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Archbishop Gomez Addresses Immigration with Prophetic Insight and Clarity Comments

'We are called to live our faith in our businesses, homes and communities, and in our participation in public life.That means we have to bring a Catholic faith perspective to this debate about immigration. We cannot just think about this issue as Democrats or Republicans or as liberals or conservatives.' Continue Reading

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  1. Bob
    3 years ago

    Archbishop Gomez, I'm sure somewhere in the bible says to respect laws of the culture. "Give what is Caesar's" - from Christ. He respected government law himself! Illegals crossing the border is against government law, as much as an American trying to work in Italy without a working visa. The church has no place in government law. Read your bible again, and see how Jesus respected the government laws of his time.

    Additionally, you're not qualified to speak about this because you are born from Mexico and are friends with them. Your view is slanted and liberal. It makes me less wanting to be a Catholic.

  2. Nino Baldino
    3 years ago

    Dottie,,right one area here in town are clustered many wealthy folks who own estates.for years the work was done by legal US citizens..about 7 years ago over the winter several persons that the above priest respects approached these owners and low balled the legal citizens in the cost of the landscaping job....since the are illegals they pay no taxes and thus can do that..and so 90% of the estates are now being maintaned by illegal workers and the legal US citizens are out of this job..I guess the above priest does not care about them at all.To honor those who lie and cheat is hardly christian..also they dont pay into the social security system and thus helps to deplete those funds..again ,who cares about those who paid into a system that was hit by the polls and is now broke..just preach for the folks in the pew to put more money into the basket..It takes guts to defend law and order and we need more priests who have that makeup,not whimpering establishment types that make a mockery of the United a son of Italian Immigrants,they came thur our front door to Ellis Island ,took Medical tests,had the proper papers,came here ,went to work and learned our language,,I became a teacher due to their example of integrity and high honor..sigh ,all of this is falling on deaf ears of course..

  3. rn4dstork
    3 years ago

    Dottie, I completely agree with you. I already sent 2 x a comment on this subject but oh no they don't publish it. I live their aggression every day. Jeffrey Caperton, if you would have experienced what we have experienced from the South of the Borders, you would speak differently and yet I treat them as Jesus would treat them. But look how they treated HIM..... Would do you know about somebody's closeness to the Lord you don't need to be a Bishop or whatever to be close to God and to understand what He wants, but I am beaten down by I we underwent from them in the last 5 years. I lived and worked as an RN-Midwife in Israel for many years, but before I left I had everything legally arranged and I learned how to speak, read and write Hebrew. This Country is lost if we don't stand up, and we won't because we are dumbed down and numbed. I have no more words to spent !!

  4. Bulbajer
    3 years ago

    Dottie, imagine that! A clergyman voicing an opinion that's not conservative! Do you really think most illegal immigrants are violent rapists? They're escaping from violence and rape. I'm not condoning illegal immigration, but we have to be compassionat with these desperate people.

  5. Bob Smith
    3 years ago

    The problem started when the first illegals were let off the boat by the Native Americans. Now Native Americans (native Americans are indigenous whether north, central or south America) are illegal. There has always been a natural flow between cultures in the Americas. The Yaqui a are good example. The culture extends from deep into Northern Mexico to central California.
    World wide there never has been a country that has maintained it's geographic boundaries in perpetuity. They have changed as populations, cultures and economies have changed.
    Wake up! Manifest destiny and Horatio Alger were propaganda to justify the status quo. After the xenophobic dialog, the question still stands - what will the next America look like?

  6. Larry
    3 years ago

    @Dottie--Well said..From what I see most Bishops are liberal. One of the reasons people from mexico come here is because the american corporations down there refuse to pay those people a good wage. Our Govt. could help them with this. Solving our imigration issue is easy and it would be most helpful if the church would stop talking that we need to fix it and start talking HOW to fix it. Gomez here is just regurgitating what everyone else already knows. He needs to take a chance and tell the truth, even knowing he will make the mexican community mad with some of it. I'll bet though he's more worried about his member ship than he really is about fixing the immigratiion issue. The church needs to lead, this economic issue isn't just about immigrants, it's going global and may have a devestating end, including more wars because of it.

