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Debbie Wasserman Schultz says Children in the Womb are Not Persons Comments

Human rights are based on the natural law inscribed on human hearts and present in different cultures and civilizations. Removing human rights from this context would mean restricting their range and yielding to a relativistic conception. Not only rights are universal, but so too is the human person, the subject of those rights (Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith) Continue Reading

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  1. JeanCatherine
    3 years ago

    The main reason I think the Pro-choice people deny its a human being makes it easier for them to have the child aborted. If you dont think its a human being and its so-called blob of cells then the child can be disposed of. This is one of the simple truths about the world of abortion. The world has to realize this so it can accept the heinous procedure of abortion and the world has been fooled. Hello! Sound familiar--Adam and Eve were fooled to.

  2. Theresa
    3 years ago

    Before we had "experts" in gynecology, genetics, and the rest, when a women discovered she was "with child," she (and everyone else) called "it" a "baby." Today, when a "baby" is un-wanted, the doctor calls "it" a "fetus." The Bishops have called this "game" that is played with terminology: "evasive language." It allows the mind to fool itself, distance itself from the reality of the unwanted "person."

  3. Robert
    3 years ago

    Dear Joan,

    Please visit:

    Pro Life Republicans are numerous and make up the majority of republican senate and house. I wish there were more. I pray that they grow stronger. I pray they get more vocal.
    When Stupak caved the leader of the democrats for life coalition wept in her office.

    Cardinal Burke, third in line for the papacy, was quoted as saying, "the democratic party is becoming the party of death." His words certainly not mine.

    I pray for our country. I pray for the innocent lives lost. If you are a democrat please speak up for the unborn. If you are a republican please speak up for the unborn. If you are independent please speak up for the unborn.

    Please check out the 40 Days for Life movement which is growing across the world.

  4. mikem
    3 years ago

    I can't help coming back to this article.... I think we Catholics need to start an OCCUPY THE CHURCHES movement and get back to Mass. The election is one year away. And people like Wasserman-Shultz are charging toward getting the O-man elected again, which is just about the worst possible event in US political history. It makes the election of Warren Harding look like oatmeal. I think the suggestion above that WE FORGIVE THEM might have a lot of clout to it....How about a fetus thinking it....? We forgive the executioners of millions of human beings. We need a SONG of FORGIVENESS to SING outside abortion clinics, and at political rallies...that let's these killers know that they don't have to continue their evil ways....that they are welcome to repent. We are not their enemies. We love them.
    But they need to stop killing the children.
    P.S. I can't get today on Google you think they are blocking access to it?

  5. Beth
    3 years ago

    It is biologically impossible for an organism to begin its development as a member of one species and then become a member of another. The caterpillar that became a butterfly was not a worm in the beginning, then an insect - it was ALWAYS an insect, ALWAYS a member of its species, ALWAYS a living thing... it simply looked different from its adult form. The attempt to define an unborn child as a non-person is rooted not in objective science, but rather in personal convenience. It is not necessary to kill innocent human beings in order to advance the lives of others. Women do not benefit from a mindset that pits their interests and rights against the interests and rights of their own children. It's time for us to stop drinking the kool-aid, ladies, and to begin truly standing up for ourselves and for what is right. Violence begets violence - and half of those murdered by abortion are female. In some countries, it is WAY more than half.

  6. Dan
    3 years ago

    This is why I don't see how a Catholic in good conscience could ever vote for a democrat. I'm not saying that the Republican Party is perfect, but as for me, I don't vote for pro-abortion politicians. Nor do I vote for allegedly pro-life politicians who are willing to exist in a party that defends abortion as part of its platform. Nor do I even particularly care to vote for politicians from a pro-life party who want to "reach across the aisle and find common ground" with the monsters in the pro-abortion party. This latest filth out of the mouth of Satan's servant from Florida makes me feel just that much more confident in my hard-line anti-liberal approach to politics.

