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Debbie Wasserman Schultz says Children in the Womb are Not Persons Comments

Human rights are based on the natural law inscribed on human hearts and present in different cultures and civilizations. Removing human rights from this context would mean restricting their range and yielding to a relativistic conception. Not only rights are universal, but so too is the human person, the subject of those rights (Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith) Continue Reading

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  1. Dawn in Kansas
    3 years ago

    I have the feeling that Mississipi is going to receive a most perfect blessing!

  2. Judy
    3 years ago

    Kathy: Congratulations to you! WE embrace you! May you enjoy your ascent! Martin: I very much agree w/you, in that, if we want to win this fight, it is not going to be won by sentiments, Faith, Belief or even Reason alone, because those of whom you speak of, that are opposite us, will not listen. For those of you who disagree, i ask you to recall Christ and the 99 sheep, and the one that was lost, then found. This was Martin's point: Only from his viewpoint, the 99 sheep are atheists, agnostics, humanists, etc. The one out of the 100 is maybe the one who changed his mind on abortion. Thank you Martin for your post. I am NOT saying Faith does not work. It can, w/the correct management. Just like our Government. And Yes, I do believe in miracles...but there are different types. And lastly, God rarely intervenes w/man's Choice, as he gave him Free Will. Now, if you have read any of my posts anywhere, think of this last sentence and the mess we are in today. Blessings always...

  3. John D
    3 years ago

    Why should anyone be surprised? This is what happens when Catholics vote for people who do not have our values. I have met the enemy and he is us.

  4. john
    3 years ago

    Notice the photo of Wasserman that accompanies this can see how hardened she is.Look at how steely her eyes are and at how angry she looks.People with her views are on the decline.More and more young people are becomming pro-life..they see the fruits of abortion..the pro-death side will not replenish themselves.They'll abort themselves out of existence.What we need to do is continue the war in our homes by de-educating our children from the planned parenthood agenda that has infiltrated the school systems.We also need to keep God first and foremost at the front of all we do..especially in the home.Let Wasserman rant and rave..she does the devils bidding..she's on the losing side..and that losing sides days are growing shorter.As the world gets darker and becomes more evil..smell the victory of God at hand for it is coming.

  5. vance
    3 years ago

    "This is an extreme and radical step", "divisive, dangerous, and destructive". What is extreme, radical step and divisive, dangerous, and destructive is Debby Wasserman-Schultz and the Marxist Democrat Party. She was simply describing herself and her political party without realizing it. Isn't it amazing that people actually vote for her. I wonder how many Catholic votes she gets?

  6. Martin
    3 years ago

    Beth: Thanks for reading my posting and commenting. In reply:
    I am happy to concede that the unborn child is not a parasite but I maintain that it is para-SITIC - i.e. Behaves LIKE a parasite in describing the biological relationship between child and mother. The unborn child is a separate organism and lives inside the mother drawing nutrition from her - even to the point of it being detrimental in some cases, such as poor nutrition. If I have used the term incorrectly, I apologise for any offence caused.

  7. Thomas
    3 years ago

    This world has too many such wicked woman. Just as the eve gave the fruit to Adam to eat. If we are indifference to their actions, we are sinful as not endeavored to keep God's command. This world has too much so called freedom and free choice and it's time to gather our strength or even sward against those wicked just as what God commanded early Israelite to wipe out all those against God.

  8. elcid
    3 years ago

    In a new book by Fr. Robert Spitzer that I highly recommend, "Ten Universal Principles - a brief philosophy of the life issues" he states "the presence of the full human genome in a zygote will ordinarily become a fully actualized human being if he encounters no natural or artificial impediment in the develoment process", I find it ironic that these same liberals who quote science when it comes to the global warning debate ignore the new science when it comes to the embryo, as our church teaches science and faith are not in conflict, God is the author of both.
    As someone recently said, the battle is not against liberals, democrats, marxists, atheists, etc., it's against powers and principalities, against the devil and his demons, against sin...the only way to fight this is prayer, a return to holiness, a return to penance, Eucharistic Adoration, if your placing your bet on a new republican president, or any politician for that matter, it's a losing bet...just remember 50% of Catholics voted for the most pro-death president who just happens to be very anti-Catholic, look at the false Catholics he has put into his administration, not to mention the battle he is waging against our Church and Bishops.

  9. J. Dickinson
    3 years ago

    Since Representative Wasserman-Schultz speaks for the Democratic Party in her capacity as it's chairman, she has stated her party's official position on abortion and infanticide. I am absolutely aghast that any Catholic would vote for the Democrats in any election, unless they are "cafeteria" Catholics. Would she label HER unborn child as a non-person ? Some needs to ask her THAT question.

  10. Judy
    3 years ago

    This article was outstanding. I enjoyed reading All your posts. Truly, we do not have a problem w/agreement. My concern is: Opening the hearts and minds of others. And to that, Mikem said it well in his posts. Then, there are those that Martin spoke of. I would suggest, that besides Trying to be good practicing Catholics who already fill the pews, we support Right To Life, if we don't already; that perhaps this Personhood USA , is a legal way in through the White House side door, to bring Right To Life to fruition; and lastly, but it certainly bears repeating: Cardinal Burke, third in line to be Holy Father, was quoted as saying these words of wisdom, "...the Democratic Party is becoming a Party of Death". Now, should there be a voting Catholic Democrat among us? Blessings to all...

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