  7. Shawn Cavanaugh
    3 years ago

    Jeffrey, we already have immigration laws on the books. We just need to enforce them. We do not need new and special laws. We also need to vigorously punish those who hire and exploit those who are in the country illegally.

    Can you explain to me how someone can be a bigot for asking that the Catholic church stay out of politics and just preach the gospel? How is it bigotry to ask that the laws be followed and as people are found to be here illegally be removed from the country expeditiously? Do you think that the government would just let 12-20,000,000 people slide if they chose not to pay their taxes?

  8. Jeffrey Caperton
    3 years ago

    "With all due respect", Dottie, I think Archbishop Gomez comprehends the Gospel message far more than you and I would find him far more credible than you. What credentials do you have that makes you an authority on Jesus? On the other hand, studying the Gospel message has been Archbishop Gomez's entire life pursuit. It has been your pursuit perhaps on Sunday and on feast days (Assuming you go to mass on feast days). Consequently, he is far more credible than you, particularly on this issue as he speaks, not as an American, but as a member of the global Catholic community. You, on the other hand, speak as a typical white American who see their dominance in the U.S. threatened by Spanish speakers. Providing evidence to refute your contentions regarding illegal immigrants would be an exercise in futility because, like most of our rising politcians, truth means nothing to you as you are speaking from your bigotry, not your rational mind (Assuming you have a rational mind). But I do have a possible solution. Why don't you, and others like you, leave this country instead so that the rest of us who truly wish to live the Gospel message can do so with no distraction or hindrance from those of you who are more interested in your political ideology and your bigotry than the Gospel message? As a side note, my wife is from Mexico and, while she still struggles with English from time to time, she still has a wider vocabulary of most Americans who cannot express themselves without slang or profanity.

  9. elcid
    3 years ago

    Awhile ago I read part of an article by ArchBishop Gomez on this very issue, what I had initially read had a liberal bend to it, but when I read the whole article it actually made sense, AB Gomez is not against the government securing it's borders, as he stated in this article, the problem as he also outlines is the failure of our government (both parties) to abide by the laws already on the books and to come up with a immigration policy to deal with this issue, the bottom line is I don't think a president from either party would be willing to call up the national guard and start rounding up people who are here illegally and deporting them on buses back to mexico, it's just not going to happen, we let the issue get out of hand, now we have to address it once and for all, I know there are solutons out there that I would be willing to support, from another perspective...and this may offend some people, I would rather have illegal Catholics coming across the border versus Muslims, I think we can all agree on the migration/cultural issues with muslims in Europe.

  10. Rob
    3 years ago

    Dottie, do you really think it's that simple? They broke a law so they should be rounded up like cattle and driven back home? Because equally as wrong are those industries in the US that have been exploiting illegal labor for decades. What they do is not only illegal but sinful. If we are going to sit back and allow these companies to exploit these people then we really shouldn't be suprised that there are related social costs. If they are costing us tons of money it's only because we've allowed certain industries to unfairly profit and leave all the related social costs to us. I hear the "stealing jobs" comment all the time. And perhaps they are, but then again, I don't see American's lining up to do the jobs they are willing to do for the pay the receive. A vast number of Americans have become perfectly content just sucking up to some government program to avoid doing the jobs these illegals are doing. Heck, if Americans don't want the American dream anymore, obviously there are others that do. It's an interesting point you make about what Christ might condone. I am not bold enough to make that call, but I suspect that he would be mostly interested in how we love these people. He would be concerned as to whether or not we have welcomed the stranger and cared for the poor. Living in a border state I do not condone illegal immigration, but yet I do believe I'm called to love my brother and sister regardless of their legal status.

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