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The 'Gospel' of Tolerance: You Must Approve Comments

The Gospel of Tolerance really only has one rule: thou shalt tolerate any action, belief, lifestyle, agenda, and person except the person who believes a certain lifestyle, action or agenda is wrong and has the gall to say so out loud. The real goal here is not acceptance but submission.  It's not enough to "get along" or tolerate quietly. You must approve.  You don't dare disapprove publicly.  Those who don't tow the line ... Continue Reading

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  1. terig
    3 years ago

    Great article. Everything I've been thinking but can't articulate like you can. I will be passing this article on to my friends and family. We have a right to believe this lifestyle is a sin. It's called religious freedom.

  2. E. Burke
    3 years ago

    The thesis of this article expresses feelings that are not uncommon judging by comments and worthy of discussion with all sides participating so that we may be able to advance the debate instead of just making the same points repeatedly.
    Please understand if the below argument appears one-sided; it is because I am using a quote from this article. Certainly both sides can do more to state a problem accurately.

    One thing that would help to advance understanding is to accurately describe a problem or complaint, for example, when the author says that " because I believe that . . . marriage only exists between a man and a woman . . . I'm the one who's called an enemy of freedom and human rights and an intolerant bigot."

    While that is the way many anti-gay marriage folks see it, and it's ok as far as it goes, but it doesn't the real complaint that pro-gay marriage folks see it, and so it is not complete but only elicits a response from pro-gay folks such as - "it is not the anti-gay BELIEFS that creates conflict, it is rather their ACTIONS, e.g., to pass legislation imposing those religious beliefs on everybody by force of law."

    To sum up, a talking point that omits the real objection it just elicits an opposing talking point in response, and going back and forth like this does not take the discussion further.

  3. Esther Ventura Ferencz
    3 years ago

    I have come back Jennifer to POST this article on some friends walls on facebook~~It has so POWERFULLY touched my friends. WE need more TRUTH and in your face commentary as this, so PLEASE DONT STOP!

  4. JeanCatherine
    3 years ago


    Who said were playing victims were standing up for religious rights. Rights that might be taken away because of so called tolerance.

    By the way ever been over to the Courage Apostolate set up by the Catholic Church?

    How tolerant do you think this website is? God Bless.

  5. S. Hay
    3 years ago

    Further thoughs on tolerance.

    “Tolerance is an attitude of reasoned patience toward evil, and a forbearance that restrains us from showing anger or inflicting punishment. But what is more important than the definition is the field of its application. The important point here is this: Tolerance applies only to persons, but never to truth. Intolerance applies only to truth, but never to persons. Tolerance applies to the erring; intolerance to the error.” Old Errors and New Labels -FULTON SHEEN

    “In reality, “tolerance” has done more to suppress religion than has any persecution. It has left us not only afraid to debate about our beliefs; it has made us afraid even to discuss them.”

    -G.K. Chesterton

    “Impartiality is a pompous name for indifference, which is an elegant name for ignorance." –G.K.Chesterton

  6. a.mcewen
    3 years ago

    You give "tolerance" to a dog, not to a human being. If the young lady does not like seeing gays "oogling" each other at the pool and the park, she should go somewhere else or stay inside. It is a free country and while people have the right to their definitions of "sin," they don't have the right to define it for others. Sorry but she is in the wrong here.

    And by the way, some of those response were intelligent and concise. Why must u all always play the victim here. You are NOT being persecuted by simply being reminded that not everyone feels the same as you about matters such as homosexuality.

  7. NotacafeteriaCatholic
    3 years ago

    I wish all Catholics had the wit to stand up for what is right as you both have. You are in my prayers...and thank you for allowing the light of Christ to shine through you in a time of such darkness. 'Blessed are you when people hate you, drive you out, abuse you, denounce your name as criminal, on account of the Son of man' Lk 6:22

  8. Paul Stanner
    3 years ago

    Dear Jenifer :

    Kudos to you Ma'am. An excellent and long overdue article. It's way past time for Christians and Catholics , who are probably the most reviled group in America , to get DAMN angry at this idiocy and say forcefully --- NO MORE !!! Even Jesus tossed a good temple after all.

    Please be advised however that all is not lost. For the rest of the story click the link below.

    Paul Stanner { Your Baptist friend in The Middle Cosmos }

  9. Esther Ventura Ferencz
    3 years ago

    WOW and WOW again Jennifer you wrote an awesome piece on TRUTH! Yes you spoke as I DO and I am a woman who is a grammy, I have said and spoken as YOU in many ways and forums and have been chastised and called a BIGOT. Hate MONGER, Unchristian, and one who speaks in HATE SPECH! WOW... the list is sooo long that these progressives see as the GOOD we KNOW as EVIL ..we are to accept w/out question, doubt, calling a sin a sin, and being mindful of the EVIL ACTIONS all about us and YET smile and say, OH SO HAPPY FOR YOU! NO way in burning hell will I convert to the so called TOLERANCE POLICE~ Great Piece....BRAVO!!!!

  10. DLL
    3 years ago

    Why must we live in a society that tolerates and legalizes sin? Why must we live in a society that will not tolerate God and prayer? Why must we live in a society that despises Catholics because they express moral viewpoints and want a moral government? Why must we accept same sex marriage,sodomy,pornography,abortion,free condoms to most anyone,abortions for minors without parental consent,legalized prostitution and drugs,euthanasia,sex education that parents don't approve of,etc.? Our economy is corrupt and our economy is going down the drain and people are unemployed or are becoming devastated and poor,losing their homes to corrupt dealings,natural catastrophes and are spending their lives paying off high interest rates without ever paying off the principal they owe,but are encouraged to spend more money to stimulate the economy. Hot button issues are the distraction from practical solutions. Amoral laws and immoral laws are made legal to satisfy minority constituents with agendas,as that is the way our government thinks that it is serving compassionate human needs and rights? Tolerate amoral and immoral laws and throw out all moral laws and practices and bedlam is the result. The wage for sin is death and Christ died that we may be forgiven sin and forgive others their sins against us. If sin rules a society and sin is law than that is intolerable and unforgivable and even damning. Sin is selfishness. The selfish are bound and determined to tolerate each other and damn all who want to be unselfish while desiring to reject all sin,especially in the name of Jesus Christ out Lord and Savior.

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