  7. Larry
    3 years ago

    What amazes me is how honest the liberal politicians are. They are absolutely up front, in full public view, with a nothing to hide attitude of their beliefs. Look at all that B.O. campaigned on, pro-abortion, same sex marriage, etc. Yet he was elected. Debbie Waserman has absolutely no fear of her remarks or how they will effect her own re-election chances. I wonder why these people aren't hiding in back rooms talking about things such as these, sneaking around and passing bad bills. How did we go from a society where these things were talked about only in private to a society where it is extremeism to call a fetus a human life in an open forum? You would think that the general public would see this and be outraged. Never giving their vote to such backward thinking people. But instead they do give them their vote. They encourage the very things they say they oppose. Instead of marching in the streets with outrage they march to the polls and vote with conviction. I wonder if it is just a lack of commitment. The liberal activist are very committed to win their rights. They will spend their life time and money fighting for their cause. They take jobs managing news media, political office with the intent of pushing their agenda. When/Why did the American Christian/Jewish public forget/chose to just say no you won't kill. I'll bet it was sometime just before they lost their right to free speech and freedom of/from religion that the liberal pro death crowd fights so effectively for.

  8. SaraPalen
    3 years ago

    mikem, that is the way it has been interpreted by some unjustices-amen to your analogy with slavery-also unlawfully interpreted in it's day. Amen to Mississippi and to the judge from Mississippi who knew this very thing when, in an opinion argued for the unalienable rights of the slave to be called human back in the 1800s. He said, "...For the killing of a lunatic, an idiot or even a child unborn, is murder, as a much as the killing a philosoher; and has not the slave as much reason as a lunatic, an idiot, or an unborn child?" and again this quote from Harriet Beecher Stowe about what that judge said in his opinion is just as powerful today, "What sort of system, what sort of public sentiment, was that which made this argument necessary?" (Guess Harriet was just a little to extreme and divisive in her day, maybe even the little lady that started the civil war). And what was said in the American Slave Code in Theory and in Practice applies today also, "The unnatural and monstrous 'legal relation' of slave ownership, unhumanizing human beings, insures cruelties. [such as severing a human beings neck after birth and before] that human language cannot describe, nor human imagination conceive. No pencil [no keyboard]can portray them. [no media cares to hear their "non person" screams crying out to heaven]No statistics exhibit the sum total. The [modern day] slave code is sufficiently horrible, but every syllable of it can be written, printed, and measured by pages [which the media and the state ignore to everyone's peril]. The practical illustration has no limits; its horrors swell into infinity!" America, pray for hearts to be softened; to see the real extreme and deadly practice of the modern day "public negroe whippers" and their supporters. pray for them and this country. John Paul- this thing grieved your heart so-interceed for this nation and all others to our Father for the Light of Truth.

  9. Garth
    3 years ago

    That's what gets me about some of these politicians, they think because when they speak that they're an expert on a subject and therefore its "gospel". They think because its law that its "gospel", what ignorance. Why is this not a surprise? She relishes her roll as the DNC attack dog. When the Church has awakened from its sleep and has spoken this is what happens. When you're annoying the likes of this bizarre hyphenated creature, you must be doing something right. She's drank so much communism juice she actually believes it and acts on it. The Communist Party of America hides no secret about turning America into a communist country and there are 45 goals originally listed in their Communist Manifesto. Their goal is also outlined in the Soviet Slogan ” Let us drive out the capitalist from earth and God from Heaven”. Go look up the communist manifesto and read their goals. You'll see the similarities to what's been done in this country. The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of "liberalism," they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.

  10. DLL
    3 years ago

    We must be born from a total sense of un reality into a living nightmare and die again to become totally unreal people once again,according to Wasserman Schultz . Nothing is real? Really? To many folks a fetus isn't real? Why abort it,after all something unreal can never be born to become a human being! Right! Common sense is dead! Our politicians are all NUTS! Life begins at conception. Believe it,stop being deluded! Stop lying and tell the truth! God deliver us from perfered ignorance for the sake that it maintains this sense of ignorance as for justifying evil as convenient. Life is love,love is a God given grace to live from conception to a natural death and even into eternity. God is love,love never dies.

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