to no longer sin? Isolate himself, so he never sees a guy? He is doing the very best he can and when misguided people tell him he is still sinning, that is what causes so many LGBT people to commit suicide. This man has a hardship that will last throughout his whole life, that straight people can not even begin to comprehend; he is pledging to be alone his whole life, without any physical representation of love and his reward will be great in heaven.

  9. Bulbajer
    3 years ago

    I CAN NOT BELIEVE some of the comments being made. Did you read the article? The blogger doesn't say anything about accepting a GLBT lifestyle. He says a lot about loving and respecting GLBT just as much as you would anyone else. "Love the sinner, hate the sin" - isn't that supposed to be a motto of the "pro-family" movement? A lot of you people seem to be saying "Hate the sin, look down on the sinner (by which we mean anyone tempted to sin besides myself)". Joselyn, do you really think Mr. Gershom goes around and says "Wowza" whenever he sees someone attractive? You say LGBT people have threatened you. Northing justifies a threat. But if you want to live in a community where no one will be outraged when you say that anyone attracted to someone else in a non-heterosexual way is sinning, I suggest you join the Westboro Baptist Church.

  10. Dawn in Kansas
    3 years ago

    The bible message for today gives insight into this struggle, saying, "Do you not realise that you are a temple of God with the Spirit of God living in you? If anybody should destroy the temple of God, God will destroy that person, because God's temple is holy; and you are that temple." Jesus taught us that we all have sinned and there were none to cast the first stone against the adulteress. This is a humble lesson for all believers. As followers of God, we are to be filled with the Holy Spirit and we are called to be holy. Pray for God to create a clean heart in you and renew a right spirit within you. Pray against sexual sin and for God to provide you with the strength to fight temptation. The more holy you become, the more pure your thoughts will become. Ask through the wounds of Christ that you be healed. Amen.

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